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Minutes of the Forty-first Anniversary of the State Convention
of the Baptist Denomination in S. C., Held at Spartanburg, July 26th-28th, 1861.
Together with an Abstract of the Proceedings of the Board of Trustees
of Furman University, Held at the Same Time and Place:

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South Carolina Baptist Convention.

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(title page) Minutes of the Forty-First Anniversary of the State Convention of the Baptist Denomination in S.C., held at Spartanburg, July 26th-28th, 1861. Together with an Abstract of the Proceedings of the Board of Trustees of Furman University, held at the Same Time and Place
South Carolina Baptist Convention.
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Page 93


* As some persons may wish to preserve and bind the Minutes of the Convention, it has been thought best to number the pages continuously from year to year. The pages of this year's Minutes will be found numbered with reference to those of last year.


         The Introductory Sermon was preached at 11, A. M., by Rev. J. M. C. Breaker, from Matt. 5: 14 -- "Ye are the light of the world." At 31/2 o'clock, P. M., the Convention met, and was called to order by the President, Hon. J. B. O'Neall, and the names of the delegates enrolled.

         Charleston Association. -- James Huckins, J. Scott, I. Nicholes, J. M. C. Breaker, E. R. Stokes, W. B. Carson, T. W. Mellichamp, W. D. Rice, J. A. Chambliss.

         Edgefield Association. -- Z. Watkins, J. H. Wideman.

         Welsh Neck Association. -- J. O. B. Dargan, J. C. Phelps, A. E. McIver, W. J. Lunn.

         Savannah River Association. -- H. A. Duncan, H. C. Smart.

         Tyger River Association. -- J. G. Landrum, J. C. Furman, J. P. Boyce, B. Manly, R. Furman, C. H. Judson, O. E. Edwards, J. Bomar, H. Mitchell, A. C. Bomar, A. B. Woodruff, J. J. Boyd, W. T. Wilkins, C. Foster, J. G. Harris, Jr., C. J. Elford, S. Griffith, P. C. Edwards, G. W. Brooks, J. A. Broaddus, M. D. Dickey.

         Reedy River Association. -- J. B. O'Neall, T. A. Perritt, A. C. Stepp.

         Saluda River Association. -- No delegates.

         Edisto Association. -- No delegates.

Page 94

         Salem Association. -- H. A. Glenn.

         Bethel Association. -- No delegates.

         Charleston Female Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church. -- No delegate.

         Young Men's Missionary Society of Furman University. -- P. D. Gold.

         Newberry Church. -- No delegates.

         Newberry District Bible Society. -- S. Pratt, T. H. Pope. Enoree Association. -- No delegates. Moriah Association. -- No delegates.

        Twelve Mile Association. -- No delegates.

         Barnwell Association. -- W. T. Sanders.

         Antioch Bible Society. -- No delegates.

         Santee Bible Society. -- W. J. Snider. Columbia Association. -- No delegates.

        The Convention then proceeded to ballot for officers, when the following were elected:

        Prayer was then offered by Rev. H. A. Duncan, and the Convention proceeded to business.

         Julius C. Smith was received as a delegate from the Wentworth Street Baptist Church, Charleston.

         The Broad River Association, on application, was received to membership in the Convention. Delegates -- W. Curtis, M. C. Barnett, J. S. Ezell, J. Jeffries, H. G. Gaffney.

         An invitation was extended by the Chair to ministers of our own and other denominations, not delegates, to take seats and participate in the deliberations, which was accepted by Rev. M. J. Sumner, Corresponding Secretary of Domestic and Indian Mission Board, Rev. J. Gibbs, Rev. Mr. Farrow.

Page 95

        The Standing Committees were announced by the Chair, as follows:

         On Preaching. -- The Pastor and Deacons of Spartanburg Church, E. R. Stokes, C. J. Elford.

         On time and place of next meeting, and persons to perform stated religious services. -- J. O. B. Dargan, J. C. Phelps, C. H. Judson, Z. Watkins, Julius C. Smith.

         On Accounts. -- P. C. Edwards, A. B. Woodruff, H. A. Glenn, T. H. Pope, W. T. Sanders.

         On nomination of Board of Agents. -- H. A. Duncan, R. Furman, B. Manly, A. C. Stepp, P. D. Gold.

         On notice of deceased Ministers. -- J. G. Landrum, B. Manly, W. Curtis, J. P. Boyce, James Huckins, J. Jeffries.

         On preparing list of Ministers and their post offices. -- J. M. C. Breaker, J. Bomar, S. Pratt, W. J. Snider.

         On minutes and letters of corresponding bodies. -- J. C. Furman, I. Nicholes, T. Scott, S. Griffith, M. D. Dickey.

         On motion of Dr. J. C. Furman,

Resolved, That we heartily concur in the recommendation of our Confederate Congress, to unite in making our late signal victories the occasion of special thanksgiving to God, by appropriate religious services on the approaching Sabbath, and that the Committee on Preaching be instructed to arrange the services for the Sabbath accordingly.

        Dr. Curtis offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That it is incumbent upon the Convention to consider if immediate arrangements cannot be made for the revival and permanent establishment of a paper as the organ of our denomination in this State.

        Made the special order for to-morrow, 12 o'clock.

        On motion of C. J. Elford, the special order for the report of the Sunday School Board was suspended, in order that that report be now taken up. The Corresponding Secretary, Rev. J. O. B. Dargan, then presented his report. (See Report -- No. 1.) Rev. W. D. Rice also presented his report, as General Superintendent of Sunday Schools. (See Report -- No. 2.)

Page 96

        On motion, these reports were referred to a Committee, consisting of brethren Huckins, Curtis, Landrum, Manly, Elford, and Smart.

         The Treasurer presented his report, which was referred to the Committee on Accounts. (See Report--No. 3.)

         On motion, it was agreed that the sessions of the convention shall continue from 91/2, A. M., to 1, P. M., and from 4 to 6, P. M.

         The Convention then adjourned. Prayer by Rev. I. Nicholes.


        The Convention met, and was called to order by the President. Prayer by Rev. J. G. Landrum.

         The Committee on the report of the Sunday School Board reported, through their Chairman, C. J. Elford. After remarks by brethren Dargan, Elford, Huckins, Manly, McIver, Boyce, and Breaker, the report was agreed to. (See Report--No. 4.)

         The Committee on time and place of next meeting reported, through their Chairman, Julius C. Smith, recommending that the next session of the Convention be held at Greenville, on Friday before the last Sunday in July, 1862; that Rev. W. Curtis preach the Introductory Sermon, Rev. W. B. Carson his alternate; Rev. J. A. Chambliss the Charity Sermon, Rev. J. B. Bostick his alternate. Agreed to.

         On motion of Dr. J. C. Furman, the consideration of the report of the Committee on the plans of the General Association of Virginia, in view of the comparative smallness of this Convention, was postponed to our next meeting.

Page 97

         Rev. M. T. Sumner addressed the Convention in behalf of the Domestic and Indian Missions of the Southern Baptist Convention.

         On motion of Dr. R. Furman, it was

Resolved, That the Convention have listened with interest to the statements of Brother Sumner in regard to the operations and the wants of the Domestic and Indian Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention; and we hereby commend the interests of this Board to the prayers and to the continued support of our brethren and friends throughout the State.

        On motion, it was

Resolved, That, in consequence of the absence of Brethren Brantly, Secretary, and Carwile, Treasurer, of the Bible Board, no report has been made, it is ordered that the Board have leave until the next session to make out their report.

        A Committee of five, to nominate the Boards of the Convention, was appointed, consisting of brethren Carson, Chambliss, Mitchell, Gaffney, and Rice.

         On motion of Dr. Manly, the following resolutions were adopted:

Resolved, That, notwithstanding the pressure of the times, the Foreign Missionaries, who have gone into heathen lands, in reliance upon the promised support of the Churches at home, must not be left to want; and since the loss and expense of their recall to this country would be sufficient to support them for at least one year in their field, we believe they should not be withdrawn.
Resolved, that it be earnestly recommended to our Churches to make continued and liberal contributions to the cause of Foreign Missions.

        Dr. Curtis offered the following, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That, in the present peculiar condition of our political affairs, it becomes us thus to assure our beloved country of our sympathies, prayers and thanksgiving on her behalf; that so far as we can understand the remarkable openings and guidance of Divine Providence, we have but received, in almost every instance, the merciful blessing of our God, as approbation upon the plans our State and Southern Confederacy have deemed it best to adopt; that now, especially, in the unprecedented, vindictive and
Page 98

deadly strife against us, to which those who but recently spoke of us as brethren are urging one another, we can but rejoice in the oneness of our brethren of this State in prayer and effort to defend our homes, our liberties and our Churches, and encourage them to be assured that, as hitherto, putting our faith in God, though each of us may have much to bear, yet the rod will not finally rest upon us, but that in this most unrighteous and most wicked attack upon our otherwise peaceful homes, the wickedness of the wicked will return on their own heads.

        It being the special order for the consideration of the question of a denominational State paper, after remarks from brethren Curtis, Carson, Huckins, Landrum, J. C. Furman, and Stepp, the whole subject was laid on the table.

         Prof. Judson offered the following resolutions, which were adopted:

Resolved, That, in order to meet the deficiency of funds for last year's Minutes, the former Secretary be requested to call upon any Associations to which Minutes were sent, but which have sent no contributions for this object, to forward to the Treasurer ten dollars for every hundred copies received.
Resolved, That this Convention recommend to the several Associations represented in this body to contribute annually a definite sum for Convention Minutes, at the rate of ten dollars for every one hundred copies desired.

        The Convention then went into recess.


        The Convention met, and was called to order by the President.

         The committee on communications from corresponding bodies reported, through their Chairman, Dr. J. C. Furman, "That no such communications have come into their hands, as claiming the attention of this Convention."


Page 99

The committee on nomination of Boards reported, through their Chairman, Brother Carson, recommending the reappointment of former Boards. Report adopted. (See Report--No. 5.)

         The committee on Accounts reported, through their Chairman, Prof. Edwards, "That they had examined the Treasurer's report submitted to them, and found that the monies have all been appropriated according to the will of the contributors, and are all properly vouched and explained. No other accounts were submitted to them." Adopted.

         The Committee on lists of ministers reported, through their Chairman, Brother Beaker. Report adopted.

         On motion of Brother Carson, it was

Resolved, That we earnestly request Brother Carwile to continue his valuable services as Treasurer of the Bible Board, believing it to be highly important to the interests of that Board.

        The committee on nomination of Board of Agents reported, through their Chairman, Dr. Manly, recommending the reappointment of the former Board. Agreed to. (See Report--No. 6.)

