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2 images with subject Textile mill workers--South Carolina--1920-1930.

  • Joan of Arc Club, a Patriotic Club Started During the War and Continued For Its Good Work During Times of Peace. From Mill News. Vol. XXII, no. 16 (Oct. 14, 1920).

  • Some of the Operating Heads in Lancaster Cotton Mills. 1--F. Gordon Cobb, general superintendent. 2--B. L. Still, superintendent No. 1 and 3 Mills. 3--L. T. Curry, overseer No. 2 weaving. 4--O. J. Whitehead, general overseer of power. 5--J. O. Edwards, general overseer No. 2 carding. 6--C. C. Brigman, overseer No. 2 spinning. 7--L. F. Hilton, overseer slashing, tyeing-in, etc. 8--C. R. Harris, night superintendent No. 3 mill. 9--O. T. Hayes, secretary to the general superintendent. Other overseers not shown in group are J. G. Brown, weaving No. 1; J. W. Mehaffey, cloth room. From Mill News. Vol. XXII, no. 16 (Oct. 14, 1920).