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Letter from Archibald Maclaine to George Hooper
Maclaine, Archibald, 1728-1790
June 18, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 147-148


Wilmington, 18th June, 1784.

My Dear Sir:

I wrote you last post, and gave you an account as shortly as I could of our proceedings at Hillsborough. The more I think of what is necessary to be done, and not be done, I am the more convinced that I must consent once more to be a member, if the people will elect me. Besides the necessity of preventing mischief, not only at the next Session, but ever afterwards, I shall not probably have such a good opportunity of attending. If the Assembly should sit after the 15th of November (which is not probable) I shall be on the spot at New Bern court, without deserting the public business.

-------------------- page 148 --------------------

I have not leisure just now to enter into any further particulars relative to our Assembly last session; but I must renew my request, that you will procure me the last acts of your State, and any resolutions (not included in the acts) relative to those under confiscation or banishment. The Georgia proceedings on the same head, and with respect to British debts. I wish to publish immediately whatever may appear to be favorable, or moderating. Before the next session, I must have authentic testimonials that you and others are citizens of S. Carolina. Mr. London has no more than a certificate from the secretary. I believe it will be necessary to have such under the great seal; though it may appear a little extra ordinary for citizens of N. Carolina to apply for such testimonials in S. Carolina to prevent their being banished here. They must however be had by some means. A. Miller never was a citizen here, & may therefore with the more propriety apply.

Mr. Bain and Miss Hall are to go together in about ten or twelve days. What the devil they will do I do not know but I think she will do little good for him.

As you do not say anything of your Spring cargo, I suppose that it was not arrived when you wrote last. This is a little extraordinary, as you ordered it so early.

Mr. & Mrs. B. & their family seemed determined to go to R. Island during the summer heats. We have had some extremely hot days, not exceeded in any season nor in any year I ever knew. Mrs. B. was moving in the house exactly like a turkey in a hot day, but with a more significant countenance, gasping for breath. The hot weather was succeeded by some days as remarkably cool. Warm clothes and a blanket have been necessary, & the weather is but now changing.

All well.

Love to you & yours,