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Minutes of the Presbytery of Fayetteville
at Their Ninety-Seventh Sessions,
Held at Mt. Horeb Church, Bladen County, N. C.,
October 10th, & 11th, 1861:

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Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Presbytery of Fayetteville.

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(title page) Minutes of the Presbytery of Fayetteville, at their Ninety-Seventh Sessions, Held at Mt. Horeb Church, Bladen County, N. C. , October 10th,& 11th, 1861.
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Fayetteville, N. C.
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Title Page

OCTOBER 1OTH, & 11TH, 1861.


Page 3


MT. HOREB CHURCH, Bladen County, N C.,
October 10th, 1861.

        The Presbytery of Fayetteville met according to adjournment, and was opened with a sermon by Rev. Archibald McQueen, the last Moderator, from Hebrews 1:3.-- "Who, being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high."

        After sermon the Moderator took the Chair and Constituted the Presbytery by prayer.

        Ministers present.

        Ministers present: Rev. Messrs. Hector McLean, J. P. McPherson, F. K. Nash, H. A. Monroe, C. Shaw, G. M. Gibbs, A. McMillan, N. McDonald, S. C. Alexander, D. T. Towles, D. D. McBryde, James Sinclair, A. McQeeen, and M. McNair.

        Ruling Elders present.

        Ruling Elders present: Messrs. John McNeill, Laurel Hill; Daniel C. McNeill, Lumberbridge; James McCallum, Philadelphus; Angus S. Baker, Lebanon; Neill A. Currie, Laurinburg; Peter McRae, Smyrna; Nathaniel McNair, Ashpole; John McDonald, Big Rockfish; Malcom McLeod, Brown Marsh; and William H. Holmes, Clinton.

        Ministers absent.

        Ministers absent: Rev. Messrs. R. Tate, S. Colton D. D., S. Paisley, J. C. Sinclair, Adam Gilchrist, H. McNeill, N. McKay, M. B. Grier, D. B. Black, D. Johnson, H. McAlister, J. M. Sprunt, G. McNeill, M. McQueen, J. McQueen, G. A. Russell, N. T. Bowden, and D. Fairley.

        Moderator and Clerks.

        On motion, Rev. A. McMillan was chosen Moderator, and Rev. Messrs. D. D. McBryde and S. C. Alexander Temporary Clerks.

        Rev. John M. Sherwood.

        Rev. John M. Sherwood presented a regular letter of dismisston from the Presbytery of Orange, and after the usual examinatlon on experimental religion, his motives in seeking the ministry, and theology, he was received as a member of the Presbytery of Fayetteville.

Page 4


        On Motion, Presbytery took a recess of half an hour.

        After recess Presbytery met and proceeded to business.

        Rev. M. McQueen.

        Rev. M. McQueen appeared in Presbytery and rendered a satisfactory reason for tardiness.

        B. G. Worth.

        Mr. B. G. Worth, Ruling Elder from the 1st. Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, appeared and his name was enrolled.

        Reading Minutes.

        On motion, the reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting of Presbytery was dispensed with.

        Rev. Messrs. Nash, Gibbs, and Towles.

        Rev. Messrs. F. K. Nash, G. M. Gibbs, and D. T. Towles rendered satisfactory reasons for absence from the last regular sessions of Presbytery.


        Religious, Exercises.

        The Moderator announced the following committees, viz: Reliqious exercises--Rev. Messrs. C. Shaw, and H. A. Monroe.


        Narrative to Synod.--Rev. Messrs. A. McQueen and S. C. Alexander, and A. S. Baker, Ruling Elder.

        Systematic Benevolence.

        Systematic Benevolence.--Rev. Messrs. H. A. Monroe, and F. K. Nash, and Peter McRae, Ruling Elder.


        John McDonald, Treasurer, pro tem.

        Papers on the state of the Ch.

        The Stated Clerk laid upon the table communications from the Presbyteries of Orange and Cherokee on the state of the Church, and the proceedings of a Convention of Delegates from various Presbyteries, held at Atlanta, Georgia, August 15th-17th. 1861; and also a paper on the same subject, which he had prepared, and which was read.


        These papers were referred to a eommittee consisting of Rev. Messrs. F. K. Nash, J. M. Sherwood, and C. Shaw, and B. G. Worth and A. S. Baker, Ruling Elders.

        Death of Rev. Adam Gilchrist and G. McNeill.


        Rev. Hector McLean solemnly announced to Presbytery the death of Rev. Adam Gilchrist and Rev. George McNeill, whereupon, on motion, the following committee was appointed to prepare a suitable minute, viz:

        Rev. Messrs. J. M. Sherwood and D. D. McBryde.

        Rev. H. McAlister.

        A letter was received from Rev. Hector McAlister, assigning as his reason for absence, the bad state of his health, which reason was unanimously sustained.

        Memorial from Smyrna.

        A memorial from the Session of Smyrna church was read and referred to the following committee, viz: Rev. Messrs. H. A. Monroe and G. M. Gibbs, and John McDonald, Ruling Elder.

