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6 images with subject Pleading (Begging).

  • "A paleness more ghastly than that of death come over the widow's face as she heard the sentence. Falling to the earth, she groveled at the feet of Captain Suggs." From Some Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs, Late of the Tallapoosa Volunteers; Together with "Taking the Census," and Other Alabama Sketches. By a Country Editor with a Portrait from Life, and Other Illustrations, by Darley.

  • A CHEAP AND PITIFUL RUIN. From Life on the Mississippi.

  • "COULDN'T I SLEEP IN DE KITCHEN?" From Dialect Tales.

  • HE DROPPED ON HIS KNEES. From Life on the Mississippi.

  • "Katie, pretty Katie, kiss me." From Poems of Paul Hamilton Hayne.

  • "TELL ME WHERE IT IS--I 'LL FETCH IT!" From Life on the Mississippi.