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House Bill.
A Bill to Be Entitled An Act
to Provide for Wounded and Disabled Officers and Soldiers
an Asylum to Be Called "The Veteran Soldiers Home":

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Confederate States of America. Congress.
House of Representatives

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Library of Congress Subject Headings, 21st edition, 1998

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Page 1


        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Dec. 28, 1863.--Read first and second times, laid on the table and ordered to be printed.

        [By Mr. CLAPP.]

To be entitled an Act to provide for wounded and disabled officers and
soldiers an asylum to be called "The Veteran Soldiers Home."

        1 SECTION 1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do
2 enact, That in order to make a just and adequate provision for
3 the maintenance and comfort of officers and soldiers or seamen,
4 who have been or may be disabled by wounds received, or disease
5 contracted in the military or naval service of the Confederate
6 States, during the pending war, the sum of
7 dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated
8 to be expended, or so much thereof as may be necessary, by
9 the Secretary of War, under the approval and direction of the
10 President, in the lease or purchase of some safe and suitable
11 location for an asylum to be called "The Veteran Soldiers Home,"
12 and for the erection and furnishing of such buildings and fixtures
13 as the probable number of inmates may render necessary; and

Page 2

14 in order that the several Confederate States and the citizens,
15 thereof, may have the opportunity of becoming identified with
16 this philanthropic and patriotic enterprise, and of participating
17 in the pleasing and grateful duty of contributing to the relief of
18 those who have perilled all, and have been disabled in the service
19 of their country. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of War,
20 immediately after the passage of this act, to invite the aid and
21 co-operation of said states, through the respective Governors
22 thereof, and to request the appointment of one person on behalf
23 of each State, as a manager of the institution hereby established;
24 and the several persons so appointed, shall, as soon as practicable,
25 assemble at some time and place, to be designated by the Secretary
26 of War, and organize themselves into a board of managers
27 by the election of a president and other necessary officers, with
28 such compensation as the board may deem adequate, and a majority
29 of the persons composing said board shall constitute a quorum
30 for the transaction of business. They shall continue in office
31 for the period of two years from the date of their appointment,
32 and until their successors are in like manner appointed, and subject
33 to the general approval and direction of the Secretary of
34 War. They shall have the management and control of said institution,
35 and the power to make all requisite rules and regulations
36 therefor, including the appointment of stewards and nurses, the
37 organizing a police force and other necessary arrangements.

Page 3

38 Upon their recommendation and application, the proper authorities
39 shall appoint or assign for duty, at said institution, a commissary,
40 who shall provide needful supplies for the same, on
41 Government account, and such surgeons and assistant surgeons,
42 in the pay of the Government, as the wants of the institution may
43 require, or as may be necessary for the skilful and successful
44 management of an infirmary, which the board may establish as a
45 part of the institution, for the benefit of all those invalids,
46 soldiers or seamen, who may need the repose and treatment furnished
47 therein, together with all other persons of said classes,
48 whose wounds, from hasty field operations, require further surgical
49 attention; and the Surgeon General shall be authorized to
50 appoint the most skillful surgeons to discharge the duties of said
51 infirmary. They shall adopt such measure as they may deem
52 best for obtaining contributions from individuals desiring to aid
53 the enterprise, and shall preserve a registry, which shall be kept
54 open to public inspection, of the names of such contributors and
55 the amount contributed by each, and, also, all donations received
56 from the several state governments.

        1 SEC. 2. The funds of the institution shall be placed in the
2 hands of a treasurer, to be elected by the Board, who, before
3 assuming the duties of his office, shall enter into a bond and
4 security for the faithful performance thereof, which bond shall be
5 approved by the Board of Managers, and made payable to said
6 board and their successors in office, and may by them, for any
7 infraction of the same, be put in suit in any State or Confederate
8 Court having jurisdiction of the amount. The said funds, subject
9 to the general approval of the Secretary of War, as aforesaid,
10 shall be expended by the Board of Managers in the erection of
11 such buildings, fixtures and appurtenances as may be necessary,
12 and in providing for such agricultural, horticultural, mechanical
13 or other employment or pursuit, as the wants of the institution

Page 4

14 or the comfort and recreation of the inmates may suggest. The
15 said board shall, before the asssembling of each regular session
16 of Congress, submit a report of the condition and state of affairs
17 of the institution to the Secretary of War, which it shall be his
18 duty to communicate to Congress.

        1 SEC. 3. The beneficiaries of said institution, who shall be entitled
2 to become inmates of the same, shall be all commissioned
3 and non-commissioned officers, musicians and private soldiers
4 and seamen, who have been, or who may hereafter be, retired or discharged,
5 by reason of wounds or injuries received, or disease
6 contracted in the military or naval service of the Confederate
7 States, in the line of their duty, during the pending war; and
8 any person claiming the benefit of this act shall present his application
9 in the manner prescribed by the Board of Managers,
10 and shall, if admitted, be subject to all of the rules and regulations
11 of the institution so long as he remains an inmate thereof. He
12 shall, at the time of his admittance, deposit with such person as
13 may be designated by the board of Managers, all certificates and
14 other papers relating to his discharge from the service, and entitling
15 him to future pay or compensation from the Government
16 as a retired or discharged officer, soldier or seamen, which said
17 pay or compensation shall, during the time of his continuance in
18 the institution, be paid by the disbursing officer, making such
19 payments to the treasurer of the institution, and shall constitute
20 a part of the general fund of the same, except so much thereof
21 as the Board of Managers may direct to be paid, from time to
22 time, to the person in whose fight it is received.

        1 SEC. 4. Any beneficiary of said institution may discontinue his
2 connection therewith at his option, and upon withdrawing from
3 the same, shall be entitled to withdraw, also, all certificates and
4 other papers deposited by him at the time of his admittance, and
5 shall be remitted to all the rights and benefits secured thereby.