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1 title with subject: World War, 1914-1918 -- Economic aspects.

  • First Annual Report of North Carolina Council of Defense, 1918. North Carolina Council of Defense

  • 18 posters with subject: World War, 1914-1918 -- Economic aspects.

  • Blood or Bread : Others Are Giving Their Blood : You Will Shorten the War--Save Life if You Eat Only What You Need, and Waste Nothing. Henry Raleigh, 1880-1945

  • Corn : the Food of the Nation : Serve Some Way Every Meal : Appetizing, Nourishing, Economical. Lloyd Harrison

  • Don't Waste Food While Others Starve! L. C. Clinker and M. J. Dwyer

  • "Don't Waste Paper, Paper Is Essential": a Pound of Paper Wasted Is A Pound of Fuel Wasted. R. Fayerweather Babcock, b. 1887.

  • Farmers! Housewives! Children! : the President of the United States Appeals to You Personally. United States. President (1913-1921 : Wilson)

  • Feed a Fighter : Eat Only What You Need-- : Waste Nothing-- : That He and His Family May Have Enough. Wallace Morgan

  • Fight World Famine : Enroll in the Boy's Working Reserve. No Author

  • Food... Don't Waste It. F. G. Cooper, b. 1883

  • German Slavery or Liberty Bonds. No Author

  • Keep It Coming : "We Must Not Only Feed Our Soldiers at the Front But Millions of Women & Children Behind Our Lines" ...Waste Nothing. George Illian, 1894-1932

  • Save ... and Serve the Cause of Freedom. F. G. Cooper, b. 1883

  • Save a Loaf a Week : Help Win the War. F. G. Cooper, b. 1883

  • Save the Products of the Land : Eat More Fish -- They Feed Themselves. Charles Livingstone Bull, 1874-1932

  • The Seeds of Victory Insure the Fruits of Peace …. Maginel Wright Barney, b. 1877

  • The Spirit of '18 : the World Cry, Food : Keep the Home Garden Going. Willaim McKee

  • Uncle Sam Needs That Extra Shoveful : Help Uncle Sam to Win the War by Following These Directions! F. Sindelar

  • Victory Is A Question of Stamina : Send--the Wheat, Meat, Fats, Sugar : the Fuel for Fighters. Harvey Dunn, 1884-1952

  • War Rages in France: They Cannot Fight & Raise Food at the Same Time : We Must Feed Them : Denying Ourselves Only a Little Means Life to Them. F. H. Townsend (Frederick Henry), 1868-1920