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Letter from Ethelred Phillips to Samuel Johnston
Phillips, Ethelred
June 05, 1788
Volume 21, Page 476

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Tarborough, June 5th, 1788.


In closed is a true account of the Tobacco I have purchased at Tarborough for the Public, all of which except a few Hogsheads is stored at Washington, and the whole will be there in a few days & ready to be delivered when called for. I have not the Money to purchase more than five or six Thousand Weights more, which I shall lay out the first opportunity & send to Washington, though there is very little Tobacco comes to the Warehouses at present. The Inspectors have made no difference yet in the quality of Tobacco, so that what I have purchased I consider to be of the first Quality and believe it to be in very good order, as it has been kept in a good Warehouse and has been carefully carried down the River.

I am, &c.,