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1 image with subject Founding--North Carolina--Greensboro--1910-1920.

  • A. B. LAMBERT, President A. R. LEWIS, Sec. and Treas. COOK-LEWIS FOUNDRY CO. Incorporated FOUNDERS IRON, BRASS, BRONZE AND ALUMINUM CASTINGS Office and Works--Fulton Street and Southern Railway Greensboro, N. C. We Reserve the Right to Correct Stenographic Errors in Quotations or any other important matter. All promises are contingent upon strikes, accidents, and other delays beyond our control. Prices subject to change without notice. "YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PLEASURE" WYSONG & MILES COMPANY Improved and Patented Wood Working Machinery OUR SPECIALTIES: Belt Sanders, Chair Post Mortisers, Automatic Dovetailers, Square Chisel Mortisers, Belt Drawer Fitting Machines, Chair Back and Seat Mortisers Kept in Stock: Bank Saws, Circular Saws, Planer Knives, Molding Knives, Pulleys, Shafting Hangers, Belting, Etc. Greensboro,--- N. C. Compliments of T. & H. MOTOR CO. Hudson, Essex and Velie Pleasure Cars--Diamond T and Vim Trucks 111 South Davie Street Greensboro, N. C. Compliments of B. B. TATUM Transfer and Livery Stables Moving Vans, Trucks and City Drays AUTOMOBILES AND HORSE-DRAWN VEHICLES FOR ALL OCCASIONS GREENSBORO,--- North Carolina From "Lest We Forget." The Record of North Carolina's Own.