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Journal of the Proceedings of the Seventy-Third Annual Convention of
the Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina,
Held in Grace Church, Charleston, on the 12th 13th 14th February, 1862.
With Lists of the Clergy and Parishes, the Parochial Reports,
the Constitution Canons and Rules of Order, and the Standing Resolutions:

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Episcopal Church. Diocese of South Carolina. Convention.

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(title page) Journal of the Proceedings of the Seventy-Third Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina, Held in Grace Church, Charleston, on the 12th 13th 14th February, 1862. With Lists of the Clergy and Parishes, the Parochial Reports, the Constitution Canons and Rules of Order, and the Standing Resolutions
Episcopal Church. Diocese of South Carolina
80 p.
Charleston, S.C.
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The Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina,
On the 12th 13th and 14th February,


Page 3

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1St. Philip's (original Church built 1681) Parish, 1704
2 St. James' Parish, Santee, 1706April 9
3 St. Andrew's " 1706Nov 30
4 St. Bartholomew's " 1706
5 Christ Church " 1706
6 St. James's " Goose Creeek, 1706
7 St. John's " Berkley, 1706
8 St. Thomas & St. Dennis's " 1706
9 St. Paul's " Stono, 1706
10 St. Helena's " Beaufort, 1712
11 Prince George's " Winyaw, 1712
12 St. John's " John's Island, 1734
13 Prince Frederick's " 1734, Chapel Peedee, 1738
14 Prince William's " 1745
15 St. Michael's " 1751, Church Built, 1761
16 St. Mark's " Clarendon, 1757
17 All-Saint's " Waccamaw, 1767
18 St. Luke's " 1767
19 St. Matthew's " 1768
20 St. David's " 1768, Church, Cheraw, 1820
21 Church on Edisto Island,   1774
22 Claremont Church, Stateburg, 1788
23 St. Helena's Church, St. Helena Island,  
24 Pineville & Upper St. John's,   1807
25 St. Paul's Ch. Radcliffeboro', Charleston, 1810
26 Trinity Church. Columbia, 1812
27 Grace Church, Sullivan's Island, 1817
28 St. Paul's Church, Pendleton, about 1821
29 Christ Church, Greenville, 1825
30 Grace Church, Camden, 1830
31 St. James' Church, James' Island, 1831
32 St. Peter's Church, Charleston, 1832
33 Trinity Church, Society Hill, 1833

Page 8

34 Christ Church, Wilton, 1834
35 Holy Trinity Church, Grahamville, 1834
36 Trinity Church, Edgefield, 1835
37 St. John's Church, Fairfield, 1839
38 St. Philip's Church, Bradford Springs, 1841
39 Trinity Church, Abbeville, 1842
40 Church of Messiah, North Santee, 1842
41 Church of St. Thaddæus, Aiken, 1842
42 Emmanuel Church, Chester, 1843
43 Zion Church, Richland, 1844
44 Church of Epiphany, Laurens, 1846
45 Grace Church, Charleston, 1846
46 St. Luke's Church, Newberry, 1846
47 Ascension Church, Gillisonville, 1847
48 Church of the Advent, Spartanburg, 1847
49 Ch. of the Holy Communion, Cans'boro', Charleston, 1848
50 Church of the Holy Apostles, Barnwell, 1850
51 Calvary Church, Glenn Springs, 1850
53 Church of the Redeemer, Orangeburg C. H., 1851
54 Christ Church, Charleston, 1855
55 Church of the Mediator, Columbia, 1855
56 St. Jude's Church, Walterborough, 1856
57 Christ Church, Mar's Bluff, 1856
58 Trinity Church, Black Oak, 1856
59 Church of the Good Shepherd, Yorkville, 1856
60 St. Mark's Church, Chesterville, 1857
61 Church of the Ascension,   1857
62 St. Luke's Church, Charleston, 1858
63 Church of the Holy Comforter, Sumter, 1853
64 St. John's Church, Richland, 1858
65 Christ Church, Columbia, 1858
66 Church of the Nativity, Unionville, 1859
67 St. Peter's Church, Beaufort District, 1869



St. Stephen's Chapel, Charleston, 1822 Mission Congregation.
St. John's Chapel, Hampstead, Mission Congregation.  
Calvary Church, Charleston, 1849, Mission Congregation.

Page 9


         1 St. Philip's, Charleston, (Honorary Members,) *Edward McCrady, *Henry D. Lesesne, *W. Alston Pringle, J. J. Pringle Smith.

         2 St. James's Santee, C. C. Pinckney, Fred. Rutledge, A. E. Gadsden, Wm. Mazyck.

         3 St. Andrew's Parish.

         4 St. Bartholomew's Parish, *Wm. Godfrey.

         5 Christ Church Parish, (Honorary Members,) *L .A. Edmondston, *Dr. J. E. Dawson, C. A. Sams.

         6 St. James's, Goose Creek.

         7 St. John's Berkley, *Dr. S. W. Barker, *K. S. Ball, John Harleston, Dr. B. Huger.

         8 St. Thomas and St. Dennis's, James Rose, Alfred Huger, J. L. Nowel, *Dr. D. S. Price.

         9 St. Paul's, Stono.

         10 St. Helena's, Beaufort.

         11 Prince George's, Winyah.

         12 St. John's, John's Island.

         13 Prince Frederick's, Peedee, *R. F. W. Alston, Dr. James R. Sparkman, A. H. Belin, S. T. Gaillard.

         14 Prince William's, *Thomas M. Hanckel.

         15 St. Michael's, Charleston, *Dr. I. M. Campbell, *J. K. Sass, *James L. Petigru, *J. M. Wilson.

         16 St. Mark's, Clarendon.

         17 All Saint's, Waccamaw.

         18 St. Luke's Parish, E. N. Seabrook, Dr. P. Pritchard, W. S. Allen, *J. W. R. Pope.

         19 St. Matthew's Parish.

         20 St. David's, Cheraw, W. Godfrey, Dr. T. E. Powe, H. W. Harrington, *Dr. C. Kollock.

         21 Church on Edisto Island.

         22 Claremont Church, Stateburg, *W. H. Burgess, J. N. Frierson, W. W. Rees, *Dr. M. Reynolds.

         23 St. Helena's, St. Helena Island.

* Present.

