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3 titles with subject: Confederate States of America. Army.

  • Extract from a Sermon Preached by Bishop Elliott, on the 18th September, Containing a Tribute to the Privates of the Confederate Army. Stephen Elliott, 1806-1866

  • Our Cause in Harmony with the Purposes of God in Christ Jesus. A Sermon Preached in Christ Church, Savannah, on Thursday, September 18th, 1862, Being the Day Set Forth by the President of the Confederate States, as a Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving, for our Manifold Victories, and Especially for the Fields of Manassas and Richmond, Ky. Stephen Elliott, 1806-1866

  • State of the Country. Speech of Hon. A. G. Brown, of Mississippi, in the Confederate Senate, December 24, 1863. Albert Gallatin Brown, 1813-1880