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Letter from Hugh Tinnin to Thomas Burke
Tinnin, Hugh
August 28, 1781
Volume 22, Pages 580-581


Hillsborough, August 28th, 1781.

His Excellency Thomas Burke, Esqr., Governor, &c., &c., N. Carolina. Express.


Your Excellency’s Letter of the 24th to General Butler was handed to me Yesterday, and agreeable to your Directions, I have ordered out all the Militia of this County (who can be armed). I have likewise communicated your Orders to the Commanding Officers of Caswell, Randolph, Chatham and Wake Counties. The Three former I have directed to join me with the Militia of this County at Ramsey’s Mill, and the Latter to Rendezvous at Wake Court-house, join the men from Granville and wait your Excellency’s further Order. The Militia of this County will Rendezvous on Sunday next at this Place, and on Monday I expect to march for Ramsey’s with a respectable Force, as the Men in General appear to be very Spirited on this occasion. I should be glad to know as soon as convenient your Excellency’s Pleasure relative to the Draught now made of every 30th Man. These are to rendezvous to-morrow, and I am at a loss to know whether I shall order them on the present

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Expedition or send them to Harrisburg, as I was at first ordered by General Butler.

I am, with much respect and Esteem,
Your Excellency’s most obed’t Humble Servant,
Col. Orange County.

Col. Tinner. Hillsborough, Aug. 28th. Militia. Received 2nd Sept. Ans’d same day.