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Letter from Hugh Williamson to Samuel Johnston
Williamson, Hugh, 1735-1819
January 19, 1789
Volume 21, Page 519

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New York, 19th Jan’y, 1789.

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 20th Ulto. did not come to hand till on the 17th inst. I feel myself flattered by the additional proof our State has given of their confidence in my disposition to serve them. Certainly the Duties of an Agent in settling old and intricate Accounts are not so agreeable to my feelings, as some other Commissions with which I have been honoured by the State, but I conceive that the State is deeply interested in the faithful discharge of those Duties, and in cases where the publick may be profited by any services of mine I shall never shun an Office merely because it is laborious. I shall therefore accept of the appointment and in discharge of the same shall endeavour to deserve the approbation of the State. The General Commissioners of Congress are just arrived in Town, and are, as I think, to enter on the Duties of their Office this Day. I hope that no time will be lost in forwarding the charges and Vouchers of our State.

I have the Honour, &c.,