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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Richard Caswell to Charles Thomson
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
August 23, 1785
Volume 17, Page 509

[From Executive Letter Book.]

North Carolina, Kinston,
23d. August, 1785.


I had the honor to receive your Letter of the 28th ulto. with its enclosures.

The Laws passed in this State since the Revolution have been printed on such paper as we were able to procure, scarcely the whole of one Session on paper of the same size that binding them has hitherto been impracticable, they have been delivered from the press in a few Sheets Stitched together and those by use in the hands of most persons are so worn and Torn as to become unintelegible. For these reasons I am fearful it will not be in my power to furnish the number of Copies of the Laws passed which are required by Congress. A revision of our Laws I expeet will shortly take place, if so, on their coming out under a new impression the Executive will be able to send forward the Copies required, as well as Copies of those which may hereafter be passed.

I am Sir, Your most obedient and very humble Serv't.,