        Free Conversation.

        On motion, Free Conversation on the state of religion was taken up, when reports were heard from the various churches on this subject.

        On motion, Presbytery took a recess to meet at half past seven o'clock this evening.

        Brethren appear.

        After recess Presbytery met, when the following brethren

Page 5

appeared and rendered satisfactory reasons for tardiness, viz : Rev. Messrs. J. C. Sinclair, D. B. Black and James McQueen.

        Ruling Elders appear.

        The following Ruling Elders appeared and their names were enrolled, viz: Hon. J. G. Shepherd, Fayetteville; John Ellis, Galatia; D. McCormick, Barbecue; and W. D. Harrington, Euphronia.

        On motion, Hon. J. G. Shepherd was added to the committee to prepare a suitable minute on the death of our beloved brethren, Rev. Messrs. A. Gilchrist and George McNeill,

        Domestic Missions.

        Rev. Martin McQueen presented and read the report of the committee on Domestic Missions, which was committed to a select committee of three viz: Rev. Messrs. C. Shaw and J. P. McPherson, and Judge Shepherd, Ruling Elders.

        Petition to organize a Church--Mark's Creek.


        A petition praying for the organization of a church in Richmond County, to be called Mark's Creek church, was read and granted, and the following committee appointed to carry out the wish of the petitioners, if the way be clear, viz: Rev. Messrs. A. McMillan, J. P. McPherson, and A. McQueen, and Maj. John McNeill, Ruling Elder.

        Rev. James H. McNeill.

        Rev. James H. McNeill of the Presbytery of Elizabethtown, being present, was invited to sit as a corresponding member.

        Memorial from Smyrna.

        The committee on the memorial from Smyrna church, presented their report, which after some discussion was recommitted to the same committee.

        Prayer for our Country.

        On motion, it was agreed that Presbytery spend half an hour in devotional exercises at 1 o'clock, P. M., to-morrow.

        On motion, Presbytery adjourned to meet in this place to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock.

        Closed with prayer.

FRIDAY MORNING, October 11th, 1861.

        Presbytery met according to adjournment, and was opened with prayer.

        Orders on the Treasurer.

        The following orders were given on the Treasurer:

        To Rev. D. D. McBryde, account, $37.

        To the Stated Clerk for stationery $5.

        To Rev. George M. Gibbs, as executor of Mr. R. W. Gibbs, deceased, expences to U. T. Seminary.

        To Mr. C. M. Andrews, balance due--$28 [.]65.

        Memorial from Smyrna Church continued.

        The committee on the memorial from Smyrna Church

Page 6

again submitted their report, which was accepted. The memorial is in these words, viz:

        "To the honorable Presbytery of Fayetteville, convened at Mount Horeb Church:

        The Undersigned, members of Session of Smyrna Church, respectfully memorialize your venerable body to the following effect; There has arisen amongst us a difficulty of a peculiar nature, in regard to which we feel our need of your counsel and advice.

        In several meetings of the Session, the Book of Records has not been forthcoming, and upon information had, it was ascertained to be in the hands of an absent member of the Session, who upon application therefore, refuses to give it up, upon the plea of a promise made to the former Pastor of the Church. Therefore we respectfully memorialize your venerable body for advice in the premises.

        We are aware that, by the Constitution of the Church, we have the power to arraign and try that member of Session for withholding property that rightfully belongs to the Session, as well as for contumacy against his brethren.

        But such are the peculiar circumstances of the case, growing out of the recent relations of this member to the Session, together with the fact that a minister of the Gospel is more or less implicated therein--we have deemed it inexpedient to put in force the power that our Book gives us, without the counsel and advice of our brethren of the Presbytery.

        We, therefore, pray your venerable body to instruct us us how we shall proceed to recover the rights withheld from us, and your memorialists will ever pray.

        Signed by the members of Session.

        On a motion to adopt the report of the Committee on the above memorial, the following substitute was introduced and adopted, viz:


        "In answer to the memorial from members of Smyrna Session, Presbytery would reply by placing the Sessional Records in the hands of the Clerk of Session, with a request to them to keep the Records entire."

        The Committee to whom had been referred the papers

Page 7

from the Presbyteries of Orange and Cherokee &c., presented their report, which is as follows, viz:

        State of the Church.

        "The Confession of Faith adopted by our fathers, and received by us in true faith and honesty as the fundamental rule in all matters ecclesiastical, provides that 'synods and councils are to handle or conclude nothing but that which is ecclesiastical; and are not to intermeddle with civil affairs which concern the commonwealth, unless by way of humble petition in cases extraordinary or by way of advice, for satisfaction of conscience, if they be thereunto required by the civil magistrate."

