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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Talk by Samuel Johnston to the Cherokee Nation
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
Volume 21, Page 515

-------------------- page 515 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]


The General Assembly composed of the Chiefs and principal Officers of the State of North Carolina have heard of the unhappy disputes and controversies which have arisen between some of our people on the Western Waters and your Nation & having no desire to molest or disturb you in the quiet possession of your Lands or to carry on a War which must tend to distress you & be productive of much Bloodshed attended with a great variety of horrid circumstances, which are ever the Consequences of a War between such near neighbors but on the contrary would wish to live with you in peace & friendship and being convinced that this War was brought about by the Bad Actions of some wicked men contrary to the Will and interest as well of your Nation as of this State. Have appointed one of our beloved men in conjunction with the Commissioners from Congress and the States of South Carolina & Georgia to hold a Talk with you on the Upper War Ford on French Broad River as soon as you signify your concurrence to treat and the time can be fixed upon so as to make it Convenient for all parties, there to settle and accommodate in a friendly manner all differences & disputes between you and us and to establish a fair & lasting Peace to continue forever.

In consequence of this I have ordered all of our people to stay at Home and not come into your Country to carry on war or kill or molest any of your people, and I expect that you will also call in all your Warriors and prevent them from coming upon our Land and from killing or hurting any of the White people and that we may rest in peace till the Grand Talk is held between our Commissioners & the Head Men & Warriors of your Nation. Your & our good friend Alexander Dromgoole, will bring this Talk to you from

Your Friend & Brother,