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  • CHEWERS MAKE "SCHNAPPS" THE LARGEST SELLER BY PUTTING THEIR FRIENDS ON TO THE BEST TOBACCO FOR THEIR MONEY No. 53--40 TAGS. FINGER PURSE--Seal grain leather, two pockets, two flaps, strap to carry on finger, leather lined and stitched all around. Size, 3×3½. Sent by mail, postpaid, No. 41--35 TAGS. LEVER COLLAR BUTTON--Gold filled, polished finish. Strong and durable. Sent by mail, postpaid. No. 42--45 TAGS. LEVER POINTER COLLAR BUTTON--Gold filled, polished finish, mechanism simple, strong and durable. Sent by mail, postpaid. No. 43--100 TAGS. LINK GUFF BUTTONS--Gold filled, polished finish, bead end, rigid bar connection which gives correct shape and style to the cuff. A very neat button. Sent by mail, postpaid. From Valuable Presents Given for Tobacco Tags for the Entire Year of 1902. These are Exact Fac-similes of the Tags Redeemable under Our Offer Fully Explained Inside.