        Now, therefore, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America,' at their Sessions in May 1861, by resolutions offered by Dr. Spring of New York, and adopted by an almost unanimous vote, having endorsed a Republican Administration, and thereby made themselves a party in the sectional agitations now rending the bowels of liberty, have grossly and shamelessly made a breach upon this fundamental law of Presbyterianism;

        Moreover, inasmuch as these resolutions require of the members of the Church to maintain their allegiance to a Government sectional, unjust, tyrannical, and bloody, the aforesaid Assembly has thereby, in the pride of its arrogancy, introduced a new test of membership in the Church, contrary to our Book; and, carried away by the pressure of a perverted public sentiment, it has violently torn assunder the strong and tender ties of Presbyterian brotherhood, by deliberately giving up their brethren of the South to the ruthless minions of a weak, but bloody tyrant.

        Under these circumstances we assert our rights as freemen, not only to determine where our allegiance is due, but also to regulate, under Christ, our ecclesiastical associations and relations.

        And inasmuch as the aforesaid General Assembly, by its resolutions, has proclaimed before the Christian world its superior zeal for the integrity of the Union, rather than for the integrity of Christ's Church, they have thereby given their verdict for Cæsar against Christ.

        Therefore, be it Resolved, 1st. That we, the members of Fayetteville Presbytery, in regular sessions assembled, at Mount Horeb Church, Bladen County, N. C., this 11th day of October A. D., 1861, do hereby declare ourselves free from all spiritual allegiance to 'the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, in the United States of America,' and do hereby, as a Presbytery, withdraw from its jurisdiction.

        Resolved, 2nd. That we hereby approve the suggestion

Page 8

made by our sister Presbytery of Orange, on the 15th day of June 1861, that a Convention or General Assembly be held at Augusta, Georgia, on the 4th day of December, 1861.

        Resolved, 3rd. That while we thus sunder the ties that have connected us with 'the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America,' this action is not intended to abandon the Confession of Faith of our fathers, but we declare our purpose to adhere thereto in all its precious Doctrines, Order, and Discipline, only intending it be changed in its title to suit our circumstances in these Confederate States.

        Resolved, 4th. That this Presbytery, during its present sessions, elect four delegates, two Ministers and two Elders, to the said General Assembly, and that their traveling expences be paid out of the Commissioners Fund.

        Resolved, 5th. That an attested copy of those proceedings, in the above case, be forwarded to the Synod of North Carolina for their approval at their approaching sessions, to be held in the city of Raleigh, N. C., on the 30th inst., and a copy to the General Assembly.

        The above report was unanimously adopted, after earnest and solemn prayer to Almighty God for guidance and direction.

        Yeas and Nays recorded.

        The yeas and nays were then called for, and resulted as follows viz: Yeas, Rev. Messrs. John C. Sinclair, Hector McLean, James P. McPherson, Frederick K. Nash, Hugh A. Monroe, Colin Shaw, George M. Gibbs, Duncan B. Black, Andrew McMillan, Neill McDonald, Samuel C. Alexander, John M. Sherwood, Daniel T. Towles, Duncan D. McBryde, Martin McQueen, James Sinclair, James McQueen, Archibald McQueen, and Malcom McNair.

        Ruling Elders: Messrs. John McNeill, Daniel C. McNeill, James McCallum, Angus S. Baker, Peter McRae, Nathaniel McNair, John McDonald, Malcom McLeod, William H. Holmes, B. G. Worth, N. T. Harris, Hon. Jesse G. Shepherd, John Ellis, Duncan McCormick, and William D. Harrington, 34.

        Nays none.

        Ruling Elders appear.

        The following Ruling Elders appeared and their names were enrolled, viz: L. D. Cameron, Cypress, and A. D. Brown, Lumberton.

Page 9

        Commissioners to Gen'l Assembly.

        On motion Presbytery proceeded to the election of Commissioners to the General Assembly, which resulted as follows, viz: Rev. Messrs Hector McLean and Frederick K. Nash, as Principals, and Rev. Messrs Andrew McMillan alternate to the former and Hugh A. Monroe to the latter.

        Lay Delegates.

        Hon. Jesse G. Shepherd and Dr. James H. Dickson, Ruling Elders, the former of Fayetteville and the latter of 1st Church Wilmington, were chosen principal lay delegates; and Duncan Shaw, Ruling Elder of Galatia Church, was chosen alternate to the former, and A. D. Brown, Ruling Elder of Lumberton Church alternate to the latter.

        Report of Committee on deaths of Rev. Adam Gilchrist& Rev. George McNeill.

        The Committee appointed to prepare a minute on the death of the lamented brethren, Rev. Messrs. Adam Gilchrist and George McNeill, presented their report, which was accepted and unanimously adopted, and is as follows, viz:

        "The Committee appointed to prepare a minute on the death of the Rev. Adam Gilchrist and the Rev. George McNeill, members of this Presbytery, deceased since our last meeting, beg leave to offer the following Report:

        The Rev. ADAM GILCHRIST was born in Charleston, S. C., April 10th, 1806. His education, preparatory to College, was obtained at Morristown, N. J., and during his studies there, while still a youth, he gave himself to the Saviour and entered upon that Christian life that 'became brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.' After graduating at Dickinson College, Penn., he entered the Seminary at Princeton, and pursued a full course of theological training.