Page 10

         24 Pineville, and Upper St. John's, *W. M. Porcher, Julius E. DuBose, D. Peter P. Palmer, *Thomas W. Porcher.

         25 St. Paul's, Radcliffeboro, *Dr. Wm. Wragg, *C. R. Brewster, James Simons, J. D. Aiken.

         26 Trinity Church, Columbia, *Dr. R. W. Gibbes, *Dr. Wm. Reynolds, E. H. Heinitch, *Dr. E. H. Fisher.

         27 Grace Church, Sullivan's Island, *Wm. Jervey, Wm. E. Martin, W. B. Williams.

         28 St. Paul's Church, Pendleton, *W. Alston Hayne, *W. H. D. Gaillard, David Jennings, Dr. Thomas Pickens.

         29 Christ Church, Greenville, *W. B. Leary, *W. Choice.

         30 Grace Church, Camden, *J. A. Young, W. L. McCaa, L. H. Deas, J. M. DeSaussure.

         31 St. James's, James Island.

         32 St. Peter's, Charleston, *W. F. Colcock, W. C. Bee, E. L. Kerrison.

         33 Trinity Church, Society Hill.

         34 Christ Church, Wilton,

         35 Holy Trinity, Grahamville.

         36 Trinity Church, Edgefield.

         37 St. John's, Fairfield.

         38 St. Philip's, Bradford Springs.

         39 Trinity Church, Abbeville.

         40 Church of the Messiah, North Santee, Andrew Johnstone, James H. Ladson, *James R. Pringle, Simons Lucas. 41 Church of St. Thaddæus, Aiken, *O. J. Chafee.

         42 Immanuel Church, Chester.

         43 Zion Church, Richland, John Neal, T. B. Clarkson, James Trumble, *R. H. Clarkson.

         44 Church of Epiphany, Laurens.

         45 Grace Church, Charleston, *Wm. Whaley, *Dr. Robert Lebby, *F. P. Elford, D. N. Ingraham.

         46 St. Luke's, Newberry.

         47 Ascension Church, Gillisonville.

         48 Church of the Advent, Spartanburg, *J. M. Elford.

         49 Church of Holy Communion, Charleston, *H. L. Toomer, *John Hanckel, *T. D. Wagner, B. G. Wilkins.

         50 Church of the Holy Apostles, Barnwell,

         51 Calvary Church, Glenn Springs.

         52 Grace Church, Anderson.

         53 Church of the Redeemer, Orangeburg.

* Present.

Page 11

         54 Christ Church, Charleston, *John Philips, *Edwin Heriot, Benjamin D. Roper, Charles D. Carr.

         55 Church of the Mediator, Columbia.

         56 St. Jude's, Walterboro', C. E. Miller, Thomas Lining, Robert Jenkins, Dr. G. Rivers.

         57 Christ Church, Mar's Bluff.

         58 Trinity Church, Black Oak, Rene Ravenel, *J DuBose Porcher, J. Henry Porcher, J. P Porcher.

         59 Church of the Good Shepherd, Yorkville.

         60 St. Mark's, Chester.

         61 Church of the Ascension.

         62 St. Luke's Charleston, Dr. T. B. Green, E. R. Miles, *I. S. K. Bennett, Dr. D. H. Hamilton.

         63 Church of the Holy Comforter, Sumter, *John Thomson, Benjamin Hood, S. Mayrant, Benj. Mitchell.

         64 St. John's Church, Richland.

         65 Christ Church, Columbia, *T. B. Clarkson, James Brown, H. S. Thomson, Wm. Wallace.

         66 Church of Nativity, Unionville, *T. N. Dawkins.

         67 St. Peter's, Beaufort.

* Present.

Page 13


Grace Church, Charleston, February 12th, 1862.

        This being the day appointed by the last Convention, for the meeting of the Seventy Third Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South-Carolina, a number of the Clergy and Laity assembled in Grace Church, Charleston, at 10 o'clock, A. M.

        Morning Prayer to the Creed was read by the Rev. A. Glennie. The rest of the order for Morning Prayer was read by the Rev. James H. Elliott. The Ante-Communion was read by the Rev. Dr. Hanckel. The Sermon was preached by the Rev. C. C. Pinckney, from 1 Cor. iii. 11. The Holy Communion was then administered, the Rev. Dr. Hanckel consecrating the elements, being assisted in the administration by the Rev. A. Glennie, the Rev. C. C. Pinckney and the Rev. James H. Elliott.

        The Congregation was then dismissed with the Apostolic Benediction.

         After a recess, the Convention was called to order by the Bishop.

         The names of the Clergy were called from the list furnished by the Bishop, and the following answered to their names, viz:

Page 14

        The list of the Churches was called, and Delegates from the following Churches answered, viz:

        St. John's Berkley; St. Thomas and St. Dennis; St. Michael's, Charleston; St. David's, Cheraw; Claremont Church, Stateburg; Pineville and Upper St. Johns; St. Pauls, Radcliffeboro'; Trinity, Columbia; St. Paul's, Pendleton; Christ Church, Greenville; St. Peter's Church, Charleston; Grace, Church, Charleston; Church of the Advent, Spartanburg; Trinity Church, Black Oak, St. Luke's, Charleston; Prince Frederick's, Peedee Church of the Holy Comforter, Sumter; Christ Church, Columbia; Church of the Nativity, Unionville; Sheldon Church; Zion Church, Richland.

         A quorum was found present of both Orders.

        The President appointed as the Committee in the List of the Clergy the Rev. Messrs. Trapier, J. H. Cornish and Howe.

         As the Committee on Certificates of Lay Delegates, Messrs. Sass, Wm. A. Hayne and Thomas W. Porcher.

