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Hooper, John De Berniere

John De Berniere Hooper (1811-1886), the second son of Archibald Maclaine and Charlotte De Berniere Hooper, went by the name of "De Berniere" or simply "De B." Born in Southport, NC, he entered the University in January 1828, became a member of the Dialectic Society, and graduated with the first distinction in 1831. He stayed on as a tutor of languages, then in 1833 became a teacher in Joseph Green Cogswell's Episcopal School for Boys in Raleigh. In 1836 he returned to the University as professor of modern languages and in 1838 became professor of Latin. In December 1837 Hooper married Mary Elizabeth Hooper, "doubly related to him as the daughter of Professor William Hooper, his father's cousin, and of Frances Jones Hooper, his mother's cousin" (Dictionary of North Carolina Biography 3:197). De Berniere left Chapel Hill in 1848 to teach in schools in Littleton, Fayetteville, and Wilson, NC. When the University reopened in 1875, he was appointed professor of Greek and French. Illness forced him to resign in 1885, and he died in Chapel Hill a year later. His wife, a son, and three daughters survived him (Dictionary of North Carolina Biography 3:197-98).