         The Education Board presented their report through their Corresponding Secretary, Prof. Judson. (See Report--No. 7.)

         On motion of Dr. Boyce, it was

Ordered, That the rule for the presentation and consideration of the reports of the several Boards of the Convention, as adopted at the Convention in 1858, be placed among the "Rules for the transaction of business."

        The committee on preaching announced the arrangements for preaching to-morrow, as follows: At the Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Broaddus to preach in the morning a thanksgiving sermon, to be followed by a collection for the relief of our sick and wounded soldiers. Rev. Dr. Manly to preach in the afternoon, and Rev. James Huckins to

Page 100

preach the charity sermons at night. At the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Dr. J. C. Furman to preach in the morning, and Rev. J. A. Chambliss in the afternoon. At the Methodist Church, Rev. Dr. R. Furman to preach at night.

         On motion, it was

Ordered, That the collection to be taken up after the charity sermon be divided equally between the Domestic and Indian Mission Board, the Foreign Mission Board, and the Education Board.

        The committee on deceased ministers submitted their report, which was adopted. (See Report--No. 8.)

         On motion, the Sunday School Convention were allowed to print their minutes in connection with those of the Convention.

         On motion, it was

Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be tendered to the Baptist Church and community in this place for their hospitable entertainment of the Convention, and to the several railroad companies for their reduction of fare.

        After prayer by Dr. Boyce, the Convention adjourned, to meet at Greenville on Friday before the last Sunday in July, 1862.

J. B. O'NEALL, President.

J. M. C. BREAKER, Secretary.

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 1861.

        Preaching in the several Churches took place according to arrangement. The collection in the Baptist Church for the relief of our sick and wounded soldiers amounted to about one hundred and thirty dollars; that at the close of the charity sermon to about sixty dollars.

Page 101



         In accordance with the recommendation of the Convention, contained in report No. 11, page 63, of last year's proceedings, the Sunday School and Colportage Board held a meeting at Society Hill, August 8, 1860, and unanimously elected a General Superintendent. In order to carry out fully the objects of the Convention, the following resolutions were also passed:

        Resolved, That the General Superintendent be instructed to visit the Associations and present the cause of Sunday Schools and Colportage, and endeavor to secure the cooperation of judicious brethren as District Superintendents, whose duty it shall be to organize schools, to collect all statistics connected with such schools, and to report to the General Superintendent.

        Resolved, That it is desirable that a general Sunday School Convention be held at some suitable time and place every year.

        Resolved, That the General Superintendent be instructed to press the claims of colportage upon the Churches, and recommend the appointment of at least one colporteur for each Association, whose salary shall be raised by contributions from the Churches and a per-centage upon the books sold; and that each Association keep a depository of religious books, to be supplied by raising a permanent fund of not less than one thousand dollars, to be perpetually reimbursed in books, and that the General Superintendent endeavor to impress upon the Baptists of the State the importance of the Southern Baptist Publication Society.

        The Corresponding Secretary was appointed General Superintendent. But feeling it his duty, on account of the earnest opposition of his Church, to decline the appointment, the Board, after many prayerful consultations, succeeded in obtaining the valuable services of Brother W. D. Rice, whose appointment dates from the 20th of November, 1860, to the present time. Brother Rice's report is submitted below. For the salary of Brother Rice the Board rely upon the pledges made by the brethren last year.

         From the 8th of August, 1860, to the time of Brother Rice's appointment, commencing on the 20th of November, the Corresponding Secretary acted as voluntary General Superintendent, under the authority of the Board. Guided by the directions of the Board, he directed a circular to brethren in every District of the State, and attended in person several meetings of the Associations. In all of his efforts in the great and good cause, he was cheered and encouraged, notwithstanding the difficulties and embarrassments from various adverse causes, with which he had to contend.

Page 102

         For further information in regard to this important and interesting field of labor, the Board desires to refer the Convention to the report of Brother Rice, herewith submitted.

         At a meeting held on the 9th instant, the following order was taken:

The Board desires the Corresponding Secretary to state to the Convention that, under the present circumstances of the country, they do not feel authorized to recommend the continuance of the agency beyond the meeting of the Convention, but submit the question to the wisdom of that body.

         The brethren who pledged their several amounts for the salary of the General Superintendent will please pay over so much of the same as will be necessary to a settlement with Brother Rice.

         It would be injustice to Brother Rice to close this report without remarking that he has met in every respect the expectations of the Board. His regular reports have indicated an unwearied zeal and an earnest and devout desire and effort in all ways possible to promote this most important branch of Christian labor.

Very respectfully,

Corresponding Secretary Colportage and Sunday School Board.


        On the first day of December last the undersigned entered upon the work of the General Superintendency of Baptist Sunday Schools in South Carolina, for which the Baptist State Convention, at its last sitting, made arrangements, under appointment of the Board. At the time indicated above the Sunday School cause in the State was not without interest manifested in various parts of it. Brother Dargan had appointed District Superintendents for nearly all of the Districts in the State. Some of these brethren had entered heartily upon the good work, and a manifest interest began to show itself in many sections. The General Superintendent has, from the beginning of his labors, found the Churches, everywhere, not only willing to hear of the plans of the Sunday School Board, but they have everywhere equally shown a willingness themselves to enter fully upon this good work, by engaging it in their own Churches and neighborhoods. In no case does he remember that this remark will not hold when the Sunday School work has been discussed before the people. Nor does he believe there is a Baptist Church in the State of South Carolina where there would not be a Sunday School if the matter were fairly presented. In no single case has it failed so far.

Page 103

         It was a matter of concern with the Board and Superintendent to devise the most successful measures for reaching the greatest number of churches in the time intervening between the first of December and the last of the present month.

         The Associations had all held their annual meetings. Their Churches could not, then, be influenced through this source. The Southern Baptist had been suspended, and there was no medium of general communication whatever. There were no general meetings of any kind. The union meetings all occurring at the same time, offered little or no aid. In this state of affairs, the Superintendent for the State entered upon his work. He went immediately into the District of Barnwell, intending to visit the Churches as he went; for this purpose he purchased a horse and buggy, and passed through portions of Barnwell and Beaufort, but found that but a very small number of the Churches in the District of Barnwell alone, would have taken the Superintendent an entire year, for there are fifty Churches in the District. This conviction was communicated to the Board, with the intention, which the Superintendent had then formed, of holding District Sunday School mass meetings, or Sunday School celebrations, one, two or more, for each District, as the necessity of the Districts might require.

         The object of these District meetings was to gather together, at one place, all of the Sunday School children and Sunday School friends of a group of Churches, and in many instances the object was most satisfactorily attained. In a number of these meetings as many as ten Sunday Schools have been represented. In this way the General Superintendent was enabled to accomplish in one day as much as he could have done in so many weeks had he simply visited the Churches singly.

         These mass meetings were held in nearly all of the Districts below Columbia, and none of them failed to be of the most interesting character, when the proper arrangements could be made. Through the influence of these meetings, nearly every Church in the lower parts of the State has been reached, and there are very few Churches where there are not Sunday Schools. These meetings were held in the Districts of Barnwell, Beaufort, Orangeburg, Clarendon, Darlington, Marlboro', Marion, and Williamsburg, with the best results, an in the Districts of Chesterfield, Anderson, Abbeville, Sumter, Fairfield, with less gratifying results. The greatest difficulty with which we have had to contend, from the beginning till now, is the absence of a denominational organ, through which appointments could have been announced in every neighborhood, and announced so as to have been fully understood. This embarrassment has been sorely felt. A paper would have helped the Superintendent to forward, more than any other one agency, the work contemplated by the Sunday School Board. Without the aid of a paper, an immense correspondence has been continually upon the hands of the General Superintendent, and with all the writing

Page 104

he could do, he found brethren in the District of -- , the 5th of this month, to whom he had to be introduced, the nature of his work explained, and the people told he was a true man, before they were prepared to listen to him in regard to his mission. Indeed, he found many excellent and well-informed brethren, to whom it had not been possible for him to write, entirely without information in regard to his work. Had we had a "paper," these ministers would have "co-workers together with us," in our efforts to bring all of the little ones to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus. Another cause of delay in the prosecution of this word, resulted from the refusal of many of the brethren, who were appointed District Superintendents, to act in that capacity. This embarrassment will not operate in the future, for the General Superintendent has found, in almost every District visited, brethren who will not only consent to do the work, but those who will joyfully do all they can in the capacity indicated, in forwarding the objects of the Board. To find such brethren took time, but is an important point gained.

        The difficulty, and now the almost impossibility, of obtaining Sunday School books, and even the New Testament itself, has embarrassed many of the schools. This hindrance, however, is likely soon to be removed, if not wholly, at least so far as the New Testament is concerned. The book most needed, perhaps, is the little "Sabbath School Bell." This little book has been found to be a most powerful auxiliary, wherever it has been introduced, in exciting an interest in the Sunday School cause, not among the children only, but among the members of our Church themselves. At one point, where the young people of the country could not be induced to attend the Sunday School by any persuasion or argument, as soon as these Sunday School tunes were introduced they applied to the Superintendent for permission to attend. If the expenses can be met, the "Sabbath School Bell" ought to be issued immediately by our Publication Society. Thousands of copies of it can be sold in a single year.

         The influences of the present unhappy state of the country upon the Sunday School cause is by no means as discouraging as supposed by some. Indeed, it has not materially lessened the numbers of those attending the various schools. In many cases whole Bible classes have gone, as in the case of the Bennettsville Church. In other instances teachers have left; here and there valuable ones, but the great mass of the teachers remain. The materials which operated mainly in the Sunday School before the war, namely, the females of the Churches, are still as actively engaged in the work as ever they were. While nine-tenths, if no larger proportion, of the material operated upon, the children and young people of the country, are still, also, at their homes, and can, by the continued efforts of the friends of the Sunday School cause, be retained, in the midst of all our troubles as a nation, in the Sunday School, where they may be taught how they may be good soldiers of Jesus Christ. But one Sunday School in the State of South

Page 105

Carolina has suspended its operations on account of the state of the country, according to the best information of the General Superintendent, while it is a fact, perhaps indisputable, that there are in South Carolina a greater number of Sunday Schools in operation in Baptist Churches than ever before. Schools have been organized every week in numbers since the present trouble began. The great mass of the Sunday School material is at home, and will remain there, whether we have war or peace. The indications of the times, apart from any considerations of duty and obligation, encourage the friends of the children to renewed and continuous efforts in their behalf.