         Rev. Mr. Trapier presented the Report on the List of the Clergy.

        1. That the following Clergy are entitled to all the privileges of Members of the Convention, viz;

        2. That the following are entitled to all the privileges of members of this Convention, except the right to vote in matters involving the temporal concerns of the Churches, viz:

Page 15

        3. That the following are entitled to seats but not to votes, viz:

         4. That the following are not entitled to seats or votes, viz:

        Mr. J. K. Sass from the Committee on the Certificates of the Lay Delegates, reported the following gentlemen as entitled to seats in the seventy-third annual Convention of this Diocese:

        On the List being called, those with astericks answered to their names.

         St. John's Berkley, Dr. S. W. Barker, *K. S. Ball, John Harleston, Dr. B. Huger.

         Prince Frederick's Pedee, *R. F. W. Allston, A. H. Belin, Dr. J. Sparkman, S. T. Gaillard.

         Prince William's, Thomas M. Hanckel.

         St. Michael's, Dr. I. M. Campbell, J. L. Petigru, *J. K. Sass, *James M. Wilson.

         St. David's, Cheraw, W. Godfrey, Dr. T. E. Powe, H. W. Harrington, *Dr. C. Kollock.

         Claremont Church, Stateburg, *W. H. Burgess, *J. M. Frierson, W. W. Rice, Dr. M. Reynolds.

         Pineville and Upper St. John's, *W. M. Porcher, Julius E. DuBose, Dr. P. B. Palmer, *T. W. Porcher. St Paul's, Radcliffeboro', *William T. Wragg, C. R. Brewster, James Simons, J. D. Aiken.

         Trinity Church, Columbia,*Dr. R. W. Gibbes, *Dr. Wm. Reynolds, E. H. Heinitch, Dr. E. H. Fisher.

         Grace Church, Sullivan's Island, *William Jervey.

         St. Paul's Church, Pendleton, *W. Alston Hayne, *W. H. D. Gaillard, D. Jennings, Dr. Thos. Pickens.

         St. Peter's, Charleston, *W. F. Colcock, W. C. Bee, E. L. Kerrison.

         Zion Church, Richland, John Neal, T. B. Clarkson, James Trumble, *R. H. Clarkson.

         Grace Church, Charleston, William Whaley, *Dr. R. Lebby, *F. P. Elford, D. N. Ingraham.

* Present.


Page 16

Church of the Advent, Spartanburg, J. M. Elford.

         Church, of the Holy Communion, Cannonsboro', *H. L. Toomer, *John Hanckel, *T. D. Wagner, B. G. Wilkins.

         Christ Church, Charleston, *John Phillips, *Edwin Heriot, Benjamin D. Roper, Charles D. Carr.

         St. Jude's, Walterboro', Charles E. Miller, Dr. Thomas Lining, Robert Jenkins, Dr. G. Rivers.

         Trinity Church, Black Oak, René Ravenel, *J. DuBose Porcher, J. Henry Porcher, J. P. Porcher.

         St. Luke's, Charleston, Dr. T. P. Green, E. R. Miles, *I. S. K. Bennet, Dr. D. H. Hamilton.

         Church of the Holy Comforter, Sumter, *John Thomson, Benjamin Hood, S. Mayrant, Benjamin Mitchell.

         Christ Church, Columbia,*T. B. Clarkson, James Brown, H. L. Thompson, William Wallace.

         Church of the Nativity, Unionville, *T. N. Dawkins.

         St. Bartholomews, William Godfrey.

        Mr. Sass, from the Committee on the Certificates of Lay Delegates reported the cases of St. Philip's Charleston, and the Church of the Advent, Spartanburg, as doubtful, and asked for instructions from the Convention.

         The Delegates from St Philip's were excluded under Section 4th of Article III of the Constitution, which requires that the Lay Delegates be elected for "one stated Convention."

         The Delegates from the Church of the Advent, Spartanburg, were admitted, their election being considered regular.

        On motion of Rev. Mr. Kidney, the Delegates from St. Philip's were admitted as honorary members of this Convention, with the privilege of expressing their opinion upon any matters brought before the Convention.

        On motion, the reading of the Rules of Order, was dispensed with.

        The following letter was read by the Rev. Thos. F. Davis, jun.:

Charleston, January 25th, 1862.

Rt. Rev. Thos. F. Davis, D. D. President of the Convention: Rev. and Dear Sir:

        In consequence of my duties in the field, I beg leave respectfully to resign the office of Secretary of the Diocesan Convention, and have the honor to be,

Most respectfully, your obedient serv't.


        The Convention then proceeded to the election of a Secretary. The vote by ballot having been dispensed with, after several had declined the nomination, the Rev. W. B. W. Howe was elected.

Page 17

        The Convention then proceeded to the election of a Treasurer. On motion, the ballot, was dispensed with, and Mr. F. P. Elford was unanimously elected.

         The President appointed as the Preacher before the next Annual Convention, the Rev. T. J. Giradeau, and as his alternate, the Rev. J. S. Kidney.

         The President appointed as the Committee on Unfinished Business, Rev. Mr. Glennie, and Messrs. John Hanckel and T. B. Clarkson;-- and as the Committee on Finance, Messrs. Sass, William Jervey and F. P. Elford.

        The Report of the Standing Committee was read by the Rev. Dr. Hanckel.

        The Standing Committee of the Diocese of South Carolina, respectfully report, that they were organized under the Certificate of the Secretary of the Convention on the 28th of August, it having been impossible to obtain a quorum previous to that time.

         They have recommended to the Bishop for Priest's Orders, the Rev. Robert W. Barnwell, Jr.

         For Deacon's Orders, Mr. P. F. Stevens and Mr. X. Y. Anderson.

         As a Candidate for Priest's Orders, the Rev. P. F. Stevens.

         They have also given their consent to the Consecration of the Rev. Richard H. Wilmer, D. D., of the Diocese of Virginia, Bishop elect of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Alabama, Confederate States of America.


