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Signature of James L. Dusenbery and several photographs artistically combined.

Dusenbery, Lydia (née Davis)

Double-sided monument that marks the graves of Henry and Lydia Dusenbery, Lexington City Cemetery, Lexington, NC. This side reads "To our Mother/Lydia Dusenbery/Born Feb. 24, 1797/Died Feb. 4, 1857."

Photograph by Erika Lindemann.

Lydia Davis (1797–1857) was born in North Carolina and in 1819 married Henry Rounsaville Dusenbery (1794–1852) of Rowan County, NC, a merchant, tanner, and farmer. They were the parents of eight children: Mary, James Lawrence, Edwin Lafayette, Laura Ann, Henry Mcrorie, Cornelia Lydia, William Brevard, and Mary Elizabeth. Lydia is buried with her husband in the City Cemetery in Lexington, NC.

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