         The Sunday School cause needs greatly the assistance which a system of colportage would afford. The District Superintendents have, in several instances, rendered very efficient aid to the General Superintendent, where they had the taste and the time to perform gratuitous services. Brother H. C. Smart, of Beaufort, District Superintendent for that District, has done as much for that District, perhaps, as any colporteur could have done had he been every day in the work, and so of Brother McIver, of Darlington District. Brother Coleman, of Marion District, Brother Hughson, of Kershaw, Brother Pringle, of Sumter, Brother Cuttino, of Clarendon, Brother McMichael, of Orangeburg Districts, and others, have all given as much of their attention and time to the work in their respective Districts, and the result is that there are very few Churches in any of those Districts which are without their Sunday School attached. But brethren cannot always, though they desire it ever so much, give the time gratuitously as District Superintendent. This is true of nearly all the Districts in the upper part of the State visited by the General Superintendent. A colporteur in every District, would, without any hindrance of time from the no less important work of colportage, be able to visit each Church in every District at least twice in the course of each year.

         There is no colporteur in the employ of the Board, and but few in the State. Four are all of which information has been had. The General Superintendent has visited, during the past eight months, every District in the State, with the exception of seven. The attention of the Board was specially drawn to the Districts of Colleton, Marion, Williamsburg and York, and to the town of Yorkville. Efficient colporteurs or missionaries in each of these Districts are very greatly needed. Your State Superintendent has traveled, since the first December last, four thousand miles, visiting every accessible point, preaching, lecturing, talking upon the subject of his mission constantly, wherever the people could be congregated. He had printed blank forms for the reports of the Sunday School statistics, five hundred in number, and sent one of them to each Church in the State, when the name and post office of the Church was known. And when not known, a number of blanks were sent to the District Superintendent for each District, to the number required. The greater number, it is hoped, of these blanks were sent by the District Superintendent to the various

Page 106

Churches. The General Superintendent, however, regrets to state, that, after mailing these blanks, he found a number of them afterwards in the hands of those to whom mailed, undistributed. This will be obviated in the future, by sending the blanks directly to the Churches themselves, Wherever this has been done, the Churches, for the most part, have filled them out and returned them. The number of Sunday Schools known to be in operation is much larger than the number which have made a report of the past year. Many of them, it is understood by private letters, have been waiting till the last hour, so as to be able to make the largest possible report, but have detained their reports too long. These reports were coming in rapidly up to the time of leaving for the Convention.

         It will be seen by the statistical table, herewith submitted, that the whole number heard from so far is 163, with 1,360 teachers and 7,119 scholars. The whole number of books in the schools is 22,722 volumes. There have been 225 conversions reported, and $615 90 contributed for benevolent purposes. It has been found very difficult to obtain the statistical reports from the Churches in regard to their colored schools, as will be seen by noticing the very small number returned. A number of Churches are known to have colored Sunday Schools, which made no report of them, although there was a report of white schools. This is true of Charleston and other Churches. The Superintendent regrets to state, however, that the present troubles of the country have afflicted very seriously the Sunday School work among this class of the population. There is, in a number of localities, exceeding tenderness on the whole question of the instruction of the colored people. Some Churches have abandoned the work among them, even when there was an encouraging prospect of accomplishing great good. The number of Churches which at any time were engaged in teaching the negroes makes a lamentably small proportion of the whole. Is there any reason why this good work, promising so much real knowledge and spirituality among this class of our poor, should so soon be abandoned? These fields are white unto the harvest, but the laborers are few.

         Your superintendent would call the attention of the Churches generally to the work of Mission Schools, in which only a few Churches of the State are engaged. Brother Elford, of Greenville, and his Sunday Schools there, are occupying all the ground in the vicinity of the town of Greenville, gathering together as many as four of these Mission Schools. At one point near Greenville, if no more, a School has been organized by Brother Elford in a neighborhood where the people were without any means of grace, and where, when the effort was about being made, many of those who knew the community thought that such an attempt would result in a failure only. And yet a School was organized there with sixty-four scholars, and, what is remarkable, the average attendance is sixty-one.

         Brother J. O. Evans, of Cheraw, too, is engaged, and has been for a length of time, in gathering up the poor children, and breaking to them, every

Page 107

Lord's day, the bread of life. Brother Evans has a Mission School seven miles from Cheraw, numbering seventy-nine scholars. The young brethren too, of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Furman University, are doing good service in the direction above indicated. May not the influence of these young men be more widely felt during the months of their vacation?

         It will be gratifying to notice, by the statistical report, that a number of strictly country Churches are keeping their Schools together during the entire year. The custom of our Churches has been, almost universally, to suspend operations during the entire winter, and a large portion of the spring--the result of being disorganized. The habit is most destructive of all Sunday School interest, and in not a few instances, of the Sunday School itself. Your Superintendent has opposed this thing wherever he has gone, and is gratified to be able to state that there is a disposition to abandon it.

         In concluding this report, the Superintendent desires to express to his brethren of the Board, and everywhere, his high appreciation of the kindness with which he has been received and aided. He would also record the goodness of God, with gratitude to Him, that He has permitted him to share an humble part in the endeavor to urge the blessed work of preaching the Gospel to our thirty thousand children.

Respectfully submitted,

W. D. RICE, Gen. Sup. S. S. in S. C.

July 26, 1861.

Page 108


SCHOOLS. SUPERINTENDENTS. POST OFFICES. Date of organization. No. months kept up. No. officers and teachers. Average attendance. No. scholars on register during year. Average attendance. No. conv'rsions during year. No. of Books in Libraries. Amount of contributions. Colored Schools--Number of scholars. Colored Schools--Amount contrib'd.
Anderson, C. H. Thomas Hall Anderson C. H.   12 22 18 133 85 14 900 $25 00    
Antioch, Orangeburg J. H. Felder White Cane 1861 8 8   40            
Antioch, Barnwell     1860 6 4   30 20   78      
Antioch, Spartanburg   Woodruffs     7   25     125      
Antioch, Kershaw, Charles J. Shiver Camden 1859 6 19   70   4 350      
Antioch, Darlington       6 4   26     150      
Antioch, Marion John Culpepper Marion 1858 8 6 5 22 20   70   20  
Antioch, Pickens James Lewis Claton's Mill 1861 4 10 6 25 20     5 00    
Antioch, Colleton James E. Thomas Broxton's Bridge 1860 4 5 4 15 15   78 7 00    
Bennettsville, Marlboro A. N. Bristow Bennettsville                      
Broadmouth, Abbeville Wm. Davis Honea Path 1849 4 15   49   8 150 20 00    
Blackville   Blackville                      
Beaver Dam, Kershaw Thomas Ellet Camden 1860 8 6 6 25   4 75      
Barnwell W. H. Duncan Barnwell   12 10 8 76 35   560      
Bethlehem       8 10   46     200      
Beaver Dam, Anderson W. Singleton Piercetown 1861 8 10 4 40     150      
Buffalo, Abbeville W. P. Hill Greenwood     1   15            
Bethlehem, Williamsburg John Nettles Myersville 1860 6 16 12 70 60   100      
Burch Branch, Williamsburg J. J. Furs B. Branch   8 4   20 16          
Broxton's, Beaufort Mrs. Mole   1861   2   12 9          
Bethel, Sumter H. Wills Sumter 1824 6 17   35     400   17  
Brier Creek B. W. F. Connelly Midway 1861 8 3   14     50      
Bethel, Barnwell E. M. Cope Bufords Bridge 1861 8 6   40            
Bushy Creek, Greenville J. Howell Greenville 1830 8 8 3 39 25 4 150      
Berea, Greenville C. A. Stills Greenville 1847 10 8   67   5 350      
Bethel, Spartanburg   Woodruffs     10   65     150      
Bethlehem, Spartanburg   Spartanburg     7   50     180      
Beulah, Richland -- Smith Gadsden 1859   5   40     20      
Black River, Williamsburg     1860   3   30     50      
Big Creek, Anderson   Williamston 1853 5 12   51   8 194 5 00    
Black Creek, Darlington J. O. B. Dargan Darlington     5   55            
Citadel Square W. G. Whilden Charleston 1852 12 23 22 162 93 1 1150      
Congaree, Richland John McLaughlin Gadsen 1830 12 11 7 65 40   250   100  
Catfish, Marion S. A. Hairgrove Oak Grove 1861   6 5 30 25          


Page 109

SCHOOLS. SUPERINTENDENTS. POST OFFICES. Date of organization. No. months kept up. No. officers and teachers. Average attendance. No. scholars on register during year. Average attendance. No. conv'rsions during year. No. of Books in Libraries. Amount of contributions. Colored Schools--Number of scholars. Colored Schools--Amount contrib'd.
Camden, S. C. H. B. McCallum Camden 1832 12 8 5 30 15 3 275 4 00    
Columbia J. B. Patrick Columbia 1830 12 25 11 109 90   335 52 85    
Concord W. I. Brooks       6   20     330      
Cane Creek, Pickens William Hunter Cane Creek 1861 8 4 4 20 18          
Cross Roads, Greenville   Gowansville     8   40     161      
Cedar Grove, Williamsburg W. Gardner Kingstree 1861 8 1   15     25      
Cedar Grove, Laurens   Enoree     10   155     200      
Cedar Springs, Barnwell W. B. Dowling Graham's T. O.   6 5   30 25   150   50  
Calvary, Clarendon H. W. Mahony Friendship 1859 10 8 7 30 28   100   40  
Chester C. H. Col. Mobley Chester C. H. 1836                    
Cheraw, S. C. J. C. Evans Cheraw   12 12 9 54 40   500      
Damascus, Abbeville S. Burnett Phoenix 1861   4   20         50  
Darlington A. E. McIver Darlington     13   60     300 15 00    
Dorchester, Abbeville H. Stone Belton 1849 4 9   49   8 270      
Elizabeth, Chesterfield Joel Baker Mt. Crogan 1835 8 3 3 20 15   100      
Elim, Darlington         6   21            
Edgefield J. H. Mims Edgefield C. H.   12 20 16 110 75   406 66 00 75  
Ebenezer, Orangeburg J. S. Hayden Orangeburg C. H. 1859 12 7 4 31   2        
Ephesus, Beaufort T. H. Willingham   1858 12 2   6            
Eight Mile School House, Pick E. P. Boroughs Five Mile 1861 6 5 3 25 18          
Enon, Pickens     1861                    
Fellowship, Clarendon B. R. Gibson Manning 1861 9 5   22 22          
Fairfield   Winnsboro                      
Friendship, Barnwell B. W. Mix Barnwell C. H. 1861 6 8   50 40          
Fork Shoal, Greenville J. T. Gwinn Cedar Falls 1860 12 8 6 50 30 10 200 2 75    
Farrow Mission C. J. Elford Greenville 1861 12 17 17 64 61          
First Church, Charleston S. Hyde Charleston   12 21 15 125 60 2 900 30 00 70  
Four Holes J. Riley Orangeburg 1861 8 7 7 35     36      
Flint Hill, York P. Nicholson Pineville, N. C.   8 10 8 50 40   200      
Fall Creek S. House, Pickens D. Littleton Foxaway 1859 6 7 5 25 20   75      
Elijah, Edgefield L. Culbreath Pleasant Lawn 1855 4 5   22            
Greenville C. J. Elford Greenville 1839 12 37 35 274 195 1 1200 100 00 120  
Greenwood, Abbeville -- McKellar Greenwood 1861   3   15            
Green Pond, Spartanburg   Cashville     10   50     200      
Griffin, Pickens     1861                    
Gapway       12 5   57   3 520      
Good Hope, Edgefield Lewis May Richardsonville 1849 7 8 6 74 63 15 125      
Gum Branch, Darlington         7   30     75      
Hebron, Darlington         7   35            
Hickory Head, Kershaw Jas. L. McDowell Camden 1858 6 6   30            
Holly Spring, Spartanburg         16   115     250      
Holly Spring, Pickens D. Baldwin Sunny Dale 1861 4 9 6 25 20   40      
Head of Tyger, Greenville M. Howard Mush Creek 1859 8 12 8 80 50   350      
Hopewell, Beaufort J. T. Sweat   1861   3   15 12          
Hopewell, Chesterfield Wm. Williams Chesterfield C. H. 1860 6 13 5 36 20 14 100 12 00    
Horeb, Abbeville J. H. Wideman Millway   8 6 3 30 15          