        Mr. Sass moved that the Convention sit each day from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 3 o'clock, P. M.

         On motion, after Prayers by the President, the Convention adjourned at half past 2, P. M.

W. B. W. HOWE. Secretary.

Page 18


Grace Church, Charleston, Feb. 13th, 1862.

        The Convention met persuant to adjournment. Morning Prayer was read by Rev. Paul Trapier.

         After recess Convention was called to order by the President.

         The Journal of the proceeding day was read and confirmed.

        The roll of members absent yesterday was called, and the following Clergymen answered to their names. viz: Rev. John H. Elliott, Rev. P. J. Shand, Rev. E. J. Webb, Rev. J. V. Welch and Rev. Arthur Wigfall.

         Of Lay Delegates absent yesterday the following appeared and took seats, viz: O. J. Chafee, (St. Thaddæus, Aiken,) J. M. Elford, (Church of the Advent, Spartanbrug,) Dr. E. H. Fisher, (Trinity, Columbia,) Dr. Thomas Lining, (St. Jude's, Walterboro'.)

        Mr. Sass from Committee on Certificates of Lay Delegates reported the following as entitled to seats, viz: E. M. Seabrook, Dr. P. Pritchard, Wm. T. Allen, J. W. R. Pope, from St. Luke's Parish.-- Messrs. Andrew Johnstone, James H. Ladson, James R. Pringle, Simons Lucas from Church of the Messiah, North Santee. Messrs. Wm. E. Martin and Wm. B. Williams from Grace Church, Sullivan's Island. Messrs. J. A. Young, W. L. McCaa, Dr. L. H. Deas, J. M. DeSaussure from Grace Church, Camden.

         Their names were called, and the following answered to their names, viz: J. W. R. Pope, James R. Pringle and J. A. Young.

         Messrs. Henry D. Lesesne and Edward McCrady, from St. Philip's Charleston, also appeared and took seats as Honorary Members.

        Certificates of Lay Delegates from Christ Church, Christ Church Parish, were reported by Mr. Sass, who moved that they be admitted as Honorary Members of the Convention, they having been elected under the same circumstances as the Delegates from St. Philip's.

         Delegates Edmondston and Dawsonthreupon took seats.

         Mr. Sass moved leave of absence be granted to Mr. J. DuBose Porcher.

         Rev. C. P. Gadsden offered the following Preamble and Resolutions which were adopted:

        The sad intelligence has reached us of the death of the Rev. Henry M. Parker, one of our Missionaries to China. He fell, in company with another Missionary of the Cross, the Rev. Mr. Holmes, of the

Page 19

Baptist Mission, at Cheefoo, in October last, before the murderous assault of the insurgent Chinese.

        It was a Martyr's end; for these brethren, in the spirit of Christian love, had gone forth to endeavour to dissuade the approaching foe from the indiscriminate slaughter of the defenceless people, among whom they were labouring. The effort was unsuccessful; and they were called to seal, with their blood, their testimony to the peaceful and loving principles of the Gospel. Escape, under the protection of the French Commandant, was before them, had they not chosen to listen to the call of humanity rather than to provide for their own safety.

         Mr. Parker was a native of South Carolina; a candidate for Orders in this Diocese; and was ordained by Bishop Boone, on letters dismissary from our Diocesan. The prayers of his brethren went forth with him to his self denying work among the heathen; and now the tidings of his violent death fills us with sorrow.

         Yet we sorrow not as those without hope. He sleeps in Jesus; he has fallen, a warrior of the Cross, with his armour on: the crown of rejoicing is his, while it is our's to cherish his memory, and carry on his work.

        Be it therefore Resolved, That we deeply lament the loss of the Rev. Henry M. Parker, the peculiarly painful circumstances of whose death, fills us with sympathy for his bereaved family and his fellow labourers in a heathen land, whom we would affectionately commend to the sustaining grace of a Covenant God.

        Resolved, That this afflictive Providence attracts our attention to the China Mission, where several of our brethren, from the Confederate States, are "preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ," and that we see in it no cause for discouragement, but rather an incitement to more energetic support, inasmuch as "the blood of the martyr has ever proved the seed of the Church."

        Resolvd, That these proceedings be entered on the Journal and a copy sent to the afflicted family of the deceased. The Bishop's Address was then read to the Convention by the Rev. Thomas F. Davis.

Brethren of the Convention.

         I now lay before you my annual address. Since the last Convention my official acts have been as follows:

         1861. June 23d, Sunday. Forenoon, in Trinity Church, Abbeville, Rev. Benj. Johnson read the service and I preached. At night, Rev. Mr. Jones read service, Rev. Mr. Pinckney preached, and I confirmed thirteen white persons.

         June 25th, Tuesday. Forenoon, at Willington, in Abbeville District, consecrated to the service of Almighty God, St. Stephen's Church. Rev. Benj. Johnson read the service, Rev. C. P. Gadsden

Page 20

preached, and I confirmed two colored persons. These first fruits of Episcopacy in this neighborhood, are due chiefly to the faith and devotion of an earnest member of the Church. One of his principal objects is to aid in the spiritual instruction of the youths committed to his charge. May he be blessed with a rich return for years of patient abiding in faith and hope.

         July 7th, Sunday. In St. John's Church, Montgomery, Ala., I preached the sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Jarratt to the Order of Priests.

         July 16th, Tuesday. At night, in St. Luke's Church, Charleston, I preached and confirmed twelve white persons, one from St. Philip's Church, and two colored.

         July 19th, at night. At St. Helena Island, preached in the Village Chapel.

         July 20th, Saturday. In the Parish Church, preached and confirmed one white person.

         July 21st, Sunday. Forenoon, preached in St. Helena Church, Beaufort. Afternoon, prevented from attending Divine service by very heavy rain.

         July 22d, Monday. Preached again and confirmed fifteen white and ten colored persons.

