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Letter from Ethelred Phillips to Samuel Johnston
Phillips, Ethelred
April 22, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 548-549

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Tarborough, 22nd April, 1789.


I can’t particularly inform you at present of the Quantity of Tobacco which I purchased for the State, in the last return I made you, that is now stored at Wilmington, as I have not seen the man very lately, that I employed to carry it down the river, but believe there is about two Hundred Hhds. carryed down & stored, & the rest I hope to have carryed down and stored shortly, but if you have an opportunity of making sale of it, don’t delay a day on account of the delivery, as I am very confident I can have it ready when called for. I should be very glad if you could inform me when you expect it will

-------------------- page 549 --------------------
be called for, tho’ I hope it will be in your power to give me a few days’ notice before hand.

I am, &c.,