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2 images with subject Thirkield, W. P. (Wilbur Patterson), 1854-1936.

  • SECRETARIES OF THE FREEDMEN'S AID SOCIETY, 1866-1912 Standing: W. P. Thirkield and M. C. B. Mason. Seated: J. C. Hartzell, J. M. Walden, R. S. Rust, and J. W. Hamilton From Methodist Adventures in Negro Education.

  • WILBUR P. THIRKIELD, D.D. President of the Congress on Africa President of Gammon Theological Seminary from its Foundation in 1883 to the Present From Africa and the American Negro: Addresses and Proceedings of the Congress on Africa: Held under the Auspices of the Stewart Missionary Foundation for Africa of Gammon Theological Seminary in Connection with the Cotton States and International Exposition December 13-15, 1895.