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General Order, No. 2:
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Morgan, John Hunt, 1825-1864

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(caption) General Order, No. 2:
Brig. Gen. Morgan
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From the John Hunt Morgan Papers, call number 2842, Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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ABINGDON, VA., June 25th, 1864.

No. 2.

        1. The Brig. Gen. Commanding is informed of the disgraceful manner in which straggling soldiers, deserters, absentees, and parties grouped together under the name and guise of "Independent Scouts," have been depredating upon the private rights and property of peaceful citizens of the Confederate States--and desiring to rid the service of the cowardly miscreants, who are skulking from the presence of the enemy, and who take advantage of the unsettled condition of the laws, to abuse and prey upon the families of brave men who are now absent battling for their country, it is therefore ordered,

        1st. All authorities granted to form organizations of "Independent Scouts," are hereby revoked. The officers commanding companies of this character, will report with them at once to these Headquarters. Those who fail to do so, will be proceeded against the same as for desertion--and all officers of the Department are authorized and commanded, to arrest them as soon as a reasonable time has elapsed, and they have neglected to report as indicated in this order.

        2d. It is made the duty of every Commanding Officer in the Department, to arrest and send to these Headquarters, under guard, every officer or soldier who may be found absent from his command, without the regular leave in writing, prescribed by Regulations and General Orders.

        II. The soldier who will not remain at his post, and who is not obedient to the orders of his superiors, is a worthless encumbrance, and where such men have committed larcenies and outrages upon the private property of citizens--the Brig. Gen. Commanding desires, when it is practicable, to turn them over for proper disposition, to the civil authorities--believing that they can render more service to the country in the workshops of our prisons, than it is possible to derive from them as soldiers in the field--and he calls upon all good citizens to aid and assist him in bringing these malefactors to justice. Whenever the name and command of one of these lawless marauders can be ascertained, and the citizen will forward a statement of the offence committed, with a report of the witnesses, the General Commanding will use every endeavor to have them brought to a speedy trial.

        III. The Comdg. Officer of each mounted encampment, will send out daily scouts, with instructions to search the country for all stragglers and deserters--and where it comes to their knowledge that the parties arrested have been offending against the laws of the land, they will investigate the facts thoroughly, and forward a statement of their cases with the prisoners to these Headquarters;--where the soldier has been guilty of absence without leave or desertion, and the fact can be ascertained, he must be forwarded to these Headquarters for immediate trial.

        IV. All Officers, of whatsoever grade, are charged with the discipline of their respective commands--and where a Commanding Officer is called upon for protection to the private rights of a citizen against the depredations of any soldier of his Command, he will grant it immediately, and if he fail to give it, proceedings will be instituted against him for neglect of duty and violation of this order.

By command of