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Letter from Archibald Maclaine to Richard Caswell
Maclaine, Archibald, 1728-1790
May 29, 1786
Volume 22, Pages 784-785


New Bern, 29th May, 1786.

Dear Sir:—

When I arrived here, the 21st, I was in hopes of meeting with some conveyance to Kingston that might have returned before I should leave this; but none such offering, I am now induced to inclose you a naval-officer bond, on which Mr. Jones has commenced a suit, in order to have your assignment to support it. If you could by any means forward the bond assigned to the postoffice

-------------------- page 785 --------------------
here, so as to be in Wilmington by the first Monday in July, it would answer the purpose.

In order to save your Excellency trouble, I have drawn such an assignment as I think will answer the purpose, but without date; for if it appeared later than the commencement of the suit, it might bear a dispute; but being without any date, no advantage can be taken of it. The assignment must necessarily be later than the date of the bond, which is all that is required.

I am, with great respect and esteem, dear sir,
Your obedient servant,
His Excellency, Governor Caswell.