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1 image with subject Thompson, R. T., b. 1896.

  • [1. MANNING, FREDERICK CAIN, 2nd Lt. Trench Mortar, 4th Battln.; 2. MARKHAM, JOHN L., Sergt., 137th F. A., Batt. F, 81st Div.; 3. MARKHAM, W. B., Private, 306th Engineers, Co. C, 81st Div.; 4. McKINNON, HAL. A., Private, Baker and Cook School.; 5. McPHAIL, J. D., Corpl. Inf., Co. L, 119th Inf., 30th Div. 6. MELSON, WILLIAM JESSE, Corp. Inf., Co. H, 30th Div., 19th Reg.; 7. MONROE, JNO. W., Private, Inf., Hdqrs. Co., 81st Div., 321st Inf.; 8. MONROE, LAUCHLIN DEATON, Private, Inf. 54th Co.; 9. MONROE, KENNETH, Private, Inf., 54th Co.; 10. MOORE, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Capt. Med. 11. NICKS, JESSE GRAHAM, Private, Co. H, 30th Div., 119th Inf. Reg.; 12. PARISE, FERDINAND, Private, 1st Class, A. E. F., Hdqrs. Co., A. E. F. in Siberia, Russia; 13. PATTERSON, CLAUD FERMAN, Apprentice Seaman, 1st Co., 7th Reg., Blue Jacket Guards.; 14. PATTERSON, FRANK A., Seaman, 2nd Class, U. S. N. R. F.; 15. PIERCE, BONE YWILSON, Private, -st Class, Medical Corps, B. H. 65 16. POSTON, IRA G., Mech., Inf. Replacement, Co. No. 9.; 17. RAWLES, CLIFTON HENRY, Private, Co. F, 30th Div., 120th Reg.; 18. RILEY, ENOCH, Private, 1st Class, Co. H, 30th Div., 120th Reg. Inf.; 19. ROSS, MANGUM L., Private 1st Class, Bathing Unit, 89th Div., Med.; 20. RUSH, BAXTER, Private, Inf., 48th Co. 21. SAYLOR, SIMEON LEE, Cook, 308th Motor Supply Tr., Co. 7, 83rd.; 22. SCARBRO, D. P., Private, Light Atly., Batry. A, 2nd Div., F. A. R. D.; 23. SMITHDEAL, A. FRED, 2nd Lt., Inf., Co. K, 81st Div., 321st Reg.; 24. SNOW, WILLIAM R., Sergt. Art., Baty. B, 81st Div., 317 Reg.; 25. STAFFORD, L. CLEMENT, 1st Lt., Inf., Co. F, 2nd Div., Regulars, 23rd Reg. 26. STOKES, PINKNEY B., Sergt., Ambulance Co., 321st Co., 306th San. Tr., 81st Div.; 27. TALLY, ROBAH G., Sergt. Exp. Mechanic, 1st Corps Atty. Park, Co. 3; 28. THOMPSON, R. T., Seaman, U. S. Navy; of Wake County; 29. THOMPSON, TRAVIS, Private 1st Class, Co. D, 119th Inf., 30th Div.; 30. TURNER, J. ROY, Private, Supply Tr., Co. C, 81st Div., 306th Reg.] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).