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  • HON. P. B. S. PINCHBACK OF LOUISIANA Lieutenant-Governor 1871-72, and afterward Congressman BLANCHE K. BRUCE OF MISSISSIPPI Who was born a slave, but was the first Negro to become a member of the United States Senate MAJOR JOHN R. LYNCH, U. S. A. Who served as a member of Congress from Mississippi CHARLES BANKS "He has taught me the value of common-sense in dealing with conditions as they exist in the South" From My Larger Education: Being Chapters from My Experience.

  • A party of friends who accompanied Dr. Washington on one of his educational tours through the State of Mississippi. In the party are Charles Banks, a leading negro banker and business man of Mississippi; Bishop E. Cottrell, and on Dr. Washington's right, Robert R. Moton, his successor in the work at Tuskegee Institute From Booker T. Washington, Builder of a Civilization.