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Roster of John Shine's Company of the Craven County Militia
Vaughan, William
December 05, 1754
Volume 22, Pages 315-316

-------------------- page 315 --------------------
A List of the Company of the North Shore, Belong to Capt’n John Shine’s District from the head of Broad Creek Down to the Mouth of the River.
Capt’n John Shine.
Francis Bond.
Newmon Dun, Lieutenant.
Frances Dawson, Senor.
John Edmonson, Ensign.
Frances Dawson, Junor.
William Vaughan, Clark.
John Moor.
Franefold Green, Sener, Seargant.
Jonas Ejues.
Nicholas Harper.
Ga. Johnson.
James Carraway, Seargant.
Samuel Harper.
John Biggs, Corporal.
Jacob Jones.
Joseph Edmonson, Corp.
Stephen Moor.
Selevens Justis, Corp.
Frances Delamar.
Charles Shuewolf, Corp.
Thomas Carraway.
John Vendrick.
Thomas Simmons.
Benjamin Gutroy.
Isaac Simmons.
Peter Vendrick.
Jacob Grinder.
John Brown.
James Robarts.
James Steward.
Jerey Johnson.
Thomas Littell.
Benjamen Dotey.
Peter Hyman.
John Oliver.
Mickell Hyman.
Francis Armstrong.
John Carraway, Sener.
John Bets.
Nathan Bun.
Wm. Bryant.
Isaac Hertherly.
Samuel Lucus.
John Frankling.
Thomas Delamar.
John Bedcoat.
Thos. Brown.
John Ackis.
John Fulsher.
James Conneway.
Henry Hovor.
William Whitty.
Thomas Shine.
Thomas Eureton.
Anenty Moor.
Furnefold Green, Juner.
Benjamen Hall.
Titus Green.
James Shine.
Samuel Pasey.
David Edwards.
Wm. Russell.
John Good.
Furnefold Green.
James Fulford.
Wm. Carraway, Juner.
Richard Fulshor.
Wm. Fulsher.
Daniel Vendrick.
The whole Company of men is
-------------------- page 316 --------------------

A True List of Capt’n John Shine Company, taking by Wm. Vaughan, Clark, December the 5th, 1754.

The hole Company of Just 70 men.

Capt’n John Shine his Commission he had October the 9th (?) day, in the Year of our Lord 1751.

Johino Shine.

December 8, 1754.