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6 images with subject Cameos (Stamps).

  • [Advertisement] WORKS PRINTED AND SOLD BY WILLIAM IRWIN. From A Tribute for the Negro: Being a Vindication of the Moral, Intellectual, and Religious Capabilities of the Colored Portion of Mankind; with Particular Reference to the African Race.

  • [Cover Image] From Prince Hall, the Pioneer of Negro Masonry. Proofs of the Legitimacy of Prince Hall Masonry.

  • [Title Page Image] From The House of Bondage, or, Charlotte Brooks and Other Slaves, Original and Life Like, As They Appeared in Their Old Plantation and City Slave Life; Together with Pen-Pictures of the Peculiar Institution, with Sights and Insights into Their New Relations as Freedmen, Freemen, and Citizens.

  • [Title Page Image] From Before the War, and After the Union. An Autobiography.

  • [Title Page Image] From Autobiography of a Female Slave.

  • [Title Page Image] From Reminiscences of School Life, and Hints on Teaching.