Page 110

SCHOOLS. SUPERINTENDENTS. POST OFFICES. Date of organization. No. months kept up. No. officers and teachers. Average attendance. No. scholars on register during year. Average attendance. No. conv'rsions during year. No. of Books in Libraries. Amount of contributions. Colored Schools--Number of scholars. Colored Schools--Amount contrib'd.
Harmony, Chester W. E. Waties Rock Hill 1861   5   26            
High Hills, Sumter C. C. Jackson Stateburg                   40  
High Hill Creek, Darlington         2   20            
Hartsville, Darlington   Hartville     6   19     250      
Home Branch, Clarendon R. S. Bradwell Packville 1849 4 10 5 20 12   100      
Joice's Branch, Beaufort -- Weatherton       4   18     160      
Judson, Marion         8   52     210   20  
Liberty, Pickens     1861                    
Love's S. House, Kershaw James Love Camden 1861 2 8 7 24 24          
Lake Swamp, Darlington   Timmonsville 1859 9 3   40     100 $3 00 7  
Lawtonville, Beaufort E. H. Peeples Lawtonville   8 6   32 30          
Lynches Creek, Marion B. J. Bostie Lynches Creek 1861 8 7 7 50 30   50      
Lower Three Runs, Barnwell J. Payton     4 2   11     220      
Little Saltcatcher, Beaufort   Walkers   4 4   20     120      
Macedonia, Chesterfield J. C. Evans Cheraw 1860 9 7   79 65 4 200      
Marion -- Ammonds Marion   12 6 6 15            
Manning, Clarendon J. D. Kelly Manning 1861 4 7   20 20 2        
Mizpa       6 5   25            
Mt. Zion, Spartanburg F. L. Prince Spartanburg     10   50     180      
Mountain Grove, Pickens Holder Gasper Twelve Mile 1860 6 12 10 35 37 7 45 15 00    
Mt. Beulah, Barnwell John Williams White Pond 1835 8 14 10 26 20 6 100      
Mitzpah, Sumter W. Nettles Privateer 1860 6 9 9 20 16   121   40  
Mitzpah, Darlington         4   25     175      
Mt. Moriah, Abbeville W. L. Curry New Market 1861 12 2   20            
Mt. Tabor, Edgefield J. M. Coyburn Edgefield C. H. 1859 10 5 3 26 18 4 100 25 00 22  
Midway, Williamsburg W. A. Mims Camp Ridge 1860 9 11 11 50 40 6 108 25 00    
Mt. Arnon, Barnwell J. N. Walker       2   15     100      
Mt. Lebanon, Spartanburg         12   63     163      
Mechanicsville         5   18     60      
Mountain Creek, Greenville   Greenville     12   50     235      
Mt. Olivet, Chesterfield J. T. Wilks Cheraw 1850 8 3 3 20 15   50      
Mt. Moriah, Darlington         7   27     100      
New Prospect, Spartanburg   Spartanburg     3   30     100      
North Fork, Greenville John Humphries Merrittsville 1859 8 8   60     150      
Oakland S. House, Sumter M. G. Ramsay Privateer 1861 6 11   48   10 30      
Oak Hill S. House, Edgefield T. W. Lanham Edgefield C. H. 1861 4 4 4 28 26          


Page 111

SCHOOLS. SUPERINTENDENTS. POST OFFICES. Date of organization. No. months kept up. No. officers and teachers. Average attendance. No. scholars on register during year. Average attendance. No. conv'rsions during year. No. of Books in Libraries. Amount of contributions. Colored Schools--Number of scholars. Colored Schools--Amount contrib'd.
Oak Grove, Spartanburg   Spartanburg     6   45     80      
Pleasant Grove S. House, Gr'lle M. Bright Pleasant Grove 1860 8 6   30     50      
Pond Branch, Barnwell A. Youngblood Williston 1855 4 7 6 20 20          
Pleasant Grove, Marion A. Surls Camels Bridge 1861   5   26            
Pleasant Grove, Kershaw John Gardner Camden 1861   4   15            
Piney Grove, Marion W. H. Higgins McQueens 1861 9 9 9 76 60          
Pleasant Hill, Pickens J. R. Hamlin Five Mile 1860 6 13 10 50 35   90 14 00    
Rosemary, Barnwell Drury Sprowls Williston 1860 12 10 6 48 35 12 75      
Richardson, Chester E. H. Jordan                        
Reedy Creek, Marion M. R. Ammonds Marion 1854 3 8 8 63 63   50      
Republican, Edgefield G. Boswell Edgefield C. H. 1859 12 4 3 34 30   90 50 00    
Reedy River, Greenville   Greenville     6   40     150      
Rocky River, Abbeville H. J. Burton Wilson's Creek 1859 6 9   40   12 56 5 00    
Second, Pickens B. Holder Twelve Mile 1861 4 10 8 30 25   45 25    
Six Mile, Pickens William Allen Claton's Mill 1861 3 6 4 28 18     10 00    
Salem, Pickens J. Jones Flat Shoal 1861 4 10 8 30 25     20 00    
South Union, Pickens     1859                    
Stone House Academy, Gr'ville J. W. Younge Greenville 1861 6 6 5 50 30   50 5 10    
Smyrna, Barnwell T. H. Willingham Allendale     6   40     220      
Steep Bottom, Beaufort J. T. Sweat Robertville     5   27 20          
Sandy Run, Beaufort J. H. Harrison   1859 6 8   48 10          
Sand Hill, Beaufort J. T. Sweat Robertville     4   17 15          
Shady Grove, Anderson J. M. Cox Belton 1850 8 23 20 167 85 10 350 15 55    
Spring Branch, Barnwell W. H. Woodward Williston 1860 12 12 8 32 25 4 55      
Santee, Orangeburg W. J. Snider White Cane 1857 12 14 10 40 30   100   35  
Sumter, Sumter E. Pringle Sumter 1854 12 16 14 67 55   400 5 00 50  
Spartanburg   Spartanburg     15   78     400      
Stono, Charleston     1857   4   17            
Springtown, Barnwell D. H. Rice Springtown 1845 12 12   50 40 3 200 5 00 75  
Swift Creek, Darlington       8 8   75   4 150   4  
St. Johns, Barnwell J. H. Kinard Walkers 1861 8 8   25            
Treadaway, Barnwell J. E. Hickson Williston 1856 4 8 8 40 38          
Townville, Anderson D. Simmons Toweville 1857 5 7   30   2 80      
Terrill's Bay, Marion W. Loyd Marion C. H. 1859 8 10 10 46 40 8 72      
Tan Caw, Clarendon R. K. Rutledge Friendship 1861 4 10 9 44 22   330 16 00    
Union M. H., Kershaw Wm. Ross Camden 1861   4   21     100      
Williston, Barnwell H. H. Easterling Williston 1855 12 11 8 40 35 4 175      
Williamston, Anderson B. F. Mauldin Williamston 1855 12 10 8 70 40   300      
Westminster, Pickens J. D. Ray Walhalla 1860 6 10 10 40 30 6 75      
Wentworth Street, Charleston W. Thayer Charleston   12 11   60 45 1 900 45 00 50  
Walnut Grove, Abbeville M. Sharp Hodges 1858 8 14 9 56 42 8 150      
Wolf Creek, Spartanburg   Earlsville     4   40     50      
Willow Swamp, Orangeburg Thos. Tyler Graham's T. O. 1861                    
Welsh Neck, Darlington   Society Hill   12 9   24     429   150  
Willow Creek, Marion       6 4   25            
White Plain, Chesterfield E. David     8 3 3 20 15          
Zoar, Sumter A. J. Tindel Sumter 1845 8 10   35 25   75   57  
Total No. of Schools, 163         1,360   7,119   225 22,722 $615 90 1,092  

Page 112

3.-- C. H. JUDSON, Treasurer, in account with the State Convention of the Baptist Denomination in South Carolina.

