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Letter from Samuel Johnston to Cornelius Harnett
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
July 23, 1776
Volume 22, Page 749


Edenton, 23d July, 1776.

Dear Sir:

The bearer, Mr. Nelson, waits on you for a Permission to send to Sea a Brig which now lies loaded in this Bay with Pipe Staves. He was not aware that there would be any difficulty in getting out till after he had employed lighters and was ready to sail but the Committee did not think themselves at liberty to give him a Permission, but as there is a kind of discretionary power given to the Convention, “to make such local regulations as they may think necessary for themselves,” the great scarcity of Salt at this time would, in my opinion warrant your entering into some resolution to encourage the importation of that useful Article, and without vessels are allowed to go to the Eastern part of Europe, we shall hardly be able to get a sufficient supply. I have not yet heard that any persons are appointed agreeably to the Resolve of Congress to superintend Trading in the different Ports. All these matters I submit to the consideration of your honorable board, and am

With the greatest Respect, Sir,
Your most obedient servant,
Cornelius Harnett, Esqr.