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Roster of William Whitfield's company of the Johnston County Militia
No Author
Volume 22, Pages 494-495

A True Copy of a foot Company of Soldiers Commanded by Captain William Whittfield.

Aaron Smith, Leiuft.
Henry Goodman, Insig.
Matthew Queney, Henry Deaver, Moses Prestcoat, Cons. Whitfield, Sergts.
Jas. Manley.
Thos. Craddick.
Wm. Lee.
Moses Tillman.
Richard Cox.
John Wouton.
Wm. Webb.
Thos. Cox.
John Stanley.
James Gardener.
Isdeas Cox.
Joseph Wenkfeld.
Thos. Jones.
Thos. Pettet.
Rich’d Martain.
Wm. Jones, son.
David Miles.
Wm. Bryan.
Michael Tillman.
Andrew Bass.
John Carrol, Sen’r.
Aaron Tillman.
Andw. Bass, Jun.
John Carrol, Jun’r.
Geo. Marshall.
John Beck.
Joseph Benton.
Jacob Taylor.
Jas Blunt.
Jno. Blessington.
Jas. Prevat.
Elijah Caraway.
John Bradey.
Henry Roberds.
Wm. Brown.
Fra’s Benton.
Jno. Freeman.
Thos. English.
John Benton.
Lewis Sowel.
Simons Addams.
Demsey Benton.
Jas. L. Davis.
John Pettet.
Rich’d Bush.
Wendel Blither.
John Williams.
Wm. Roberts.
Timothy Goodman.
Wm. Williams.
Edw. Carter.
Wm. Cole.
John Kollet.
Soloman Carter.
John Erven.
Wm. Gradey.
Jno. Thompson.
-------------------- page 495 --------------------
Benj. Thompson.
Thos. Mackoy.
John Argoe.
John Hedgpeth.

Total Number, 62 Comon men.

P’r AARON WOOD, Clk Camp.

These are to Sertifye that the within Company of foot Soldiers is in very poor order for Wanting of one-third good Guns, also amuniton and other accuterreyments that is Not to be had or purchased in our parts.


Additional Notes for Electronic Version: Although the editors included this document with several others from the 1770-1771 period, it is not related to the Regulator conflict.