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  • First Lieutenant William P. Whittaker, Regimental Gas Officer. From History of the 113th Field Artillery 30th Division.

  • OFFICERS OF THE ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEENTH FIELD ARTILLERY. Top row--left to right: 1st Lieut. J. P. Dodge, 1st Lieut. W. B. Duncan, 1st Lieut. Eugene Allison, 1st Lieut. M. S. Barnett, 1st Lieut. W. P. Whittaker, 2d Lieut. J. F. McManus, 2d Lieut. I. S. Suplee, 2d Lieut. A. J. Chapman, 2d Lieut. C. R. Dosker. 2d row--left to right: 2d Lieut. W. T. Chiles, 1st Lieut. W. E. Baugham, 1st Lieut. C. K. Burgess, 1st Lieut. W. A. Crenshaw, 2d Lieut. E. J. Higgins, 2d Lieut. E. M. Heddon. 3d row--left to right: Capt. W. V. Bowman, Capt. P. B. Smith, 1st Lieut. H. C. Bennett, Capt. E. E. Boyce, 1st Lieut. C. E. Mears, 1st Lieut. O. H. Guion, 1st Lieut. Joel W. Massey, 1st Lieut. L. C. Hand. 4th row--left to right: Capt. N. B. Vairin, Capt. R. R. Morrison, Maj. L. P. McLendon, Chaplain B. R. Lacy, Maj. L. B. Crayton, Maj. R. M. Hanes, 1st Lieut. J. G. Hoffman. Bottom row--left to right: Capt. R. P. Beaman, Maj. A. L. Bulwinkle, Maj. C. L. Pridgen, Col. Albert L. Cox, Lieut.-Col. S. C. Chambers, Maj. T. G. Stem, Capt. K. M. Hardison, Capt. R. D. Dixon, Capt. B. S. Royster. From History of the 113th Field Artillery 30th Division.