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Letter from Robert Fenner to Richard Caswell
Fenner, Robert, ca. 1755-1816
July 27, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 490-491

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax, 27th July, 1785.


I had the honor this day to receive your Excellency's Letter dated from NewBern 14th June last, recommending me (as agent) to transmit to the principal Towns in each District the Certificates belonging to the officers and soldiers of this Line, who reside or whose representatives reside in the respective Districts, and to appoint some person to deliver them out at each respective place.

I must beg leave to remark to your Excellency that the pay rolls were made up from musters taken in South Carolina in the years 1782 and 1783, and that no mention being made of the residence of any particular person it would be utterly impossible for me to select the Certificates of any particular District, that if this was even practicable I have no power to appoint a person to transact any part of the Business at the public expence, and having no authority to appoint would be personally answerable for any expence or misconduct in the Delivery.

I must also take the liberty of informing your Excellency that I did not receive this appointment on any solicitation of mine but at

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the repeated request of such officers as Mr. Jackson who had informed this appointment was necessary, that my principal view in complying with their desires was to facilitate the business and make the settlement as convenient as possible to the late line of this State. That I have already expended in ready money seventy three pounds four Shillings in attending the Business from home and that I have been employed in the Agency near ten months already. That any compensation for expences and trouble is hereafter to be voted by Congress, and that the time of payment appears to be at a very great distance, I therefore make no doubt I shall be perfectly excusable in not personally attending in the different Districts, when I also declare that the present State of my finances is by no means sufficient for the expence.

I enclose your Excellency a Copy of an advertisement sent to the Hillsborough paper some time since for publication. I shall constantly attend at this place to deliver Certificates, and as one person on bringing the discharges or furloughs with orders, can with much ease transact the Business of a County or District, I flatter myself it will meet your approbation. The mode of delivery by you recommended I should readily comply with if practicable.

I have the honor to be,
With most perfect respect,
your Excellency's very humble servant,