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Signature of James L. Dusenbery and several photographs artistically combined.

The 19th–Century Medical Education of UNC's Dusenbery Brothers

Both James Lawrence Dusenbery (1821–1886) and his brother Edwin Lafayette (Fayette) Dusenbery (1824–1862) became physicians after receiving their bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina. James graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1845. Fayette attended the University of Pennsylvania Medical School for a year, then transferred to the University of Maryland Medical School, where he graduated in 1849. The study and practice of medicine in the nineteenth century differs greatly, however, from what physicians know and do today.
To learn more about the Dusenbery brothers' medical education and the conditions they faced during their years in practice, you can view the presentation below, or you can read the essay "The Dusenbery Brothers and Nineteenth-Century Medicine" on this site. The presentation was delivered by Erika Lindemann to the Bullitt History of Medicine Club at the University of North Carolina Medical School on March 2, 2011. The audio of this presentation is also available on the Club's website, along with a link to download it as a podcast.
The essay on which the presentation was based briefly describes the state of medical knowledge in the mid-nineteenth century, the options for gaining a medical education, and the curriculum experienced by the Dusenbery brothers at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Maryland medical schools.

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