         July 24th, Wednesday, Robertsville, Forenoon. I held Divine service and preached. A new church has been erected here but was not consecrated in consequence of the absence of the Rector, in attendance upon his duties as Chaplain to a portion of our South-Carolina troops in Virginia. The congregation is small, but zealous, and there is much hope of an increase of strength to their little band.

         July 28th, Sunday, Forenoon. Church of the Holy Trinity, Grahamville. This being the day set apart for Thanksgiving for the victory of our troops at Manassas, I preached upon the state of the country; and confirmed one white person and six colored. Afternoon, in the neighborhood of Grahamville, consecrated Bethel Chapel, which has been erected chiefly for the accommodation of the colored people: also preached and confirmed sixteen colored persons.

         July 31st, Wednesday. Bluffton, Forenoon, preached and confirmed three white persons: Rev. Mr. Wigfall reading the service.

         August 4th, Sunday. Forenoon, John's Island, preached at Legareville, and confirmed three white and seven colored persons.

         August 6th, at night. Preached at the Chapel at Rockville, Wadmalaw Island, and confirmed one white person and twelve colored: Rev. Mr. Jenkins reading the service.

         August 11th, Sunday. Forenoon, at Eddingsville on Edisto Island,

Page 21

preached and confirmed nine white and twenty-four colored persons.

         August 20th, Tuesday. In Grace Church, Charleston, confirmed one white person.

         August 25th. Grace Church, Camden, preached and confirmed one white person.

         September 1st, Sunday. Summerville, Forenoon, I preached and confirmed fourteen white persons. Afternoon, preached again: the Rector reading the service each time.

         September 7th, Saturday. Forenoon, Divine service at Bradford Springs, Rev. Mr. Roberts holding the whole service.

         September 8th, Sunday. Forenoon, Rev. Mr. Roberts read service and administered the Holy Communion. I preached and confirmed four white persons.

         September 28th, Saturday. Forenoon, in St. Jude's Church, Walterboro', I preached, the Rector reading service.

         September 29th, Sunday. Forenoon, I preached and confirmed five white persons. Afternoon and night, Rev. Edward Walker preached.

         October 6th, Sunday. Pendleton, preached, in the forenoon and confirmed two white and two colored persons. Holy Communion was administered. Afternoon, Divine service, I preached.

         October 9th, Wednesday. Forenoon, at Anderson, Divine service was held, I preached. Present, Rev. Messrs. Pinckney, Benj. Johnson and A. H. Cornish. Afternoon, Mr. Johnson preached. At night, Rev. Mr. Pinckney preached.

         October 12th, Saturday. Forenoon, Greenville, Divine service, Rev. Mr. Potter preached. At night, I preached.

         October 13th, Sunday. Forenoon, I preached and the Holy Communion was administered. Present, Rev. Messrs. Arthur, A. H. Cornish, Lance and Potter. Afternoon, Rev. Mr. Cornish preached. At night, I lectured on confirmation, and confirmed six white and two colored persons.

         October 20th, Sunday afternoon. Columbia, in the new College Chapel, Rev. Mr. Hubbard of North-Carolina preached and I confirmed fifteen white persons belonging to the congregation of Trinity Church. At night, in Christ Church, Right Rev. Stephen Elliott, of Georgia, preached, and at my request confirmed eight white persons.

         October 21st, Monday. Forenoon, in the new College Chapel ordained to the Order of Deacon, Mr. P. F. Stevens. The candidate was presented by the Rev. C. P. Gadsden, and my Right Reverend Brother the Bishop of Texas, most kindly assisted me in performing most of the services and in preaching the sermon.


Page 22

November 3d, Sunday. Forenoon, in St. Mark's Church, Clarendon, ordained to the Order of Deacons, Mr. X. Y. Anderson. Rev. Mr. Habersham, the Rector, reading the service and presenting the candidate, I preached the sermon.

         January 26th, 1862, Sunday. Forenoon, at Orangeburg, Rev. Paul Trapier read the service, and I preached, Holy Communion was also administered. Afternoon, Rev. Mr. Trapier read the service and baptized one white adult. I preached and confirmed four white persons.

         February 2nd, Sunday. St. Matthew's Parish, in the Parish Church, Rev. Dr. Walker read the service and baptized one white adult. I preached and confirmed five white persons.

         The whole number of persons confirmed since the last Convention is white, 123; colored, 83; total 206.

         I have admitted to the Holy Order of Deacons, Mr. P. F. Stevens and Mr. X. Y. Anderson. There are now eleven candidates for Orders in the Diocese; nine of whom are members of our Theological Seminary; Thomas C. Evans, W. C. Guerry, John Johnson, W. B. Dubose, A. R. Walker, W. W. Patrick, Tho. F. Gadsden, John W. Motte, D. P. Hay, Robert H. Wilson and D. D. Rosa. I have received into the Diocese the Rev. R. T. Brown from Virginia.

         I have consecrated to the service of Almighty God St. Stephen's Church at Willington, in Abbeville District, and Bethel Chapel in the neighborhood of Grahamville.

         Account of Diocesan and Missionary funds in my hands: Remaining over from the last Convention, $1398.14. Received since that time from Collection on the first day of the Convention, $25.25; Walterboro, $75; St. Matthew's Parish, $20; Advancement Society, $150; Ladies Society, Beaufort, $54; St. Helena, Beaufort, $111; Grace Church, Camden, $66.60; Bradford Springs, $12; St. Peter's, Charleston, $42.75; St. Helena Island, $75; Edisto Island, $7; Trinity Church, Columbia, $8; St. Philip's, Charleston, $32.50; St. Michael's, Charleston, $35; St. Mark's Clarendon, $20; in all, $2132.30.

         Expended of these funds since the last Convention: Chapel in Chesterfield District, $50; Rev. Benj. Johnson, $50; Orangeburg, $100; Rev. Mr. Olmsted, $150; Rev. Mr. Moore, $100; Yorkville, $250; Newberry, $200; Rev. Mr. Green, $80; in all, $980; leaving in my hands, $1152.30.

