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2 images with subject Mangum, A. W. (Adolphus Williamson), 1834-1890.

  • 1. REV. A. D. BETTS, Chaplain, 30th Regiment. 2. Rev. I. A. BICKLE, Chaplain, 20th Regiment. 3. Rev. A. A. WATSON, Chaplain, 2d Regiment. 4. Rev. A. W. MANGUM, Chaplain, 6th Regiment. 5. Rev. A. I. STOUGH, Chaplain, 37th, Regiment. 6. Rev. WILLIAM S. LACY, Chaplain, 47th Regiment. 7. Rev. R. S. WEBB, Chaplain, 44th Regiment. From Experience of a Confederate Chaplain, 1861-1864.

  • ALEXANDER MCIVER A. W. MANGUM JOHN MANNING RALPH H. GRAVES T. W. HARRIS F. W. SIMONDS C. D. GRANDY From History of the University of North Carolina. Volume II: From 1868 to 1912.