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A Bill to Increase the Efficiency of the Home Guard Organization.
Senate Bill, No. 42, Ses. 1864 - '5:

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North Carolina. General Assembly. Senate

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(text) A Bill To Increase the Efficiency of the Home Guard Organization.

4 p.
[Raleigh, N. C.]
John B. Neathery, Printer to the State
1864 -'5

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Page 1

SENATE BILL No. 42.] . . . . . [SES. 1864-'5.

Introduced by Committee on Military Affairs.

John B. Neathery Printer to the State.


        SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of
2 the State of North Carolina and it is here by enacted by the
3 authority of the same,
That whenever the Guard for
4 Home Defence shall be called into service beyond the
5 limits of their respective counties, the Governor may
6 cause two or more companies to be consolidated into
7 one company, so as to make not less than sixty-four
8 men rank and file to each company, said companies so
9 consolidated, shall elect from the captains commanding
10 the companies so consolidated, a captain to command
11 such consolidated company, and from the first Lieutenants,
12 second lieutenants and in junior second lieutenants
13 an officer of each of said ranks to be assigned to duty
14 with such consolidated company, and such of the officers
15 of companies so consolidated, as may not be elected for
16 service with such consolidated company shall be required
17 to perform service as non-commissioned officers
IS or privates in the consolidated company formed of their
19 original companies, and while so serving their commissions
20 shall be suspended.

        SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That the Governor may
2 in like manner cause two or more battalions or regiments
3 of the Home Guards, when called into service
4 beyond their respective battalion or regimental limits

Page 2

5 or when called into service within such limits in connection
6 with other portions of such force--to be consolidated;
7 said battalions when so consolidated to be
8 composed of nor loss than three companies, and said
9 regiments when so consolidated, to be composed of not
10 more than ten companies. The Governor may assign
11 to the command of such consolidated battalion or regiment,
12 any officer or officers from the battalions or regments
13 so consolidated.

        SEC. 3. Be if further enacted, That the Governor may
2 in his discretion, in constituting the consolidated companies
3 contemplated by the first section hereof, take
4 the one-fourth, one-third or one-half of any company
5 as at present organized with a due proportion of its officers,
6 out of which to constitute such consolidated company,
7 and such of the officers of companies as at present organized,
8 as may be placed with fractions of their companies,
9 to form a consolidated company, as may not be elected
10 to command such consolidated company, shall be required
11 to serve in such consolidated company us noncommissioned
12 officers or privates and while so serving
13 their commissions shall be suspended.

        SEC. 4. Be it further enacted, That all Quartermasters
2 and Commissaries of batalions or regiments of Home
3 Guards as at present organized, that may not be assigned
4 signed to duty by the Governor, with a consolidated
5 battalion or regiment, shall be required to serve as noncommissioned
6 officer or privtes in some one of the
7 companies of their present command and while so serving
8 their commissions shall be suspended.

         SEC. 5. Be it further enacted, That the Surgeon General
2 by and with the advice and consentof the Governor,
3 shall appoint a Medical Board for each Congressional
4 district in this State, whose business it shall be
5 to examine all persons claiming exemptions from Home
6 Guard duty on account of physical disability. That these

Page 3

7 examinations shall be made at such times and under such
8 rules and regulations as may be established by the
9 Surgeon General, and that the members of said Board
10 shall receive the same pay and allowances while on duty
11 as the Members of the Confederate Conscript Board.

         SEC. 6. Be it further enacted, That when such companies,
12 battalions, or regiments have been consolidated as herein
13 provided for, they shall continue in such organizations
14 until further provisions shall be made in this behalf.

         SEC. 7. Be it further enacted, That the 2nd Section of
2 "an act in relation to the militia and a guard for Home
3 Defence" ratified the 7th day of July A. D. 1863 be and
4 the same is hereby amended by inserting after the word
5 "ministry" in said section the word "having the care
6 of a congregation" and word these in the 9th line
7 of said section be stricken out and the word thus substituted;
8 That the 3d section of "an act to amend an
9 act in relation to the militia and a guard for Home Defence"
10 ratified the 14th day Of December A. D. 1863,
11 be and the same is hereby amended by inserting between
12 the words "regular" and "millers" the words
13 "and public" and by inserting between the words "millers"
14 and "blacksmiths" the word "and" and that the
15 proviso at the end of said 3d Section be and the same
16 is hereby repealed. That in addition ot the exemptions
17 specified in the acts aforesaid, there shall be exempt
18 from Home Guard duty all county Trustees, regular
19 and public tanners and shoemakers, skilled in their
20 respective callings, and who were employed in the
21 same prior to the 1st day of January A. D. 1863 and
22 have continued to be so employed since that time;
23 Provided, That no provision of this act shall be so construed
24 as to exempt from military service any person
25 mentioned herein in case of actual servile insurrection,
26 or invasion of the county in which he resides, by federal
27 forces except the persons and classes mentioned in 2nd

Page 4

28 section of an act in relation to the militia and a guard 29 for Home Defence ratified the 7th of July 1863.

         SEC. 8. Be it further enacted, That no law, clause, or
2 parts of laws, not in conflict with the provisions of this
3 act are intended hereby to be repealed.

         SEC. 9. Be it further enacted, This act shall be in force
2 from and after its ratification.