        His first settlement as a minister was at Walterboro', S. C. There he continued about three years, when he received an invitation to supply the pulpit of the Church in Fayetteville. He commenced his labours there on the first Sabbath in March, 1841. On the 14th of June of the same year he was elected Pastor, and installed on the 27th of February, 1842.

        The great work of Mr. Gilchrist's life. was accomplished in Fayetteville. He came to the Church at a most critical period in its history. By his amiability, his kindness, and is conciliating disposition, as well as by his fine natural and acquired gifts as a preacher, he soon reconciled all difficulties in the Congregation, and won the hearts of the people to himself as the ambassador of Christ. This hold he retained in a marked degree, throughout his ministry-- growing in the affections of his own charge, and in the respect of the community.

        He was a man of good natural talents, well cultivated;

of fine personal appearance; of great amiability and modesty; and the chief object of his life seemed to be to cultivate well the field that the Great Head of the Church had assigned him. How he succeeded in his object, the history of the Church during the twenty years of his ministry, with the large membership that it now contains, compared with the size of the congregation, furnishes the best evidence.

        In the fall of 1859, his health, which had not been very robust for some years, received a severe shock by the death of a lovely daughter under peculiarly distressing circumstances. In Februrary, 1860, he was compelled to desist entirely from preaching.

        Hoping that a few month's rest would enable him to resume his labours, with the approval of his Session he secured a supply for his pulpit, and calmly awaited the result. He sank gradually under the disease that was preying upon him; but still, not without hope of recovery, he visited Florida in January last.

        At Lake City, in that State, in the house of his only living child, surrounded by the loved ones of his household, he died on the 27th of March, 1861.

        His remains were brought to Fayetteville, and rest among the members of his flock.

        The Rev. GEORGE MCNEILL was born in Fayetteville, September 4th, 1827,--son of the aged and beloved Elder of the same name, who still rules in the Church there.

        His education preparatory to College was received at the High School in his native town, under the care of the Rev. Simeon Colton D. D. After spending some time at Chapel Hill, he completed his collegiate course at Delaware College. While at this latter institution, he made a profession of religion, and consecrated himself to the ministry of God's dear Son.

        His theological studies were pursued at Princeton, and he was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Fayetteville on the 23rd day of June, 1848, and on the 12th day of July, 1850, he was ordained to the work of the holy ministry, in the town of Fayetteville, as an Evangelist. Declining much more inviting fields of labour in other places, he devoted himself to the Domestic Missionary work in his native State. His labours were principally in the County of Randolph; and here, in the exposure of missionary life, after three or four years, his health failed him. He spent two or three years subsequently in the State of Florida, teaching a portion of the time; but returned to North Carolina, still in feeble health. Soon after his return, unable to preach the Gospel from the pulpit, his thoughts were turned to the best method of securing

the great object to which he had consecrated his life-- the glory of God in the salvation of sinners; and the newspaper press was suggested. Chiefly through his instrumentality, the project for establishing the North Carolina Presbyterian was inaugurated and successfully accomplished. And in this work he spent the remainder of his life.

        The publication of the paper was commenced on the 1st of January, 1858, and from that time up to within a few weeks of his death, though his health continued feeble, he was rarely unable to attend to his Editorial duties. His life closed in great sufferings, on the 18th of August, 1861. He died full of faith and hope.

        Mr. McNeill accomplished the great work of his life in the Editorial chair. For this he was peculiarly, and most admirably fitted. Possessed naturally of a mind quick to perceive, ardent in the pursuit of its object, and intensely practical in its perceptions of truth and duty--these qualities seemed to have been increased by a feeble physical frame, and the prospect of a short life. They made him a ready, vigorous, and forcible writer. Few men wielded a pen with more clearness and power.

        The influence that he exerted for Presbyterianism, during the three years and a half of his connection with our State paper, cannot be estimated. Eternity must reveal it. In view of these solemn facts:

        Resolved, 1st. That the Presbytery of Fayetteville feel sensibly the loss sustained in the death of these brethren beloved. They have been taken from us--the one having scarcely passed the meridian of life, the other much below it,--and both filling posts of usefulness in the Church. We bow in submission to the will of our heavenly Father, who raised up these brethren, and gave them to the Church of His love, with all their qualifications; while we regard their removal as a call to more faithfulness on our part, and to more earnest prayer for other labourers in the Lord's vineyard. The places of those who are falling must be filled; and whatever our hands find to do should be done with our might, for the night cometh speedily when no man can work.

        Resolved, 2nd. We deeply symphize with the immediate families and friends of our deceased brethren. Their loss is indeed heavy. But we confidently commend them to that God and Saviour who, by His presence, can more than supply the place of husband, father, son, or brother. May He comfort the stricken ones, and enable them to say from the heart, "The Lord gave; the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.' "

Page 12

        Mr. Neill McDugald.

        Mr. Neill McDougald, Ruling Elder from Bethlehem Church, appeared in Presbytery and his name was enrolled.