         Account of Theological Seminary funds in my hands: Remaining over from the last Convention, $321.60; since then there have been no receipts. I have expended since that time for Mr. Hay,

Page 23

$50; for Mr. Patrick, $50; in all, $100: Leaving in my hands, $221.60.

         In August last our brother, the late Rev. J. W. Taylor, departed this life. He had for several previous years been a minister of this church in Deacon's Orders, and with patient toil gave himself to the service of his Master. He was a man of meek disposition, kind and affectionate heart, and of sincerely pious affections. In his last hours he declared, "Jesus has been with me all through my sickness, I have no reason to distrust Him for what is to come."

         In the month of July last I attended the first General Provisional Convention of our Southern Church, which held its session in Montgomery, Alabama; and again, in October, an adjourned meeting of the same body, sitting in Columbia, in this State. This last session was more numerous than the former. Both of these bodies were able, earnest, thorough in discussion, and generally united in council. Although provisional, their acts are real and authoritative; as much so as those of any future General Convention, that must be founded upon them, and the sources which authorize them. These Conventions both assumed and declared that we were no longer, as a Church, in administrative union with the Church in the United States, as was also declared in the last Convention of this Diocese. It seems strange, therefore, that we should now have to reconsider our grounds, and review our conclusions; but there is an apparent necessity that it should be so; you will pardon me, therefore, a reference once more to these points.

         This whole subject is simply a question of jurisdiction. It involves no Article of the Faith, no spiritual condition or office. The creeds all pre-existed our present condition. They were and are embraced by us. We were all Bishops, Presbyters, Deacons and Laymen of the Episcopal Church, and are so still unchanged. The inquiry, then, is merely one of administration and jurisdiction. But jurisdiction in the Church is not strictly jure divino. The right of jurisdiction is, but the appointments and arrangements are not. Therefore, although in the Church, its construction and relations must be human only. They must occupy the same ground as other human institutions, and be subject to the dispensations of Divine Providence and the necessary changes of things. The truth is, the present great revolution is a dispensation extraordinary, and a revelation from God. It is a voice from on high, speaking to men and changing and shaping the forms of society, both civil and religious. This is the radical truth that underlies this subject, and to this we will all have ultimately to come in our conclusions. But there are some other points that must be considered. In my Address to the last Convention of this Church, I

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stated it as my judgment that the Constitution of the General Convention of the Church in the United States made citizenship in the United States a condition precedent and necessary to membership in that body; that no citizen, holding and owing allegiance to a foreign power, could be a member of that General Convention. I see no reason to change that judgment. The more it is examined into, the more I think it will appear that the words "in the United States" in Art. I., and "in any of the United States" in Art. V., are terms of jurisdiction, and not merely descriptions of locality. This idea of citizenship being necessary to jurisdiction, has always fully pervaded the English Church; and from that Church they, who sat in the Convention of 1789, and framed the Constitution, derived their opinions. This, then, must have been the uppermost and prevailing idea with them. It appears, also, in the preface to the Prayer Book, and subsequently in Section VII. of Canon XIII. of the Church in the United States. Indeed the inconveniences of a different construction are so great and manifold as to forbid its, reception. Still it must be admitted that all this will not help us in the estimation. of that Church. They may acknowledge the principle; I think some of them have done so; but denied its application to ourselves. They deny that we are the citizens of a foreign State, and affirm that our allegiance is still due only to themselves. Now who is to determine this question? It must be done apart from the Constitution of the Church in the United States. What makes us a free and independent people? What can ever make us such? Should the European Powers recognize our independence, would that be to constitute it; or would it be only to acknowledge its existence? Should the United States themselves hereafter recognize us as a people, would that be to make or only to confess us such? Should they refuse to do this for evermore, could that unmake us what we are and will be in the eyes of men and nations? Here, then, comes up again the great question of our rightful and sustained revolution: what we are, under God, and (as we fully believe,) in accordance with his will, we have made ourselves, both in Church and State. Ultimately, then, whether we take the view, which I suppose to be just, of the Constitution of the Church in the United States, or reject it, we must come back to this point. I accept it. I believe in the right of revolution, as well in the ecclesiastical government as in the civil. I believe that both are, by the Divine will, made subject to the rights and laws of humanity, and the changes of Providence. A bondage to despotism is no part of the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. To suppose it to be so is superstition and not religion. Upon the whole, then, I hold that we are severed, now

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and forever, from the jurisdiction of the Episcopal Church in the United States; that we are no more bound to consult them than they are to consult us, and that our ecclesiastical acts are not at all dependent upon their will.

         So far, I have not considered the case of original, Diocesan independency-- subject, however, to the just and due relations to Catholic Christianity, and the associated duties thence resulting. This I acknowledge, and that it is the proper form into which the Church resolves herself upon every necessary dissolution of Confederacy. In this form, also, has been the action of all the Southern Dioceses, in forming our new Confederation. But the principle I have advocated draws deeper than this. A strict Diocesan existence is not essential to the exercise of Christian right and liberty, when compelled to dissolve existing associations. There was no proper form of Diocesan Episcopacy in the Colonies of America at the time of the Declaration of American Independence. The Christians in the Colonies formed their respective Dioceses, with their Constitutions and Laws, and from them we have all been derived. In accordance with these conclusions, upon the request of my brother, the Rev. R. H. Wilmer, D. D., Bishop elect of Alabama, to take part, if necessary, in his consecration, I have consented to do so. It will be at considerable personal sacrifices to myself, and loss of time to the Diocese, now demanding my attention but I hope it will meet with the approbation of the Convention.

         Permit me, brethren, to commend to your consideration, and press upon your kindness and confidence, our Theological Seminary. With all the other institutions of our country, it has had its trials during the past year. Still by the goodness of God, it has gone on well, and with increasing strength. It has secured the confidence and affection of the students. The instructions of the Professors have been unremitted, faithful, able and successful. This I say with the more pleasure, because I know that my own labors as Professor have contributed so very little to the instructions given. Especially let me remind you that the salaries of the Professors are dependent altogether upon contributions, which are at present very largely behind-hand. I know the times are hard, but I beseech you, let not this Seminary fall.

