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4 images with subject Presidents--United States.

  • FREDERICK DOUGLAS. WILLIAM MCKINLEY. BOOKER T. WASHINGTON. From The Sons of Allen: Together with a Sketch of the Rise and Progress of Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio.

  • PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN. From Twenty-Eight Years a Slave, or The Story of My Life in Three Continents.

  • PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT. REV. M. L. LATTA. WILLIAM MCKINLEY, Ex-President. GROVER CLEVELAND, Ex-President. REV. M. L. LATTA AND THREE OF HIS ADMIRABLE PRESIDENTS. From The History of My Life and Work. Autobiography by Rev. M. L. Latta, A.M., D.D.

  • Whereas, On the Twenty-Second day of September, in the year of From The Tragedy of the Negro in America: a Condensed History of the Enslavement, Sufferings, Emancipation, Present Condition and Progress of the Negro Race in the United States of America.