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3 titles with subject: Jesus Christ.

  • "Christ in You". Charles F. Deems (Charles Force), 1820-1893

  • Do You Want a Friend? No Author

  • Receiving Christ. No Author

  • 5 images with subject Jesus Christ.

  • [Illustration] From God's Trombones. Seven Negro Sermons in Verse.

  • Jesus. From Original Acrostics on All the States and Presidents of the United States, and Various Other Subjects, Religious, Political, and Personal. Illustrated with Portraits of All the Presidents, and Engravings of Various Other Kinds.

  • [Illustration] From Our Own Third Reader: for the Use of Schools and Families.

  • THE BAPTISM OF JESUS. From Once a Methodist; Now a Baptist. Why?.

  • THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT. From Once a Methodist; Now a Baptist. Why?.