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Letter from Richard Caswell to John Gray Blount
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
August 16, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 505-506

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kinston, 16 August, 1785.

Dear Sir:

I did myself the pleasure of writing to you some time passed, respecting the quantity and value of the Goods purchased by your house at this instance of Governor Martin for the Indians, and altho' Mr. P. White did not on his arrival at Washington deliver the Letter I flatter myself you might have received it so as that I might have been favored with your Answer before this. But I have not heard from you on that subject, therefore the Bearer goes to you express. By him you will be pleased to inform me the weight of the Packages (the No. I have from Colonel William Blount), the quantity of the goods and amount for this purpose. If you can furnish a Copy of the Invoice 'twill be best, and whether the whole amount is paid or not it is necessary I should know. And if it is not too troublesome, if the Packages could be opened and examined to know if the Goods are not eaten by moths, or otherwise damaged, it would give me satisfaction to know, as I expect shortly to take some measure for the transporting and Delivery of the Goods. The plan lately communicated to you by Col. William Blount, perhaps may be adopted. The Council is to meet on that subject Monday next at this place, any information you can give me on this head I shall be thankful for.

I am advised to draw on the Treasury in favor of your house for a sum sufficient to compleat the purchase of produce to be remitted in discharge of the State Debt to the Government of Martinique. Your Estimate is therefore necessary, and an error, Col. William

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Blount says, in your Letter respecting Governor Martin's Drafts, is to be Corrected. He says, it should be pounds where you say Dollars.

With great Esteem I am Dr. Sir,
Your most obed. Servt.,