         Beloved brethren, the times that try men's souls are upon us. We are visited with a war, cruel and unnatural. Those who were our brethren are invading our soil and desolating our homes. Every day brings with it increased intelligence of their encroachments ravages and bloodshed. But let none of these things move us. Let us "not be afraid of their terror, neither be troubled; but sanctify the Lord God in our hearts." By Him, and in Him,

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and of Him are all things, through Jesus Christ our Lord. All things work together for good to them that love Him. He is chastening us for our sins, and proving our faith, that it may be found in His sight "laudable, glorious and honorable." Let us submit to His holy will; rest upon His mercies, and pray to Him to strengthen our confidence in His mighty power and righteous judgment. Let us strive to be knit together more closely in the bonds of Christian fellowship, and to possess all peace and joy in believing.


        Dr. Lebby handed in the Report of the Treasurer Mr. Flag.

         The Convention proceeded to the Election of the Standing Committee.

         Rev. J. H. Elliott and Rev. Paul Trapier were appointed Tellers of the vote of the Clergy; and J. K. Sass and J. A. Young Tellers of the vote of the Laity.

        Rev. Mr. Trapier moved to suspend the Rule of Order which required that Delegates to the General Convention should next be elected.
Agreed to.

         The Convention thereupon proceeded to ballot for Trustees to the Diocesan Theological Seminary.

        The Rev. Messrs. Bellinger and Pringle were appointed Tellers on the part of the Clergy; and Messrs. John Hanckel and J. M. Wilson on the part of the Laity.

         The Tellers of the Lay vote for Standing Committee made their report. The Committee is the same as that of the preceding year, viz:

         The Tellers on the part of the Clergy announced the same gentlemen elected by the Clerical vote.

         Rev. J. H. Elliott offered the following Resolutions which were adopted:

         1. Resolved, That the Bishop of the Diocese be requested to furnish his address for publication, and that five hundred copies of the same be printed for circulation.

         2. Resolved, That with consent of the Bishop, such portions of his address as have reference to the political state of the country and to our own Ecclesiastical relations be published as soon as possible in the daily papers.

Page 27

        Rev. Paul Trapier moved to amend the Journal of 1861 as follows:

        Whereas at the late Convention, it was resolved that a Committee of three be appointed to prepare, and report such alterations of the Constitution and Canons (vide page 25 of Journal,) as are or may be required by our changes of civil and ecclesiastical relations, and whereas no record is on the Journal to show that such Committee were appointed; therefore,

         Resolved, That the true record is and should be that the Rev. Messrs. P. Trapier and J. S. Hanckel, and H. D. Lesesne were appointed and are that Committee.

        This correction was agreed to.

         Delegates from the Churches were called upon to pay their assessments to defray expenses of the Convention.

        Mr. John Hanckel, Teller of the vote of the Laity for Trustees of the Diocesan Theological Seminary, reported the election, by that Orner, of

         Rev. E. E. Bellinger reported the result of the Clerical vote for Trustees of the Seminary to be as follows:

        Elected by the Clergy--Rev. P. J. Shand, Rev. C. P. Gadsden, Rev. J. J. Roberts, and Messrs. H. D. Lesesne and J. K. Sass, also a failure to elect one Layman.


were therefore delared to be elected; and a second ballot was ordered for one remaining Lay-Trustee.

        Rev. Mr. Glennie moved to amend the Rules of Order by inserting in Article 4, Section 8, after "Committee on Unfinished Business," "Trustees of the University of the South." Carried.

        Mr. J. K. Sass from the Committee on Finance reported to have examined the Treasurer's Report of the Convention Fund and to have found it correct.

Page 28

Pro. Epis. Conventton Fund In Account with Charles E. B. Flagg, Treasurer.



June 20 To Cash paid Organist of Trinity Church, Abbeville, for two days. . . . . $6 00
  [To Cash paid] Sexton of Trinity Church, Abbeville. . $6 00
April 3 [To Cash paid] Assessment of Diocese of S. C. for expenses of Montgomery Convention, by order of Gen. Wm. E. Martin. . . . . . 40 00
" 30 [To Cash paid] A. E. Miller on Account. . . . . 100 00
Nov. 6 [To Cash paid] Expenses of Pro. Epis. Convention, of C. S. A. per Order of John M. Mitchell endors- by J. K. Sass. . . . . 77 00
    $229 00
  To Balance due Treasurer. . . . . $24 00



June 20 By Subscription from Grace Church, Camden $10 00
" " St. Philip's Church, Bradford Springs. . . . . 5 00
" " Trinity Church, Columbia. . . . . 20 00
" " Church of the Holy Comforter, Sumter. . . . . 5 00
" " St Helena Church, St. Helena Island. . . . . 10 00
" " St. James's Church, Santee. . . . . 10 00
" " St. Jude's Church, Walterboro'. . . . . 10 00
" " St. Stephen's and St. John's, Fairfield. . . . . 5 00
" " Trinity Church, Abbeville. . . . . 5 00
" " St Paul's Church, 5 00
" " St. Thaddæus' Church, Aiken. . . . . 5 00
" " Church of the Redeemer, Orangeburg. . . . . 5 00
" " Church of the Holy Communion, Charleston. . . . 5 00
" " Pineville and Upper St. John's Church. . . . . 10 00
" " All Saihts, Waccamaw. . . . . 10 00
" " Church of the Nativity, Union. . . . . 5 00
" " Trinity Church, Society Hill. . . . . 10 00
July 12 " St. Peter's Church, Charleston. . . . . 20 00
Aug. 0 " St. Paul's Church, Stono. . . . . 5 00
Oct. 20 " Grace Church, Charleston. . . . . 20 00
Nov. 1 Christ Church, Charleston. . . . . 5 00
" 2 " St. Michael's Church, Charleston. . . . . 20 00
1862. Balance due Treasurer. . . . . 24 00
July 11   $229 00

CHARLES E. B. FLAGG, Treasurer.

