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  1. A & T College 312 Dudley, Greensboro, NC
    Tags: non-theatrical venue
  2. A-Mus-U Second St., Lumberton, NC
    Tags: black theater
  3. Academy Hickory, NC
  4. Academy (of Music) Greensboro, NC
    Tags: opera house
  5. Academy of Music Elizabeth City, NC
    Tags: opera house
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Newspaper Clippings

  1. Strand Theatre All This Week - promotion
    Concord Daily Tribune 07/30/0014
    Venues: Strand Theatre
    Tags: contest; music; notable; program change; promotions
  2. Grand Opening
    Wilmington Star 04/07/1868
    Tags: opening notice
  3. Ice Cream!
    Wilmington Star 04/30/1868
  4. Ice Cream Saloon.
    Wilmington Star 05/02/1868
  5. Ice Cream Saloon.
    Wilmington Star 05/17/1868
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  1. Ambassador Theater Lobby
    Venues: Ambassador
    Tags: american indians; balcony; feature film; film title
  2. Center Theater
    Venues: Center
  3. Center Theater Early 1960s
    Venues: Center
  4. Center Theater Early 1960s
    Venues: Center
  5. Center Theater Facade
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Architectural Drawings

  1. Architctural Drawing- Front, Rear, Right and Left Side Elevation- Charlotte Dilworth Theater
    Venues: Dilworth
  2. Architectural Design- Box Office Floor Plan- Ambassador Raleigh
    Venues: Ambassador
    Tags: racial policy
  3. Architectural Design- Floor Plan Balcony- Rex Hendersonville
    Venues: Rex Theatre
    Tags: balcony; seating capacity
  4. Architectural Design- Second Floor Plan Balcony- Center Rocky Mount
    Venues: Center
    Tags: balcony, racially segregated; ventilation
  5. Architectural Drawing - Auditorium Floor Plan - Lexington Carolina Theater
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  1. Airdome Timeline Commentary
    Venues: Airdome
    Tags: music; seasonal exhibition
  2. Bailey Theater, Wilmington, N.C. 1940 Commentary
    Venues: Bailey
  3. Bailey Theatre Timeline Commentary
    Venues: Bailey
  4. Bijou Timeline Commentary
    Venues: Bijou
    Tags: concessions; tent
  5. Broadway Theater, Fayetteville, 1950 Commentary
    Venues: Broadway
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  1. A. David Company to M. Rosenmann
    Wilmington Star
  2. Advertisement for Murphy and Company
    Wilmington Messenger
  3. Advertisement for Sternberger Groceries
    Wilmington Messenger
  4. Alberman's Grocery Store Robbed
    Wilmington Star
  5. Another Important Front Street Realty Deal
    Wilmington Star 01/11/1912
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  1. Adams, W.T.
    Venues: Welcome; Adams
  2. Adjutant R. E. Bergren
    Venues: Tabernacle Baptist Church
  3. Allen, Robert G.
    Venues: Superba Theatre
  4. Allen, W.J.
    Venues: Orpheum; Orpheum
  5. Amos, C.H.
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