        Rev. James H. McNeill receiv'd

        Rev. James H. McNeill, a member of the Presbytery of Elizabethtown, N, J., stated to Presbytery that he wished to become ecclesiastically connected with us; but owing to the disturbed state of the country, he had been unable to secure a regular letter of dismission; whereupon, on motion, he was examined on experimental religion, his motives in seeking the ministry, and theology, which examination was sustained, and he was unanimously received as a member of this Presbytery.

        Place& time of next meeting.

        On motion, the place and time of the next regular meeting of Presbytery was taken up, when Philadelphus Church, in Robeson County, N. C., was unanimously chosen as the place; and Thursday before the second Sabbath in April, 1862, 12 o'clock M., was fixed as the time.

        Rev. A. McQueen--Harmony Church.

        Rev. Archibald McQueen asked leave to resign his pastoral charge of Harmony Church; whereupon, on motion, the Stated Clerk was ordered to cite said Church to appear, by their commissioners, at the next regular sessions of Presbytery, to show cause, if any they have, why this request should not be granted.

        Treasurer's Report.

        The Stated Clerk presented a very neat and appropriate report from Maj. A. McLean, Treasurer of Presbytery, which was accepted, and ordered to be printed in the appendix to the Minutes.

        Foreign Missions.

        The following committee was appointed to prepare a report on Foreign Missions, viz: Rev. Messrs. James H. McNeill and Martin McQueen, and Hon. J. G. Shepherd, Ruling Elder.

        A call from Fayetteville.--J. M. Sherwood--accepted.

        A call for the pastoral services of Rev. John M. Sherwood, from the Church in Fayetteville, was presented to Presbytery, and being found in order, was, on motion, placed in his hands.

        Committee to install.

        Brother Sherwood having signified his acceptance of said call, the following arrangement was made for his installation on Saturday before the 1st Sabbath in December, 1861, at 11 [o' clock] A. M., viz: Rev. James H. McNeill to preach the sermon, preside and propose the constitutional questions; Rev. John C. Sinclair to deliver the charge to the Pastor, and Rev. Neill McDonald the charge to the people.

        Smyrna Church vacant.

        Rev. J. P. McPherson reported, that he attended Smyrna Church, the 20th of April, 1861, and finding the way clear, declared said Church vacant.

        Domestic Missions.

        The select committee on Domestic Missions submitted their report, which was accepted, and laid upon the table for the present.

        On motion, Presbytery took a recess until 1 o'clock.

        After recess Presbytery met, when leave of absence was granted to Rev. G. M. Gibbs and W. H. Holmes.

        Half hour in prayer.

        On motion, Presbytery took a recess of five minutes to meet at the stand, for the purpose of spending half an hour in prayer to Almighty God for the Church and Country.

        These exercises were conducted by the Moderator, and were truly solemn and affecting.

        Prayer recommended.

        The Presbytery then returned to the Church, when the following resolution was read and unanimously adopted, viz:

        Resolved, That this Presbytery do hereby express their earnest sympathy with our officers and soldiers now engaged in a struggle for the maintenance of the rights of the people of the Confederate States of America, and that we recommend that continued prayer be made by our people to Almighty God for His blessing upon them, and upon our rulers, and for the speedy establishment of an honorable peace.

        Ruling Elders appear.

        The following Ruling Elders appeared, and their names were enrolled, viz: G. W. Bannerman, Black River Chapel; and W. K. Cromartie, South River Chapel.

        Domestic Missions--report.

        On motion, the report of the select committee on Domestic Missions was taken up, and, after several interesting addresses, was adopted and is as follows, viz:

        "The select committee to whom was referred the report of the Presbyterial Committee of Domestic Missions, have had the same under consideration, with the matters suggested therein, and ask leave to report as follows: The altered condition of our ecclesiastical affairs, which has followed and been connected with the great convulsion in the State has rendered necessary a change of our policy; and brings about a modification in some, and a total repeal of other resolutions which this Presbytery has heretofore adopted. By our action at this time we are discharged from our connection with the Board at Philadelphia, and must rely, upon some mode of management exclusively Presbyterial, unless, in the progress of events, a new Board shall be formed, which shall supply to the Confederate States, the place of that of Philadelphia. Your committee recommend that a committee be appointed whose office shall be in the town of Fayetteville, to consist of three Ministers and three Elders, and that said committee shall give commissions to missionaries and review their reports, give drafts upon the Treasury, and have the charge of the work of missions in our bounds, subject to such orders as Presbytery from time to time may make.

        Your committee with a view of making the missionary work more extensive and effective also, recommend that all our ministers, whether Pastors, or Stated Supplies, shall give

Page 14

themselves in a proper degree to the cause. For this purpose it is recommended that our congregations not only allow, but shall encourage their ministers to engage in the work, as being now the best means of carrying Gospel light into many portions of our Presbytery, and of making our system aggressive to that degree which shall develop its highest capability, and its agency in enlarging the bounds of Zion.

