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Letter from Elizabeth Heron to Thomas Burke
Heron, Elizabeth
February 08, 1782
Volume 16, Page 189

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington, February 8th, 1782.


By a Flag which lately arrived here from Charles Town, I received a letter from my sister, Mrs. Hooper, wife of Mr. Thomas Hooper, informing me that she was in an ill state of health and that she had expectations of going to Europe in the Spring. In this letter she earnestly importunes an interview with me before she leaves America and it is my earnest wish to gratify her if I can obtain the permission of the Government.

With this view I beg leave to trouble you for a flag and permit to proceed to Charlestown by land or water by the first convenient opportunity. I must farther request of your Excellency to grant me a protection for my property in my absence as I mean to return to the possession of it and intend to make my absence as short as circumstances will permit.

I am your Excellency’s
Most ob. H’ble Serv’t,