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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Joseph Clay to Horatio Gates
Clay, Joseph
October 23, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 706-707


Newbern, October 23rd, 1780.


I wrote you the 17th Instt., advising you with the situation of things here, since which I have agreed with Mr. Green much more to my Satisfaction & to the Interest of the United States than I at first expected. He has consented to take Sterling Bills for the whole purchase, & to allow Sixty for one Exchange; this will ease us

-------------------- page 707 --------------------
greatly, & put it in our power to draw on the Northern States with more freedom. I expect also to purchase a few Pieces more of Raven Duck from a Mr. Ellis, Merchant here, on the same terms. The Sailors belonging to the Privateer insist on dividing their half of the whole Cargo among themselves, & sharing it out in Lotts, which will render purchasing from them very difficult. The Ship only got up to Town Yesterday. A considerable part of the Cargo I find is still on board, so that it will be some Days before the whole will be landed & divided. Of course 'twill be some time before I can settle with Mr. Green, which induces me to take that Opportunity of going over to Eden Town in the interim, & will endeavour to do something there. I propose to set off tomorrow Morning, & to stay there not more than 2 or 3 days, unless business or bad Weather shoud detain me longer. Mr. Blount is anxiously waiting for Waggons to take the Goods away. I have got no Continental Money. The people keep it up to purchase from the Seamen. I can sell for State Money at a considerable advance. In setling with Colo. Blount I presume I must pay him his Commission. It occur'd to me just now made me mention it, as I suppose he will charge it & expect me to setle it. We have no News here that can be depended on.

I am, with great regard & respect, Sir,
Your most Obedt. humble Servt.,