July 29 To balance in hand, last report . . . . . $23 11 
 Collected for Dr. H. W. Pasley . . . . . 40 75 $63 86
 Public Sabbath Collections . . . . .  92 31
 Female Missionary and Education Society, First Baptist Church, Charleston, for Creek Mission . . . . .  50 00
 Salem Church, for minutes . . . . . 2 50 
 Bethany Church, for minutes . . . . . 1 00 
 Reedy River Association, for minutes . . . . .10 00 
 Edisto Association, for minutes . . . . . 5 00 
 Welsh Neck Association, for minutes . . . . . 20 00 
 Edgefield Association, for minutes . . . . .12 15 
 Columbia Association, for minutes . . . . . 5 00 
 Newberry Church, for minutes . . . . .3 00 
 Barnwell Church, for minutes . . . . .5 00 
 Salem Association, for minutes . . . . . 11 50 
 Tyger River Association, for minutes . . . . . 10 20 
 W. Phillips, for minutes . . . . . 50 
 Young Men's Miss'ry Soc'y, for minutes . . . . . 2 00 88 15
Aug. 17Young Men's Miss'ry Soc'y, Furman University, for Foreign Missions . . . . .  50 00
Oct. 12 Geo. Rhodes, Treas'r S. River Association, for Convention fund . . . . . 202 02 
 Foreign Missions . . . . . 357 77 
 Convention minutes . . . . . 13 80 
 Foreign Bible distribution . . . . . 125 91 
 China Mission . . . . . 25 00 
 African Mission . . . . . 5 33 
 Library Furman University . . . . . 7 35 
 Publication Society . . . . . 42 50 
 Japan Mission . . . . . 23 00 802 68
Dec. 21 Young Men's Miss'y Soc'y, Furman University, for Domestic Missions . . . . .  10 00
Aprl 15 Geo. Rhodes, Treasurer S. R. Association, for Convention Fund . . . . . 205 94  
 Foreign Missions . . . . . 526 88  
 Domestic Missions . . . . . 406 13  
 Indian Missions . . . . . 28 73 
  China Missions . . . . . 22 35  
 African Missions . . . . . 30 18  
 Buckner's Translation . . . . . 6 50  
 Education Board . . . . . 16 00  
 Foreign Bible distribution . . . . . 216 00  
 Convention minutes . . . . . 17 08$1,475 79
 Tyger River Association, for Foreign Bible distribution . . . . .  1 50
$2,634 29

Page 113

Aug. 1 By paid W. H. McIntosh, for Creek Mission . . . . . $50 00 
 Domestic and Indian Missions . . . . . 30 77 $80 77
 Dr. J. J. Brantley, for minutes . . . . .  74 00
Aug. 9 Geo. F. Townes, for Education . . . . .  30 77
 T. B. Roberts, for Dr. H. W. Pasle . . . . .  63 86
Oct. 17 Dr. J. J. Brantly, for minutes . . . . .  21 00
 Edwin Wortham, Treasurer, for Foreign Missions . . . . . 434 85 
 China Missions . . . . . 25 00 
 African Missions . . . . . 5 33 
 Japan Missions . . . . . 23 00 
  Exchange on New York . . . . . 3 69 491 87
Nov. 8 Dr. J. P. Boyce, Treas. S. B. Theological Seminary . . . . .  202 02
April Dr. J. P. Boyce, Treas'r S. B. Theological Seminary . . . . .  205 94
May 11 S. A. Creath, for Foreign Missions . . . . . 526 88  
 for China Missions . . . . . 22 35  
 for African Missions . . . . . 30 18579 41
 R. Holman, for Domestic Missions . . . . . 416 31  
 for Indian Missions . . . . . 28 73  
 for Buckner's Translations . . . . . 6 50 451 36
 L. W. Allen, Bible distribution . . . . .  343 41
 G. F. Townes, for Education . . . . .  16 00
 C. H. Judson, Treas. Furman Univ'ty . . . . .  7 35
July J. J. Toon, Treas. Publication Society . . . . .  42 50
 Balance in hand for minutes . . . . .  24 03
$2,634 29

C. H. JUDSON, Treasurer

Page 114


        The Committee to whom was referred the report of the Board of Sunday Schools and Colportage, respectfully beg leave to report: That, notwithstanding the many hindrances to which the Board and their General Superintendent allude in their reports, we have abundant cause for thankfulness, for the success which has crowned their efforts, and we feel convinced that the plans which they have adopted are well calculated to promote the objects which they have in charge, and should be continued.

         Your Committee entertain no doubt as to the propriety of continuing the operations of the General Superintendent, and feel that the discontinuance, or even suspension, of this agency, would be disastrous to our hopes for the future, and would greatly diminish the value and efficiency of much that has been done in the past. They think there is no difficulty in relation to the support of the General Superintendent, at least for the coming four months, which is the period most favorable for operation in the upper Districts, where as yet but little work has been done. The Board have in their hands reliable pledges for the salary of the Superintendent for one year, and as yet but eight months of this time have been occupied. This leaves a balance sufficient to provide for the coming four months. The Committee hope and believe that the present Superintendent will be induced to rely upon these pledges for the payment of his salary, and thus relieve the Board and Convention from any liability for what labor may be performed until the first of December next. From the liberality and interest which is evinced by our brethren in this enterprise, your Committee have little doubt that during these four months provision can be made, by pledges and contributions, for the support of a Superintendent for another year.

         Your Committee would, therefore, recommend that the Board be advised to continue the General Superintendency for the coming four months, at all events, and then for so much longer as they can make provision for his salary, and that the Associations, Churches, Sunday Schools, and Individual brethren throughout the State, be earnestly and affectionately invited to contribute to the support of this good and important cause.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

C. J. ELFORD, for Committee.

Page 115


        The Committee make the following report:



  • President -- Rev. J. C. Furman, D. D.
  • Secretary -- Prof. C. H. Judson.
  • Treasurer -- G. F. Townes.
  • Managers -- Rev. P. C. Edwards, Rev. J. P. Boyce, D. D., Rev. R. Furman, D. D., Rev. B. Manly, Jr., D. D.


  • President -- Hon. J. B. O'Neall.
  • Secretary -- Rev. J. J. Brantly.
  • Treasurer -- John B. Carwile.
  • Managers -- W. H. Harrington, G. T. Scott, B. F. Griffin, John R. Gary.


  • President -- T. P. Lide.
  • Secretary -- Rev. J. O. B. Dargan.
  • Treasurer -- Dr. S. H. Pressley.
  • Managers -- P. D. Rice, A. E. McIver, Rev. G. B. Bealer, Rev. J. W. Burn.


        The Committee recommend the same persons to constitute the Board Of Agents, as last year, viz: Rev. Dr. Johnson, Rev. J. R. Kendrick, Rev. J. O. B. Dargan, Rev. R. Furman, B. C. Pressley, and the officers of the Convention.

Page 116


        [The reports of the Secretary and Treasurer of this Board, which were to be completed and forwarded to me, have not been received at the time of the publication of these Minutes. -- J. M. C. B. Sept. 3.]


        Rev. THOMAS FREAN, of the Charleston Association, on the 7th of April last, in the 69th year of his age, was called home to his everlasting rest.

         He was a native of Tipperary, Ireland. He migrated to this county before he was twenty-one years of age. He was educated for a merchant, and pursued that business for a brief period in Charleston. In the war of 1812, he, with other foreigners, was ordered into the interior. He came to Newberry, where he subsequently married Hannah Elmore. He returned to Charleston, and entered on the mercantile business, which he pursued for a short time. He then removed to Newberry, and pursued the same business unsuccessfully for a short time. He became afterwards a teacher, and subsequently removed with his father-in-law to Spartanburg, where he pursued the business of a teacher. He returned to Newberry, and fortunately was led to Christ, and became a teacher of the Word. For years he was a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church. After some time he became convinced that the Baptists were right, and joined the Newberry Baptist Church. He was ordained, and became the Pastor. He was, after some time, elected Surveyor General, and removed to Columbia. He became a member of the Columbia Baptist Church, and occasionally preached to them. At the expiration of his term of office, he became the Deputy Treasurer, and for ten years most faithfully and intelligently performed the duties of that office. In a few years, he saw his entire family, with the exception of one daughter -- his son, his wife, and two daughters -- go down to the grave. On the 7th of April last he followed them, dying at the house of his son-in-law, in Newberry.

         Elder M. MULLINAX was born In York District, S. C., and died in ----, 1861, aged forty years. He was converted, baptized, and added first to the Antioch Baptist Church, in his native District. He afterwards removed his membership to the Union Baptist Church, in the same District, where he was ordained a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which he continued to preach faithfully till he was called to his reward.


Page 117

He was a godly man, and served his Master with much zeal and self-denial. Though not strictly an "able minister of the New Testament," he was acceptable to those with whom he labored, and his labors were much blessed. He has left a wife and two children to mourn his loss.

JOHN G. LANDRUM, Chairman.

        [A notice of the late Rev. I. E. H. SEYMOUR, of Union C. H., was to have been included in this report. -- SECRETARY.]

Page 118


        WE, the representatives of the constituent bodies of the State Convention of the Baptist Denomination in South Carolina, do agree upon the following Articles, as forming the annexed Constitution of the Convention, and the basis of the union:


        This body shall be styled the State Convention of the Baptist Denomination in South Carolina.


        The grand objects of this Convention shall be: The promotion of religious education, and particularly that of pious young men designed for the Gospel ministry; the spread of the Gospel by Foreign, Domestic, and State Missionary Operations; by the circulation of the Sacred Scriptures; and by such means as may be devised from time to time, for the promotion of the interests of Education, Publication, and the Sunday School system -- to bring the Baptist Churches in this State into closer union -- to harmonize their views and feelings in things spiritual, by conferring together on all matters of interest respecting the kingdom of God -- and in general to direct and concentrate their efforts in such measures as may, in their opinion, tend to promote the glory of God and the spread of evangelical knowledge in the earth. The Convention, though not unwilling to give advice in cases of difficulty, yet will claim

Page 119

power to lord it over God's heritage, believing that the right of government, under Christ, is vested in the Churches themselves.


         The Convention shall consist of Delegates from the several Baptist Associations in this State who may approve of the measures here adopted; and of Representatives from other religious bodies of the Baptist connection, concerned in the promotion of the same objects with the Convention; the number of Delegates and Representatives bearing always a just proportion to the number of their constituents. The attending delegates shall be a quorum to do business.

         The appointment of these Delegates shall be made annually or biennially, as the Convention shall determine to hold its meeting; and a certificate of their appointment shall be exhibited to the Convention. The members of the Board of Agents shall be ex-officio members of the new Convention.


         The Convention shall have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. It shall also have a Board of Agents for the transaction of business during its recess, consisting of eight members -- the Treasurer ex-officio being one of them -- any three of whom, duly convened, shall be a quorum. The duties severally assigned to the officers of similar institutions shall devolve on those of this body, according to their rank and character in the Convention and in the Board. The Board, as Agents, shall be adequate to the performance of all necessary business which may occur during the recess of the Convention. Both officers and Agents shall hold their station -- unless forfeited by unrighteous conduct -- till a new election. The Board shall have the power to fill vacancies in their own body.

Page 120


        The support of an institution of learning in this State shall be considered as a primary object. One of the designs of this Institution is to assist those who, in the judgment of their Churches, are called to preach the Gospel, that they may "study to show themselves workmen approved unto God, that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Those of this character who need pecuniary aid, may receive it, at the discretion of the Convention, from funds appropriated to this object. The government of this Institution shall be committed to a Board of Trustees, to be elected by the Convention at the end of every fourth year.


        Ministers of the Gospel in any of our Churches needing aid in the more necessary part of learning, and unable to attend at the Institution, may be furnished with a supply of the most useful books, from the general fund for education purposes.


