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1 title with subject: Varick, James, ca. 1750-1827.

  • The Varick Family. B. F. Wheeler (Benjamin Franklin), 1854-1909

  • 1 article with subject: Varick, James, ca. 1750-1827.

  • Summary for The Varick Family. Maryellen Davis

  • 4 images with subject Varick, James, ca. 1750-1827.

  • BISHOP J. VARRICK, NO. 1, A FOUNDER. BISHOP C. RUSH, NO. 2, A FOUNDER. MOTHER CHURCH, IN N. Y. BISHOP WM. MILLER. NO. 3, A FOUNDER. BISHOP G. GALBREATH, NO. 4, A FOUNDER. From History of the A. M. E. Zion Church in America. Founded in 1796, in the City of New York.

  • JAMES VARICK From The History of the Negro Church.

  • JAMES VARICK FIRST BISHOP OF THE AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL ZION CHURCH. [Frontispiece Image] From One Hundred Years of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; or, The Centennial of African Methodism.

  • JAMES VARICK FOUNDER OF THE A. M. E. ZION CHURCH [Frontispiece Image] From The Varick Family.