        Your committee recommend that the report and resolutions of the Committee on Missions be concurred in with these additions, that resolutions No 1, 2, and 4, of the series adopted at the spring sessions of 1858, at Buffalo, relative to Domestic Missions, be and and the same are hereby repealed.

        The report of the Committee on Domestic Missions is as follows, viz:

        Your Committee on Domestic Missions beg leave to submit the following report:

        "During the past six months our whole Domestic Missionary work has been greatly embarrassed and almost paralyzed. We have not only felt the need of an Evangelist to superintend and to extend our field of labor, but our missionaries have been embarrassed by our present arrangements. At present, our missionaries are required not only to report to the Committee of Presbytery, but also to the general Board of Domestic Missions in Philadelphia; and from that Board they receive their commissions and drafts upon our Treasury. But all communication with Philadelphia being cut off, they have been unable to renew their commissions, or to obtain their drafts upon our Treasury. Hence, some of our missionaries have been laboring without commissions, and all have been unable to draw their pay. It is therefore necessary for Presbytery to authorize its missionaries to draw their back pay, and to make arrangements for their being commissioned and paid in the future.

        We have five missionaries in the field, who devote the whole, or part of their time, to the missionary work. Rev. N. T. Bowden has been preaching for the last six months, with more than usual success to Ben-Salem, a small church in the Northwestern portion of Moore county. Rev. D. T. Towles has been preaching for the past five months to the small churches of Kieth, Lillington, Mt. Williams and Mt. Edwards.

        Owing to the absence of the Rev. M. B Grier, Rev. M.

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McQueen has not been able to extend his labors beyond the bounds of Wilmington for the last quarter.

        From the Rev. G. M. Gibbs, who was appointed to labor part of his time in Magnolia, a growing village on the Wilmington and Weldon Rail Road, and the Rev. A. McMillan who was appointed to labor in the interior of Richmond county, we have received no reports.

        At our last meeting, Presbytery instructed their Committee to appropriate $125, or if necessary $200, to the Presbyterian church in Lumberton, to aid said church in procuring the regular ministrations of the Word ; but that church has made no demand upon the Committee, neither has it submitted any report.

        There have been no other calls upon the Committee for aid, or new appointments since the last meeting of Presbytery. Various causes have conspired to deprive many of our churches of the regular preaching of the Gospel, and we have reason, with God's ancient people, to mourn over the desolations of our Zion. Still, we must look forward to the future with faith and hope, fully confident that the Great Head of the Church, who has committed into His hands all power in heaven and earth, will deliver His Church from all her troubles, and that she shall yet come forth in her beautiful garments adorned as a bride for her husband.

        Whereas, we have severed our connection with the Board of Domestic Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, therefore,

        Resolved,That our Missionaries be required to make quarterly reports to the Committee of Presbytery, and that said Committee be authorized to commission Missionaries and also to give the drafts upon the Treasury of Presbytery.

        The following persons were appointed the Committee on Domestic Missions, viz:

        Committee on Domestic Missions.

        Rev. Messrs. John M. Sherwood, James H. McNeill, and Martin McQueen, with Ruling Elders, Dr. James H. Dickson, Hon. Jesse G. Shepherd and Mr. John Elliott.

        Rev. M. B. Grier, 1st Church Wilmington.

        Rev. M. B. Grier, by letter requested a dissolution of the pastoral connection between himself and the 1st Church, Wilmington, and the Church concurring therein, his request was granted, and Rev. M. McQueen was appointed to preach there, and declare said Church vacant.

        Rev. M. B. Grier dismissed.

        Rev. M. B. Grier, through Rev. M. McQueen, presented a request to be dismissed to join the Presbytery of

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Philadelphia, which was granted, and the Stated Clerk, was directed to furnish Mr. Grier with the usual testimonials.

        Daniel McRae--candidate.

        Mr. Daniel McRae, a member of Barbecue Church, was introduced to Presbytery as a candidate for the Gospel Ministry, and after a satisfactory examination on experimental Religion, and his motives in seeking the ministry, he was taken under our care, and recommended to the Committee on Education.

        Call returned to Mt. Carmel.

        Rev. Archibald McQueen asked leave to return to Presbytery the call previously placed in his hands by Mt. Carmel Church; which was granted.

        N. T. Bowden, and Pee Dee& Mineral Spring Churches.

        The Committees appointed to install Rev. N. T. Bowden Pastor of Pee Dee And Mineral Spring Churches, not having performed that duty, on motion the same Committees were continued.

        Rev. M. McNair, Lumber-Bridge.

        The Committee appointed to install Rev. M. McNair co-pastor of Lumber Bridge Church, reported, that they discharged that duty on Saturday, the 23rd day of March, 1861.

        Rev. S. C. Alexander, Black River Chapel.

        The Committee appointed to install Rev. S. C. Alexander Pastor of Black River Chapel, reported that they discharged that duty on Saturday May 4th, 1861.


        There being no report from the Committee appointed to visit Galatia Church, and the Pastor, Rev. J. C. Sinclair, having stated that there was now no necessity for such a Committee, they were discharged.