        Although contributions in money shall not be considered requisite to entitle to a representation in the Convention, yet this body will receive such contributions from any of its constituent bodies that may wish to aid in the support of missionary service among the destitute, either at home or abroad; of the education of pious young men who may be approved by the Churches to which they belong, as called of God to preach the Gospel; or any other scheme of benevolence tending to the increase of evangelical and useful knowledge, or of vital, practical religion. And the right of conducting the business of the fund will be considered as vested exclusively in the representative of bodies which do regularly contribute. In the election of the Board of

Page 121

Trustees of Furman University, the vote shall be cast only by the representatives of the larger bodies, viz: Associations -- which enter into the constituency of the Convention. The extent of this right on the part of each Association, shall be measured by the amount it may have contributed to the vested funds of the Convention, whether this contribution shall have been made directly by the donation of Churches or of individuals within its limits; and the contribution of each sum of one thousand dollars shall give the contributing body the right to cast one vote. All moneys specially appropriated shall be sacredly applied to the object designated; but where any contributions or bequests are made without any specific designation, discretion in their application shall be exercised by the Convention or its Board of Agents.


        The Treasurer shall take charge of all moneys and specialties belonging to the Convention, and keep separate accounts of the amounts contributed for different objects, and render regular accounts of them to the Convention at its stated meetings, and, also, to the Board, when called upon to do so. He shall be elected by the Convention at its stated meeting, and shall hold his office until the last day of the next meeting, and until another shall be elected and give bond, and enter upon the duties of his office. For the faithful discharge of his trust he shall give bond and security to the Convention, in such sum of money as they shall from time to time direct. He shall pay no money out of the funds but by order of the Convention or Board, signed by the presiding officer. And should the said office become vacant by death, resignation, or removal, the said vacancy shall be filled by an election by the Board of Agents, and the person so elected by the Board shall hold his office until the next stated meeting of the Convention, and until another shall be elected, give bond and security,

Page 122

and enter upon the duties of his office. And the Treasurer so elected shall give bond, and do all the duties required, and in the same manner, as if elected by the Convention.


        The Convention may use its discretion in having either an annual or biennial meeting. But in cases of important concern, and especially when the arrangement for a biennial session has been made, the President may, at the instance of the Board, call an earlier meeting.


         Any alteration which experience may prove to be necessary, may be made in these Rules, by the concurring vote of two-thirds of the members present at an annual or biennial meeting.

Page 123


         1. The meeting of the Convention shall be opened and closed, each day of its session with prayer by the President, or by some person whom he shall request to perform the services.

         2. After prayer on the first day the names of Delegates shall be enrolled, officers shall be elected, and when the body is organized, applications for membership from new bodies be decided on, and if admitted, their attending Delegates shall be received by the right hand of fellowship. The Constitution of the Convention and the Rules of Order shall then be read.

         3. The Minutes of the preceding day shall be read, to the end that mistakes, if any, shall have been made, may be corrected.

         4. Persons invited to seats in Convention shall have the privilege of speaking in debate, but not of voting.

         5. The members of Convention shall retain their seats, preserve silence, and refrain from conversation during the reading of the Minutes, while the presiding officer is putting a question, or when any member is speaking in debate.

         6. No member shall absent himself from the meeting of Convention without permission.

         7. Each member, when he speaks in debate or has any communication to make to the Convention, shall address the Chair, standing in his place, and when he has finished he shall sit down.

Page 124

        8. No member shall speak oftener than twice in any one debate on the same day, without permission from the Convention.

         9. When two or more members rise nearly at the same time, to address the Convention, the President shall name the one to speak, being the one who had first risen and addressed the Chair. After he shall have spoken, those who had risen with him shall be heard in the order of their rising, in priority of all others, should they still desire to be heard.

         10. When a member shall be called to order, he shall sit down until the Chair determines whether he is in order or not. An appeal, however, may be made from the decision of the Chair to the Convention.

         11. No motion shall be debated, nor the question upon it be put, unless it shall have been seconded; and them, if required by the President or any member, it shall be reduced to writing, delivered in at the table, and read before the debate begins.

         12. When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received, except to adjourn, to lay on the table, to postpone indefinitely, to postpone to a day certain, to commit, or to amend; which several motions shall have precedence in the order in which they stand there arranged. Neither of these motions, with the exception of that to adjourn, after being decided, shall be allowed again on the same day upon the same question.

         13. A motion to adjourn shall always be in order, except when a question is actually put, and the Convention is engaged in voting.

         14. If the question for debate contain several points, it may be divided at the request of any member.

         15. In filling up blanks, the largest sum and the longest time shall be put first.

Page 125

        16. When the question has been once made, and the vote taken, it shall be in order for any member in the majority to move for its reconsideration.

         17. All questions shall be put by the President, and the members shall respectively signify their assent by answering "Aye," and their dissent by answering "No." If the President, or any member, shall not be satisfied that the decision expressed by the ayes and noes is certainly ascertained, the President shall request those who voted in the affirmative to rise and stand until they shall be counted. After these shall be seated, the President shall request those who voted in the negative to rise and stand till they all be counted. In the event of an equal division, the President shall have the casting vote.

         18. When the President shall desire to be heard in debate, or to be temporarily absent, the Chair shall be taken by the Vice President; or, in case of his absence, by some member named by the President, until he shall resume his seat.

         19. The following Standing Committees, to consist of five members each, shall be appointed by the President at the commencement of each session, viz:


  • A Committee to arrange the Preaching during the meeting.
  • A Committee on Accounts.
  • A Committee on the Minutes and Letters of Corresponding Bodies.
  • A Committee on the Time and Place of next Meeting, and the Persons who shall Preach the stated Sermons of the Convention's appointment.
  • A Committee on the notice of Deceased Ministers.
  • A Committee to prepare a List of the Names of Baptist Ministers in South Carolina, and their Post Offices.
  • A Committee on Nomination of a Board of Agents.

         20. The following shall be the order for the Reports of the several Boards of the Convention, viz: The report of

Page 126

the "Bible and Mission Board" shall be made the special order for 10 1/2 o'clock, A. M., on the second day of the session of the Convention, to be followed by addresses in its favor; that of the "Sunday School and Colportage Board," for 4 1/2 P. M., of the same day; and that of the "Education Board," for 10 1/2, A. M., of the third day of the session of the Convention -- each of these two last-mentioned Boards having equal privileges of addresses with the former. The Convention may, however, with the consent of the respective Boards, alter these appointments.

Page 127



        The Board met, the following members being present: J. C. Furman, J. B. O'Neall, Z. Watkins, H. A. Duncan, J. P. Boyce, I. Nicholes, J. G. Landrum, J. O. B. Dargan, and R. Furman. Prayer by Brother Boyce.

         The resignation of Rev. J. M. Chiles, as a member of the Board, was accepted, and the Rev. L. Gwaltney, of Edgefield, elected to supply his place.

        Brother Boyce tendered his resignation as a member of the Board, which was accepted.

         The Faculty of the University submitted their report. It was referred to the following Committee: Landrum, Duncan, and Dargan.

         The Agent of the Board, Brother Duncan, submitted his report, and the following brethren were appointed a Committee, to whom the report was referred, viz: Watkins and Dargan.

         The Treasurer's report was presented, and referred to the following Committee, viz: O'Neall, Watkins, and Landrum.

         Adjourned, to meet at the call of the President.

Page 128


        On Saturday evening, at the call of the President, the Board met.

         Elected Brother Wm. Curtis a member of the Board, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Brother Boyce.

         Selected Brother H. A. Duncan Second Vice President, in the place of Brother Chiles, resigned.

         The Committee on the Treasurer's report reported that they found the statement of receipts and expenditures correct. They recommended that, to meet the crisis of the affairs of the country, and the necessities of the University, the principal, when paid in, be used as a loan. They further recommended that a reduction be permitted, as suggested by the Treasurer, in the case of such students as may have paid in advance, but been away in the service of the country, on entering another term. The report was concurred in.

         The Committee on the report of the Agent reported, whereupon the following resolutions were passed:

Resolved, That the Board approve of the suspension of Brother Duncan's agency during the winter; and that his salary be reduced, as he suggests, in proportion to the time of suspension.
Resolved, That, in the existing circumstances of the country, the Board deem it inexpedient to continue the agency for the present; but should Brother Duncan think circumstances favorable to his prosecuting the agency hereafter, the Board will cordially approve of his doing so.

        The Committee on the Faculty's report reported, recommending that degrees be conferred on the young men of the graduating class, as suggested by the Faculty. They also recommended that the resignation of Prof. Lanneau, which had been tendered, should not be accepted; and that, if necessary, temporary provision be made by the

Page 129

Faculty to supply his Chair during his continuance in the army. The report was concurred in.

        Adjourned, to meet at Greenville on the first day of the meeting of the Convention, in July, 1862. Prayer by Brother Curtis.

R. Furman, Secretary.

Page 130

C. H. JUDSON, Treasurer, in account with the Furman University.



1860.  DR.
July 26. To balance in hand last report . . . . . $239 20
Aug. 1. Rec'd of Rev. W. Booker, interest . . . . . 14 00
 D. H. Rice, interest . . . . . 42 00
Aug. 6. Rev. J. Trapp, interest . . . . . 42 00
 Jesse Miller, interest . . . . . 21 00
Aug. 7. J. D. Walker, interest . . . . . 21 00
Aug. 13. J. P. Reed, on bond of O. Shurley, int'st . . . . . 5 35
Aug. 17. Wiley Kelley, interest . . . . . 21 00
Aug. 29. E. Pringle, interest . . . . . 42 00
Aug. 30. Rev. I. Nicholes, interest . . . . . 17 50
Oct. 20. Columbia Bridge Company, interest . . . . . 12 00
Nov. 1. -- J. A. Dargan, on bond J. Phillips, int. . . . . . 42 14
Dec. 10. C. Felder, interest . . . . . 27 00
 Wm. Knotts, interest . . . . . 21 00
Dec. 25. Mrs. C. Maner, interest . . . . . 70 00
 R. R. Bostick, interest . . . . . 70 00
 W. B. Heriott, interest . . . . . 14 00
 Rev. B. S. Sweat, interest . . . . . 10 00
Dec. 28. Rev W. B. Carson, interest . . . . . 10 00
 J. M. Vogt . . . . . 15 60
 Tuition, Fall Term . . . . . 1,601 50
Jan. 1. S. & U. R. R. coupons . . . . . 35 00
 Laurens R. R. coupons . . . . . 35 00
 Rev. W. B. Johnson, D. D., for F. C. Johnson, interest . . . . . 21 00
Jan. 7. D. J. Williams, interest . . . . . 14 00
 Henry Davis, Sr., interest . . . . . 17 50
 Brooks, Scruggs & Hawkins, interest . . . . . . 126 00
Jan. 11. Col. B. H. Brown, interest . . . . . 119 00
Jan. 12. B. H. Brock, interest . . . . . 119 00
 A. B. Estes, interest . . . . . 42 00
 Mrs. Elvira Estes, interest . . . . . 42 00
 C. M. Furman, Esq., interest . . . . . 35 00
Jan. 15. S. W. R. R. Bank dividend . . . . . 60 00

