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Letter from Richard Caswell to Memucan Hunt
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 24, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 489-490

-------------------- page 489 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, 24th July, 1785.

Dear Sir:

The necessity of sending expresses to the different parts of the state, and the expences attending the same, has induced me to draw on you in favor of my private Secretary for £118.97. This warrant is in the hands of the Sheriff of Dobbs, who I expect will be the bearer of this as he is this day to set out for your office to settle his accounts. I must request you will receive this warrant in discharge of so much of his account.

Congress have appointed Commissioners for holding treaties with the Cherokees and other Southern Indians and empowered them to draw on the State of Virginia, North & South Carolina & Georgia for a sum sufficient to enable them to effect the purposes of their appointment. They are at Charleston, have appointed the times and places of holding the Treaties, have been furnished with part of the money necessary by the state of South Carolina but cannot proceed without the assistance of this State. Of these matters they have given me full information which has been laid before the Council who has advised me to draw on you for £1733.6.8 in favor of my private Secretary, so as to get the money into my own hands ready to answer the Commissioner's Draft on a particular day. Of this I have advised the Commissioners and engaged they shall meet with no disappointment, and lest you should not be in Cash sufficient at the Treasury I have written to the collectors of Duties at the different Ports, to inform me the sums they respectively have in hand and to retain the same subject to the payment by advice, of my warrants. This I have done that I may be able to get the money so as to enable me to comply with my engagements to the Commissioners, and as I mean only to draw on the Treasury, in every instance, for public money I request you will be pleased to write to the collectors to take up my Warrants for this money by paying any Duties they may have in hand—unless you can supply the whole sum from the Treasury. If you can, on my being advised thereof,

-------------------- page 490 --------------------
I will send immediately to you, and recall my requisitions to the collectors. If you cannot furnish the whole, please to advise me what part may be had, of this sum at your office, and I will draw for the same.

Your answer by Mr. White I must request and if you think proper to write to the collectors please to send the letters by him that I may forward them with the warrants.

If you have received any accounts lately from Mr. John Hunt respecting the printing the Laws, I shall be much obliged to you to inform me.

With sincere esteem, Dr. Sir,
your mo. ob. servt.,