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Letter from John Butler to Abner Nash
Butler, John, d. 1786
June 01, 1781
Volume 22, Page 1023

-------------------- page 1023 --------------------

Mt. Pleasant, June 1st, 1781.


I received your letters by Mr. Kneil with a letter for the commander of Salisbury District, which I will send forward directly. I have on hand a small sum of Publick money sufficient for paying Expresses for the present.

I have sent you my Bond some days ago for a sum of money for the purpose of procuring provisions, etc., in each County in this District and have appointed a person, so that the provisions are laid in now and payment will be made when I get the money. I now reflect that I prepared the Bond for Money just before mentioned at home, also another bond for a Warrant on the Treasury for money to forward the recruiting service with intentions that I would have them signed at Hillsboro by some other person as security before I sent them off, but the Hurry of getting the dispatches sent to the different Countys caused me to omit having the bonds finished as I intended. I beg to be Excused as I did not often make such great blunders.

I make no doubt that my men will search the place appointed at P D on or before the 16th inst., but as I told you in my last I beg leave to say again, that I fear they will not be half armed as arms cannot be procured. The times are perilous but I hope not so bad as our Enemys fancy they are. However, I shall pay strict attention to your advice on that behalf. I have a strict lookout and shall send out a proper person to the most suspected places. Be assured, Sir, that I shall take every means in my power to suppress the Enemies of the United States, I am your obedient servant.