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Letter from Charles Johnson to Samuel Johnston
Johnson, Charles, d. 1802
March 24, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 540-541

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Strawberry Hill, 24th March, 1789.


I take the Liberty to request your Excellency to Accept the resignation of my Commission of Captain of the Chowan Troop of

-------------------- page 541 --------------------
Horse. Being unable to discharge the duty, it would be improper to retain the appointment.

I beg your Excellency to excuse this trouble, which I would not have given you on a matter of so little importance, but that it appeared to me necessary that you should be informed of my resignation, that a Commission may issue to the Officer who succeeds me.

I have the Honor, &c.,

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: The author of this letter was Charles Johnson, a member of the North Carolina General Assembly, not Charles Thompson, the secretary for the Continental Congress.