        On motion, Presbytery took a recess to meet at the house of Mrs. Wooten, this evening at 7 o'clock.

        After recess, Presbytery met and proceeded to business.


        Supplies to vacant churches were called upon, when it was ascertained that none of the appointments had been filled, and for reasons that were deemed satisfactory.

        Big Juniper.

        The Committee appointed to visit Big Juniper made a verbal report; whereupon the following Committee was appointed to visit that neighborhood, and if the way be be clear, organize a Church there, viz: Rev. Messrs. J. C. Sinclair, G. A. Russell and David Fairley, and Col. A. Kelly, Ruling Elder.

        Report on Foreign Missions

        "The Committee to whom was referred the subject of Foreign Missions, beg leave to report the following minute for the adoption of the Presbytery, viz:

        WHEREAS, In severing their connection with the Presbyterian Church in the United States, and renouncing the jurisdiction of the General Assembly of that Church, Presbytery has ceased to have any connection or co-operation with the Board of Foreign Missions in New York; and

        Whereas, In the view of the Presbytery, the subject of Foreign Missions has lost none of its interest and importance,

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in consequence of these changes in their ecclesiastical relations; but, on the contrary, its claims are felt to be more than ever immediate and imperative, particularly, in connection with the Missions among the Indians occupying the Territories of the Confederate States, and in the case of such brethren as may have gone out from among us, and are now laboring in distant parts of the world, identified in interest and feeling with our Southern Zion, and looking to her for that sympathy and support without which their missions cannot long survive: Therefore,

        Resolved, 1st. That Presbytery earnestly recommend to all the Churches under their care, that they take up collections, as formerly, at least once a year, for the cause of Foreign Missions, and that in their contributions, it be remembered by the people of God, that our Lord's last great command was, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature."

        Resolved, 2nd. That Presbytery approve of the course adopted by the Brethren in Columbia, S. C., in forming the committee on Foreign Missions, of which Rev. J. Leighton Wilson, D. D., is Secretary, to take charge of the interests connected with this subject, until the complete organization of the Church in these Confederate States.

        Resolved, 3rd. That the Treasurer of Presbytery, until otherwise notified, is hereby authorized and requested to remit the funds now in his hands, and such as may hereafter reach him, for the cause of Foreign Missions, to the Rev. J. Leighton Wilson, D. D., at Columbia, S. C., to be used by him, under the direction of the committee, in furthering this cause."

        This report was accepted and adopted.


        The Committee on the Narrative submitted their report, which was accepted and adopted, and a copy was ordered to be forwarded to Synod, and also to the General Assembly-- it is as follows, viz;

        "Your Committee on the Narrative to Synod, beg leave to submit the following report;

        That owing to the facts that the subject of free conversation on the State of Religion within our bounds came up so early in the Sessions of Presbytery, several of the members had not arrived, and consequently the materials for making out a full report are necessarily limited.

        But from the facts reported from the various churches, and from all the information obtained, there are many things to cheer and comfort the hearts of God's people; while, on the other hand, we regret to say, there are some things which call for mourning, humiliation and prayer. The excited spirit of the times has affected all ranks and

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conditions of men--has been felt in every department of business, and has even spread its blighting and withering influence upon our beloved Zion.

        Pious young men have felt it to be their duty to exchange the privileges of the sanctuary for the battle-field. Congregations have been weakened, Sabbath Schools are dwindling away, and Bible classes have been given up, while in some instances, the word preached seems to have fallen powerless upon the hearts and consciences of inattentive hearers.

        Nor should we fail to record the fact that owing to our necessary separation from the various Boards of the Church, and the necessary money crisis, the contributions to the various benevolent enterprises of our church have been greatly diminished.

        But notwithstanding these depressing and discouraging facts, there has been the usual, or more than usual, number received into the membership in the different churches.

        The Spirit of God seems still to move upon the hearts of His people for the accomplishment of His own glorious purposes; and some of the Brethren are reported to have enjoyed spiritual visitations of His grace, and many souls have been brought to a knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus Christ.


        A Committee, consisting of Rev. Messrs. Hector McLean, J. C. Sinclair, and H. A. Monroe, was appointed to confer with our Licentiates, and report at our regular Spring sessions.

        Trustees of D. College elected.

        Rev. John M. Sherwood was elected a Trustee of Davidson College in place of Rev. Adam Gilchrist, deceased; and Rev. Martin McQueen in place of Rev. M. B. Grier, removed beyond her bounds.


        On motion, the election of all Evangelist was indefinitely postponed.

        Six Hundred Copies of Minutes.

        On motion, the Stated Clerk was ordered to publish, in pamphlet form, 600 copies of the Minutes of our present sessions

        Commissioners' Fund.

        On motion, it was Resolved, That the Churches be requested to contribute, during the month of November next, one half of their usual assessment to the Commissioners' Fund, and that the same be forwarded immediately to the Treasurer, Maj. Archibald McLean; and that he be directed to pay to each of our Commissioners to the General Assembly the sum of $30, if there be so much in the Treasury.

