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Signature of James L. Dusenbery and several photographs artistically combined.

Smith, Nathan Ryno

Nathan Ryno Smith (1797-1877) was the second son of Sarah Hall Chase and physician Nathan Smith (1762-1829) of Cornish, NH, who founded several medical schools in the United States. The younger Nathan received his undergraduate degree from Yale in 1817 and his MD from the same institution in 1823. He helped his father establish the medical school at the University of Vermont in 1822, then in 1825 joined George McClellan (1796-1847) in founding the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. In 1828 Smith became professor of anatomy, then professor of surgery, at the University of Maryland, where he taught the rest of his life, except for a brief period as professor of surgery at the Transylvania School of Medicine in Kentucky (1838-1841). He is known chiefly for his development of an anterior splint for fractures of the thigh and leg and a lithotome or surgical knife for cutting the bladder to remove stones.

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