Page 131

Jan. 16. Rec'd of D. W. Holloway, house rent . . . . . 200 00
 Rev. T. W. Melichamp, interest . . . . . 15 00
Jan. 19. Rev. J. R. Shurley, interest . . . . . 100 00
 W. N. Moore, Treas. Edgefield Assoc'n . . . . . 31 40
 Wm. Mobley, interest, . . . . . 42 00
Jan. 31. H. A. Glenn, interest . . . . . 65 00
Feb. 10. Thos. H. Willingham, interest . . . . . 350 00
Feb. 26. J. P. Harley, interest . . . . . 86 25
M'ch 2. Rev. J. W. Burn., interest . . . . . 42 00
M'ch 6. Thos. P. Lide, interest . . . . . 400 00
 Dr. S. M. Pressley, interest . . . . . 49 00
 Rev. J. A. W. Thomas, interest . . . . . 11 75
M'ch 7. Rev. G. B. Bealer, interest . . . . . 17 00
 Columbia Bridge dividend . . . . . 12 00
 Jesse Keith, interest . . . . . 42 00
 John Courtenay, interest . . . . . 10 00
 Thos. Willingham, interest . . . . . 42 00
 R. J. Willingham, interest . . . . . 70 00
M'ch 11. Capt. T. A. E. Chovin, interest . . . . . 10 00
 J. H. Robert, interest . . . . . 70 00
M'ch 13. B. F. Mays, interest . . . . . 21 00
M'ch 14. Rev. J. 0. B. Dargan, interest . . . . . 3 50
M'ch 18. Wm. Knotts, interest . . . . . 21 00
M'ch 25. Rev. W. Brooker, interest . . . . . 14 00
M'ch 28. Rev. J. R. Shurley, interest . . . . . 101 15
Aprl 24. John Jennings, interest . . . . . 17 50
Aprl 27. Adna Johnson, interest . . . . . 21 00
May 5. James Fripp, interest . . . . . 10 00
May 13. Col. A. J. Lawton, interest . . . . . 26 25
June 26. Hon. J. B. O'Neall, interest . . . . . 35 00
June 30. Prof. J. C. Furman . . . . . 166 60
 Tuition, Spring Term . . . . . 1,043 60
  [total,] $6,087 79



By sundry amounts paid, as detailed in report, viz: CR.
To Prof. J. C. Furman, on salary . . . . . $1,351 60
Prof P. C. Edwards, on salary . . . . . 1,067 86
Prof. C. H. Judson, on salary . . . . . 750 00
Prof. F. Lanneau, on salary . . . . . 715 00
Mr. E. H. Graham, on salary . . . . . 500 00
Mr. J. F. Dargan, on salary . . . . . 400 00
V. McBee, interest . . . . . 460 06
Incidental expenses . . . . . 656 00
L. Golden, McBryde dividend . . . . . 28 00
Balance in hand . . . . . 158 67
 [total,] $6,087 79

Page 132



1860. DR.
 To balance last report . . . . . $509 62
 " " Permanent fund . . . . . 83 76
Aug. 13. Recv'd of O. Shurley, per J. P. Reed . . . . . 30 00
Oct'r 25. Dr. J. F. Adams . . . . . 100 00
Nov'r 1. J. A. Dargan, on bond J. Phillips . . . . . 100 00
  Mrs. C. Maner . . . . . 500 00
  R. R. Bostick . . . . . 1,000 00
Jan'y 7. D. J. Williams . . . . . 200 00
Jan'y 11. Benjamin Sanders 200 00
April 17. O. E. Sealy . . . . . 100 00
May 5. James Fripp . . . . . 100 00
  [total,] $2,923 38



M'ch 16. By amount invested in Greenville Gas Co. Stock . . . . . $1,500 00
 Balance due this fund . . . . . 1,443 38
  [total,] $2,923 38



1861. DR.
To balance last report . . . . . $489 95
Initiation fees, Fall Term . . . . . 125 00
Initiation fees, Spring Term . . . . . 75 00
C. H. Judson, Treasurer Convention . . . . . 7 35
 [total,] $697 30



By paid J. C. P. Peter, for books . . . . . $69 80
Balance in hand . . . . . 627 50
  [total,] $697 50

C. H. JUDSON Treasurer.

July 1, 1861.

Page 133


        Convention of brethren in behalf of Sunday Schools.

         Appointed Bro. R. FURMAN, President, and WM. CURTIS, Secretary.

        Resolved, That the brethren delegated to form this Convention be requested to hand in their credentials.

        Resolved, That all the brethren of Baptist Churches present be invited to become members of this Convention.

        Resolved, That the Reports of the Secretary and of the Agent of the Sunday School Board of the South Carolina State Convention, be called for and read as matter of information for this Convention.

        The Reports were read, and, after remarks of an interesting character by the brethren, the Convention adjourned, to meet at 8 o'clock, P. M.


Resolved, That any communication to this Convention be referred to a Committee of Brethren B. Manly, Jr., J. C. Phelps, and J. M. C. Breaker.

        After able and interesting addresses by Brethren Broaddus, Breaker, Huckins, and Elford, the Convention adjourned to Friday of the next annual meeting of the State Convention.

Page 135


Those marked thus (*L.) are Licentiates.

Acker, A. White Horse
Adair, John (*L.) West Union
Allen, Joel Marion C. H.
Asbel, A. W. Ridge
Ashley, W. Craytonville
Arial, J. Pickensville
Atkinson, S. Timmonsville
Ayres, Wm. Marion C. H.
Bair, J. (*L.) Orangeburg
Ballard, W. L. Cedar Falls
Barnett, M. C. Spartanburg C. H.
Bartlett, H. T. Lott's
Barton, H. M. Fair Play
Baskins, J. W. Kingsville
Bateman, J. J. Society Hill
Baxley, W. C. Barnwell C. H.
Bealer, G. B. Darlington
Beattie, W. O. Bennettsville
Beck, W. Darlington
Beattie, W. O. Bennettsville
Beck, W. Darlington
Bell, G. Lott's
Berry, L. M. Merrittsville
Beverly, W. D. Gadsden
Blythe, D. South Saluda
Boddie, D. Graniteville
Bolling, H. (*L.) Orangeburg
Bostick, J. M. Cheraw
Boyce, Prof. J. P., D. D. Greenville
Boyd, W. B. Chappell's Depot
Bradford, R. Silverton
Brantly, J. J., D. D. Newberry
Breaker, C. M. Charleston
Breaker, D. M. Monk's Corner
Breaker, J. M. C. Columbia
Broaddus, J. A., D. D. Greenville
Brooker, W. Bull Swamp
Brookes, J. L. Hamburg
Brooks, G. W. Greenville
Brooks, R. R. (*L.) Friendship
Bruce, E. D. Townville
Brunson, Dan'l Duntonville
Buist, G. F. Barnwell C. H.
Burn, J. W. Society Hill
Burris, B. Anderson C. H.
Burris, J. Anderson C. H.
Burroughs, J. H. Pickens C. H.
Campbell, T. J. Limestone Springs
Carpenter, J. M. Anderson
Carpenter, E. J. Piercetown
Carson, W. B. Enoree
Cartledge, A.M. Winnsboro'
Cave, B. M. Barnwell C. H.
Chambers, P. Horse Shoe
Chambliss, J. A. Sumter
Chaplin, W. F. (*L.) Orangeburg
Chapman, J. Pickens C. H.
Chastain, B. E. Highland Grove
Chovin, C. E. Robertville
Coleman, J. D. Marion C. H.
Coleman, J. W. Dyson's
Collins, E. West Union
Collins, G. W. (*L.) Greenville
Cooper, J. (*L.) Crop Hill
Cooper,Wm. Williston
Copeland, J. T. Flat Rock
Corley, B. F. Ninety-Six
Crane, W. Milford
Crawley, E.A., D.D. Limestone Spg
Croxton, J. S. (*L.) Pineville, N. C.
Culpeper, J. Timmonsville
Curry, W. L. Long Myers
Curtis, Wm., L. L. D. Limestone Spg
Cuthbert, Lucius Aiken
Cuttino, D. W. Manning
Dargan, J. O. B. Darlington
Davenport, J. B. Calhoun
Davis, C. J. Walterboro'
Dawson, Thos. Edisto
Dean, Jesse Greenville
Dill, A. Gowensville
Dill, E. Highland Grove
Dill, Thos. Highland Grove
Dozier, A. S. Mount Willing
Drummond, S. Woodruff's

