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Letter from Samuel Johnston to Abishai Thomas
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
December 28, 1788
Volume 21, Pages 511-512

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton, 28th of Dec., 1788.


I have laid your Letter of the 15th Instant before the Council of State for their Consideration, they are of opinion that the Sum of £100 will probably be sufficient for your immediate expences in collecting the materials necessary for the purposes of establishing the Claims of this State against the United States, I have accordingly drawn two warrants in your favour of £50 each which agreeably to your desire I have delivered open to Mr. McKeral your Express.

I very much approve of the Zeal which you express for the service in which you are engaged, & flatter myself that your Exertions will be such as will reffect Honour on your Industry and Abilities and at the same time be attended with essential advantages to the State.

If the Sum voted by the Council should not be sufficient to bear your Expences till you have effected this service, on laying the account of your Expenditures before them, & shewing that a further grant is necessary, I have no doubt but that they will make such further allowance as may appear reasonable.

It will be soon enough to expedite your Commission when you are called into active service, the Resolves of the Assembly Answer every purpose while you continue in the State. I would recommend to you to write to Dr. Williamson, and send him Copies of the Resolves of the Assembly which I herewith return to you.

I should suppose that it would be sufficient for you to obtain a printed collection of the Acts of the Assembly, and of the proceedings

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of the different Conventions or Provincial or State Congress since the Resolution, and that the proceedings of the other Boards may be found either in the Secretary of State’s or the Comptroller’s offices. I cannot at present recollect any source from which you can draw information other than those you have mentioned unless you can find anything to your purpose among the proceedings of the Board of Trade.

I am, &c.,