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3 images with subject Trinity Colored Methodist Episcopal Church (Augusta, Ga.)

  • TRINITY C. M. E. CHURCH, Augusta, Ga. From Afro-American Encyclopaedia; Or, the Thoughts, Doings, and Sayings of the Race, Embracing Lectures, Biographical Sketches, Sermons, Poems, Names of Universities, Colleges, Seminaries, Newspapers, Books, and a History of the Denominations, Giving the Numerical Strength of Each. In Fact, it Teaches Every Subject of Interest to the Colored People, as Discussed by More Than One Hundred of Their Wisest and Best Men and Women.

  • TRINITY CHURCH, AUGUSTA, GA. From The History of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in America: Comprising Its Organization, Subsequent Development and Present Status.

  • TRINITY CHURCH, AUGUSTA, GA. Where Bishop Lane was consecrated to the office of bishop, March 23, 1873. From Autobiography of Bishop Isaac Lane, LL.D. with a Short History of the C.M.E. Church in America and of Methodism.