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Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning public accounts
United States. Continental Congress
July 27, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 163-164


By the Committee of the States,
July 27, 1784.

The Committee to whom was referred the report of a Committee of Congress upon their order of the 17th June, 1783, “That a Committee be appointed to consider what further measures may be necessary to compel persons who have received public monies to account” report; that upon inspecting the journals of Congress they

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find that Congress did on the 27th Feb., 1782, resolve “That it be recommended to the several Legislatures of these United States to make provision by Law for the speedy and effectual recovery from individuals of debts due and effects belonging to the United States “That on searching the files in the office of the Secretary of Congress, Your Committee do not find that any of the Legislatures of the respective States, have made the provision recommended to them to be made by the said Resolution of Congress; And as it is the opinion of your Committee that the Interest of the United States hath already suffered greatly for want of such provisions, and doth require that it should be made by the several Legislatures without loss of time, therefore

Resolved, that it be most earnestly recommended to such of the Legislatures of these United States, as may not have yet complied with the said recommendation of Congress, to enact laws in compliance therewith as soon as may be, and for empowering such person or persons as already are or hereafter shall be appointed by the United States in Congress Assembled for that purpose, in their name and in their behalf to commence and to prosecute to final decree judgement and execution any action or actions, bill, suit or plaint either in Law or Equity which may be proper and necessary to recover from individuals not only debts due and effects belonging to the U. S., but to recover, secure and maintain any rights, properties or interests to the said United States appertaining, or for any injury or damages whatsoever which they have sustained or may sustain therein. And that it be further recommended to the Legislature of the several States to frame any act or acts which they may pass in pursuance of the foregoing recommendation in such manner as may produce a speedy and effectual decision of all such Bills, actions, suits or plaints as may be commenced, sued or prosecuted for the purposes aforesaid.