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        Systematic Benevolence.

        The Committee on Systematic Benevolence stated that they were not prepared to report, whereupon the Stated Clerk read the report which be had prepared last Spring, and which was adopted, and a copy ordered to be forwarded to Synod, and also to the General Assembly.

        Report on Systematic Benevolence.

        It is as follows, viz: Report on Systematic Benevolence from the Presbytery of Fayetteville to the Synod of North Carolina, and to the General Assembly, October 11, 1861.

        In presenting this report, it is proper to remark, First: That our Presbytery met nearly a month earlier this Spring than usual, and before many of our churches had completed their annual collections.

        Secondly: The number of statistical reports forwarded to the Stated Clerk is smaller than for several years past; and therefore many churches appear to have contributed nothing to the various objects of Christian benevolence, though we hope the fact is otherwise.

        Thirdly: The disturbed state of the country, and the consequent money crisis, have very greatly diminished the ability of God's people to give.

        Yet we are able to mention this cheering fact, that the benefactions of Christians are both larger, and more equally divided among the various Boards of the Church, than in former years, thus showing an increasing and widening in the grace or giving, and which we believe and hope will prove a healthy growth.

        Our reports, though very incomplete, show the following, amounts, viz: Domestic Missions, $710; Foreign Missions, $700; Education, $438; Publication, $159; Church Extension, $1100; Disabled Ministers, $20; Congregational, $21,261; Miscellaneous, $636.

        The Treasurer's report, just submitted, shows that but little has been contributed during the past summer; and the Treasurer pro tem. received nothing at our present meeting.

        All of which is respectfully submitted.

        By order of Presbytery,

        J. P. McPHERSON, Stated Clerk.

        Annual Report.

        The Stated Clerk was also directed to forward to the General Assembly at Augusta, Georgia, the Annual Report prepared and published last Spring in our Minutes, with such additional facts as he may be able to collect from sources of information within his reach.

        Statistical Report.

        The following is the Statistical Report, a copy of which was ordered to be forwarded to Synod, and also to the General Assembly:

        The Presbytery of Fayetteville would respectfully Report to the Synod of North Carolina, that, at present, they

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consist of 31 ministers, and have under their care 6 Licentiates, 5 candidates for the Ministry, and 64 Churches; on the 27th day of October, 1860, they received, by letter, Rev. S. C. Alexander, from the Presbytery of Concord; that on the 22nd day of November, 1860, they ordained to the full work of the Gospel Ministry, Mr. Malcom McNair, and installed him co-Pastor of Bethel Church; that on the 15th day of December, 1860, they installed Rev. Malcom McNair Pastor of Mt. Tabor Church; that on the 15th day of March, 1861, they received, by letter, Rev. Andrew McMillan, from the Presbytery of East Alabama; that on the 16th day of the same month, they dissolved the Church of Everettsville, and also dissolved the Pastoral relation between Rev. James Sinclair and Smyrna Church, and licensed Messrs. James H. Colton, Robert P. Nicholson, and Simmons H. Isler, as probationers for the Gospel Ministry; that on the 23rd day of the same month, they installed Rev. Malcom McNair co-Pastor of Lumoerbridge Church; that on the 27th day of March, 1861, they lost by death Rev. Adam Gilchrist, in Lake City, Florida; that on the 4th day of May, 1861, they installed Rev. S. C. Alexander Pastor of Black River Chapel; that on the 18th day of August, 1861, they lost by death, Rev. George McNeill; that on the 10th day of October, 1861, they received, by letter, Rev. John M. Sherwood, from the Presbytery of Orange, that on the 11th day of the same month, they dissolved their connection with the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, and received Rev. James H. McNeill from the Presbytory of Elizabethtown, N. J., and dissolved the Pastoral relation between Rev. M. B. Grier and the 1st Church, Wilmington, and dismissed Mr. Grier to the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

        J. P. McPHERSON, Stated Clerk.

        Vote of Thanks

        The following resolution was unanimously adopted:

        Resolved, That the thanks of this Presbytery be returned to the members of Mt. Horeb congregation, and other friends, for their kind hospitalities, and also to the various Steam Boats and Rail Roads that tendered their courtesy to the members.

        The Treasurer pro tem. reported informally, that no funds had been placed in his hands.

        The Minutes of this day were read and approved.

        On motion, Presbytery adjourned, to meet in the city of Raleigh, N. C., during the sessions of Synod, at the call of the Moderator.

        Closed with prayer and the Apostolic benediction.

J. P. McPHERSON, Stated Clerk.

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Statement of moneys received by Archibald McLean, Treasurer
Of Fayetteville Presbytery, to, and inclusive of Wednesday, the 9th October, A. D., 1861:



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Fund for Disabled Ministers.
Fund for Domestic Missions.


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Fund for Foriegn Missions.
Education Fund.
Publication Fund.
Church Extension Fund.


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Contingent Fund.


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Summary of Accounts.



Fayetteville, N. C., October 9th, 1861.