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1 image with subject African Americans--Women--Tennessee--Nashville--1890-1910.

  • BANNER BIBLE BAND, NASHVILLE, TENN. This Band began the study of our lessons in 1895, and has continued until the present, 1902. they have been faithful members of their church, but as faithful in reproving, by their everday life, what was contrary to the Bible. In 1899 their church began to collect money for a new edifice by giving suppers, and in other ways begging the unconverted for help. This Band said, "We will help by self-denial." The Band numbered only eight, so that only eight of those seen in the picture were members of the Band. At the end of six months the Band had given $66.75, while all the other members of the churches had raised $357.95. The members of the Band are poor--as poor as the others. The Band grew more Christlike, the others became more worldly. This Band is only one of hundreds that have proven by their every-day conduct the power of daily prayerful Bible study to rebuke sin and maintain a closer walk with God. From "In Christ's Stead": Autobiographical Sketches.