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  • No. 62--125 TAGS. No. 62--RJR TOBACCO CUTTER--Cam movement, tempered steel blade, brass seated, nicely japanned, and ornamentally striped red, green and gold. Sent by freight or express. No. 64. 600 TAGS. No. 64 -- UNION SCALE -- This cut shows style of scale. Is finished in black enamel; has brass beam, tin scoop, and steel bearings. Weighs from 1/2 oz. to 240 lbs. Warranted accurate and a very useful scale for mercantile purposes. Sent by freight. No. 19. 200 TAGS. No. 19--ALARM CLOCK--Nickel, with second, minute and hour hands. A recognized good time-keeper. Sent by express. From Valuable Presents Given for Tobacco Tags for the Entire Year of 1902. These are Exact Fac-similes of the Tags Redeemable under Our Offer Fully Explained Inside.