Page 136

Drummond, W. Woodruff's
Duncan, H. D. Barnwell C. H.
Duncan, H. A. Aiken
Dunton, Henry Blackville
Dupre, L. Darlington
Durham, A. K. Doko
Durham, I. D. Columbia
Earle, T. J. Gowensville
Easterling, T. W. (*L.)  
Edwards, Prof. P. C. Greenville
Edwards, R. J. Orangeburg
Elkin, W. B. Gadsen
Ezell, J. S. Allgood
Fail, N. Hickory Head
Fant, D. J. Blackstock
Felder, C. Winnsboro'
Fenley, L. West Union
Ferguson, B. St. George
Fewox, J. St. George
Flemming, J. J. Sumter
Fort, A. H. Lexington C. H.
Fox, Wm. Walterboro'
Fuller, R. W. Beaufort
Furman, J. C., D. D. Greenville
Furman, R., D. D. Greenville
Furman, Sam'l Stateburg
Furze, J. J. Calhoun
Gaines, N. Lime Creek
Gaines, T. R. (*L.) Lime Creek
Garrison, J. (*L.) Fort Hill
Getzen, S. P. Hamburg
Gibbes, J.(*L.) Fair Forest
Gilbert, J. Fountain Inn
Givens, P. (*L.) Beaufort
Gordon, Wm. (*L.) Union C. H.
Graham, N. Sumter
Green, J. C. Pleasant Grove
Grimes, G. C. Laurens C. H.
Gwaltney, L. R. Edgefield
Gwin, W. W. Ridgeway
Gwin, T. D. Greenville
Gwin, J. T. (*L.) Greenville
Hanck, B. (*L.) Cross Hill
Hartin, W. H. Doko
Havin, T. M. Friendship
Hawkins, -- Pleasant Grove
Haws, W. Cool Spring
Hays, B. Anderson C. H.
Head, E. Tunnel Hill
Head, S. Sandersville
Hicks, G. W. Brighton
Hicks, E. Flintville
Hiers, M. Walker's
Higgins, J. B. Columbia
Hilliard, D. Spartanburg
Hill, J. W. St. George
Hill, W. P. Greenwood
Hinton, L. C. Chesterville
Hinton, James E. St. George
Hitt, W. Spring Grove
Holder, B. Twelve Mile
Holland, E. D. (*L.) West Union
Hoover, J. M. Buford's Bridge
Horn, A. Lott's
Horn, E. Lott's
Huckins, J. H. Charleston
Hudson, D. Pickens C. H.
Huffman, J. C. Orangeburg
Hughson, W. E. Camden
Humphrey, R. M. (*L.) Friendship
Huxford, P., Sr.  
Huxford, P., Jr.  
Isbell, Sam'l Fair Play
Jackson -- Myersville
Jeter, F. C. Fish Dam
Jeter, R.  
Johnson, W. B., D. D. Greenville
Jones, J. C. Rogersville
Jones, W. (*L.) Rogersville
Jones, W. T. Mt. Crogan
Kendrick, J. R. Charleston
Kendrick, J. G. Pinckneyville
Kennemur, -- Pickens C. H.
King, R. Belton
King, W., H. (*L.) Greenville
Kitchens, W. D. (*L.) Calhoun
Knight, Scuffletown
Lagroon, J. Lott's
Landrum, J. G. Fort Prince
Lankford, W. Gowensville
Lann, W. J. Timmonsville
Lanneau,C. H. Greenville
Lawton, J. A. Allendale
Lawton, J. S. Allendale
Lawton, W. A. Lawtonville
Leavell, J. (*L.) Anderson C. H.
Lecroy, H. Fruit Hill
Lee, U. H. Columbia
Linder, J. S. Walker's
Lindsay, E. Holland
Littlejohn, F. W. Hurricane Shoals
Long, J. L. (*L.) Mt. Willing
Long, W. B. (*L.) Anderson C. H.
Looper, T. Dacusville
Lynes, Sam'l Monk's Corner
Lynes, G. Monk's Corner
Lunn, W. (*L.) Greenville
Mahon, J. D. (*L.) Columbia
Mahoney, H. W. Friendship
Mackeverill, Jas. Darlington C. H.
Manly, B., Jr., D. D. Greenville
Martin, W. J. Marion C. H.
Martin, W. P. Gentsville
Martin, J. H. (*L.) Laurens

Page 137

Mason, T. Camden
Matthews, J. S. Hamburg
Matthis, T. Mollohon
Mauldin, B. F. Williamston
McCullum, J. (*L.) Camden
McLemore, J. O. Willston
Mellichamp, T. W. White Cane
Morrall, J. F. Grahamville
Morris, E. Graniteville
Morse, W. L. (*L.) Effingham
Morton, W. M. Bachelor's Retreat
Motes, J. Mountville
Murray, J. S. Anderson C. H.
Nance, J. C. Wellsville
Napier, R. Mars Bluff
Nicholes, I. Privateer
Nicholson, P. Pineville, N. C.
Nix, J. Steep Bottom
Norman, J. L. Cross Keys
Norris, A. P. Graniteville
Owens, J. Pickens C. H.
Owens, W. C. Fort Mill
Page, B. Fingerville
Parker, L. Walterboro'
Parrott, B. F. Darlington C. H.
Peabody, C. W. (*L.) Bennettsville
Perry, B. F. D. Barnwell C. H.
Perry, E. (*L.) Gillisonville
Perryclear, J. S. (*L.) Beaufort
Peterson, J. F. Richardson
Phelps, J. C. Society Hill
Philips, G. W. Halseyville
Phillips, W. E. Greenville
Pickett, G. W. Camel Hill
Pope, T. H. (*L.) St. Matthews
Profit, J. R. Chappell's Depot
Radford, C. J. Greenville
Ray, J. J. Blackville
Ray, Thos. Cross Keys
Reynolds, Prof. J. L., D. D. Columbia
Rice, A. Storeville
Rice, W. D. Sumter
Richards, Wm. Savannah, Ga.
Ritcher, S. Walterboro'
Robertson, T. Scuffletown
Robinson, J. (*L.) Halseyville
Rogers, J. E. Camden
Rollings, G. Pleasant View
Rollings, L. P. Pleasant River
Rollings, J. L. Murry's Ferry
Roper, C. Twelve Mile
Roper, T. L. North Saluda
Ross, John Columbia
Runion, J. M. Mush Creek
Sams, M. W. Aiken
Saunders, W. T. Springtown
Sawyer, S. B. Willow Swamp
Saxton, W. (*L.) Timmonsville
Scruggs, D. Cowpens
Segler, J. A. Kitchen's Mill
Sharp, M. G. Columbia
Shuck, J. L. Barnwell
Simmons, D. Townville
Singleton, W. B. Fowler's Creek
Snider, W. J. White Cane
Spagner, D. (*L.) St. Matthews
Spruell, S. Simpson's Mills
Stepp A. C. Line Creek
Stiles, C. A. (*L.) Sumter
Stone, M. F. Halseyville
Stough, A. D. Wheb's Store, N. C.
Suares, M. R. Barnwell C. H.
Sullivan. N. Walhalla
Sweat, J. Steep Bottom
Thomas, J. A. W. Bennettsville
Timmons, J. M. Timmonsville
Trapp, John Kirksey's X-Roads
Turner, R. Spartanburg
Vandiver, H. Silver Glade
Vann, R. R. Long Run
Vaughn, J. C. Cross Roads
Vaughn, R. Calhoun
Vernon, J. T. W. Rogerville
Walker, George Walker's
Wallace, W. L. Manning
Walters, W. E. Anderson C. H.
Watkins, W. Orangeburg
Watkins, Z. Chappell's Depot
Weaver, J. M. (*L.) Friendfield
West, John Whitstown
Whately, E. L. Beech Island
Whilden, B. W. White Plains
Whilden, R. F. Pineville
Wilkins, S. B. Leavenworth
Willbanks S. Silver Glade
Williams, W., D. D. Greenville
Williams, J. G. Robertsville
Williams, T. G. Kirksey's Cross R'ds
Wilson, J. J. Silver Glade
Wilson, R. J. Beaufort
Wilson, James Piercetown
Winkler, E. T., D. D. Charleston
Woodruff, R. Woodruff
Woodward, S. C. Williston
Woodward, J. A. Williston
Woodward, -- Little Pee Dee
Youmans, J. N. Hardyville
Young, J. W. (*L.)  
Young, V. Hodges'
Zealy, J. T. Doke
Zeigler, L. G. Orangeburg

Page 138

*Statistics of the Associations in the State of South Carolina, connected with the Convention, for the year 1860,
prepared from their Minutes.

NAMES OF ASSOCIATIONS. MODERATOR. CLERK AND POST OFFICE. PLACE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING. No. churches in Association. No. received by bpt'm dur'g yr. No. rc'd by letter and rest'd. No. of members lost by death. Lost by dism'n and exclusion. Gain during the year. No. of white members. No. of colored members. Whole number of members. Amount contributed to various objects during year.
Barnwell, Rev. T. Dawson, T. J. Counts, Springtown Healing Spring church, Friday before 2d Sab. Nov. '61. 18 197 69 19 127 120 1340 689 2103 $608 97
Bethel, Rev. C. Felder, D. J. Fant, Blackstock Hebron church, Union, Friday before 4th Sab. Sept '61. 15 75 20 16 67 12 637 504 1141 429 00
Broad River, Rev. M. C. Barnett, W. Curtis, Limestone Sp. Union church, York, Friday before 3d Sabbath Oct. '61. 30 266 81 21 142 184     2786 246 88
Charleston, Rev. E. T. Winkler W. E. Hughson, Camden Antioch church, Sat. before 3d Sabbath in Nov. 1861. 49 407 209 125 355 136     10401 3616 74
Columbia, Dr. J. J. McCants, S. W. Bookhardt, Doko,. Hormah church, Fairfield, Friday before 2d Sab. Sept. '61. 10 94 29 7 47 69 578 222 800 419 08
Edgefield, Rev. W. P. J. H. Mims, Edgefield C. H. Mt. Moriah church, Abbev'lle, Wed. bef. 2d Sab. Sept. '61. 46 476 198 65 384 225 4055 3343 7421 1250 75
Edisto, Rev. S. B. Sawyer, P. A. M'Michael, Willow Swamp Cedar Spring church, Barn'll, Sat. bef. 1st Sab. Oct. '61. 30 123 84 22 155 30 1767 601 2419 322 02
Greenville, Rev. W. B. Johnson, J. Harrison, Cedar Falls, Bethel church, Grn'lle, Friday before 1st Sab. Oct. '61. 12               1198 64 80
Moriah, P. T. Hammond, J. S. Croxton, Pineville, N. C. Hopewell church, Chesterf'd, Friday bef. 1st Sab. Oct. '61. 24 160 42 28 107 67 1673 504 2342 363 45
Reedy River, Rev. S. Knight, S. Barksdale, Fount'n Inn Mt. Pleasant church, Laurens, Fri. before 3d Sab. Sep. '61. 28 398 100 43 227 228 2870 1241 4111 325 49
Salem, Rev. R. R. Vann, H. A. Glenn, Long Run,. Harmony Ch., Chester, Friday before 1st Sabbath Oct. '61. 18 12 29 10 79 62 1005 1027 2032 519 82
Saluda, Report taken from Minutes of 1858.   31           2183 846 3345 363 32
Sav'h River, " " " " "   46               9941 1960 20
Twelve Mile,. " " " " 1859.   26               1275 77 02
Tyger River, Rev. R. Furman, O. E. Edwards, Spart'burg Washington ch., Grn'vlle, Friday before 3d Sab. Aug. '61. 38 363 214 45 258 274 4024 829 4853 784 87
Welsh Neck, Rev. J. Culpeper, G. W. McIver, T. E. Wilson Cheraw Welch Neck ch., Society Hill, Sat. bef. 2d Sab. Nov. '61. 47 434 240 84 290 300 3319 3157 6476 2386 63
        468               53644 [total,] $13,739 05

* This table is imperfect, the Minutes of three of the Associations, as will be seen above, though applied for, not having been sent to the Secretary, and the whites and colored in some of the Associations being but partially, or not at all, reported.