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To the People of Estelle and Adjoining Counties:

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Morgan, John Hunt, 1825-1864

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(caption) Proclamation! To the People of Estelle and Adjoining Counties.
Morgan, John Hunt, 1825-1864.
1 p.
Irvine, KY:

From the John Hunt Morgan Papers, call number 2842, Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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To the people of Estelle and adjoining counties.

        The Gen. Commanding, takes this means of informing the people that he has not come among them to disturb them in the enjoyment of their rights, either of person or property. The Home Guards are required to come in at once and deliver up their arms, those who fail to do so will be regarded as enemies of the Government and treated accordingly. Those who comply will be treated as non combatants, and private citizens. Private citizens who seek opportunity to ambush our soldiers commonly known as "Bushwhackers" will be regarded as outlaws, and orders will be issued to shoot them wherever found.

        If any of our men are fired on while passing through the country, I wiil lay waste the entire surrounding neighborhood.

By order of

Gen. J. H. MORGAN.

A. A. Genr'l.

Irvine Ky. Sept. 22, 1862.