Page 29

        The Rev. Mr. Glennie submitted the Report of the Committee on Unfinished Business:

        The Committee on Unfinished Busines respectfully report as follows:--

        Page 12.--"The late Treasurer, Wm. E. Martin, submitted his accounts as Treasurer, which, on his motion, was referred to a special Committee for examination." Messrs. John Hanckel and Heriot were appointed the Committee. The Journal does not show that the Committee made a report.

        Page 23.--"Rev. P. Trapier offered a resolution, which, having been amended, is as follows--"Resolved, that the Committee appointed by the last Convention, (p. 27) on a Canon of the General Convention, have leave to sit again, and report to the next Convention."

         By referring to the Journal of 1860 it appears that the Committee consists of Rev. P. Trapier, and Messrs. W. F. Colcock and R. F. W. Allston: also, that the Canon is Canon V. Sect. II of Title III. of the Digest of the Canons, which relates to Parish boundaries.

        Again on page 23."--Resolved, that the Committee of the last Convention (p. 40) in reference to a Bill of Incorporation, have leave to sit again, and that the vacancy occasioned by the absence of Mr. Memminger be filled and two other be appointed." The Rev. T. S. Arthur, Messrs. J. J. P. Smith and Wm. A. Pringle were appointed the additional members of the Committee. By referring to page 40 of the Journal of 1860 it is found that Rev. P. Trapier and Wm. E. Martin are the other members of the Committee.

        Page 25.--The 5th resolution declares that a Committee of Three be appointed to prepare such alterations in our Constitution and Canons, as are or may be required by our changes of civil and ecclesiasticle relations, and to report to this Convention.

        The Journal does not show that any Committee was appointed.

        Page 30.--Mr. Lesesne offered the following resolution:

        "Resolved, that the 3d Section of the 3d Article of the Constitution be amended by inserting after the word Diocese, on the second line, the words-- "a Professor in a Theological Seminary." It is not stated that this was agreed to:--if it was the two-thirds vote of the Convention is now required.

         Page 30.--In the report of the Committee on Unfinished Business, it is remarked --"On page 26 (of the Journal of 1860) we find the following: Rev. W. H. Hanckel moved to amend the 4th Article of the Constitution, by substituting twenty for ten, in the first line of the number necessary to form a quorum." This was agreed to in 1860.-- By Article 14 of our Constitution, it was necessary that this should be concurred in by two-thirds of the Churches present.--The Journal does not say that any action was taken upon it.

        Page 31.--The same report mentions that on page 27 of the Journal of 1860, Mr. W. Wigfall offered a resolution in relation of the safekeeping of the records of the Convention, &, and Messrs. Wm. H. Martin, J. Hanckel, and H. D. Lesesne, were appointed a Committee

Page 30

to consider the necessity of the measure.--The Journal does not shew that there was any action taken upon it.

        The same report refers also to page 28 of the Journal of 1860, where is found a resolution of the Rev. Mr. Pinckney, directing the appointment of a Committee of Three, to examine the nature of the bequests from this Diocese to the General Theological Seminary, &c., and the remark is made that the Journal of 1860 does not shew that any Committee was appointed.--In the Journal of 1861 it does not appear that any action was taken upon this.

        Mr. John Hanckel presented his Report as Treasurer of the Bishop's Permanent Fund as follows:

Bishop's Permanent Fund, in account with JOHN HANCKEL, Treasurer.



To Investments. . . . . $9,900 00
" Paid the Bishop of the Dio. Four Quarter's Salary. . . . 4000 00
" Incidental Expenses. . . . . 207 63
" Balance in the Treasurers hands. . . . . 136 41
  $14,244 04


By Balance from last year. . . . . $631 40
By Bond Account. . . . . 9,460 00
By Interest and Dividends. . . . 4,152 64
  $14,244 04

JOHN HANCKEL, Treasurer.

         The report was accepted.

         Mr. John Hanckel, from Tellers of Lay vote, reported the election, of Dr. L. H. Deas, on the second ballot for one Lay Trustee of the Diocesan Seminary.

        Rev. E. E. Bellinger from Tellers of Clerical vote on same ballot reported the election by the Clergy of Mr. J. R. Pringle; but this result again conflicting with that reached by the Lay vote, the Rev. Mr. Pringle withdrew Mr. J. R. Pringle's name and nominated Dr. Deas who was then elected in both orders viva voce.

         Rev. Mr. Glennie made the following Report from the Trustees of the University of the South:

Report of the Trustees of the University of the South.

        The Board of Trustees of the University of the South held their Annual Meeting in Columbia, So. Ca. in October last. In consequence of the state or the country nothing could be done towards furthering this great enterprise. Committees, however, were appointed to have in charge the interests and property of the University.





        Mr. John Hanckel reported on the Treasurer's Report of 1860.

        Rev. Paul Trapier from the Committee on Incorporation of Churches

Page 31

made the following Report which, with the Resolutions accomnying it, was received and adopted.

        The Committee to whom the Bill on Incorporation of Churches was re-committed (see Journal of 1860, p. 40,) with instructions to report on the whole subject matter, do now respectfully recommend that application be made to the Legislature of this State for the enactment of the following:


         Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by authority of the same, That hereafter when any male adults, being not less than twelve in number in this State shall desire to associate themselves together for the purpose of forming a Church according to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church in this State, they shall be allowed to do so by filing with the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas and General Sessions, for the District in which the said applicants reside a written statement of such purpose and intention, signed by them, and setting forth the name of their Church and the style of their corporation, which statement shall be recorded in the said Clerk's office, and on receiving his Certificate thereof they shall become a Body Politic and Corporate for the purpose aforesaid, and shall be known by the name and style designated in their said written statement.

         Sect. 2. That the said Corporations shall, by their respective corporate names, have succession of officers and members according to their respective By-Laws, and shall have power to make all By-Laws, Rules and Regulations for their government not repugnant to the laws of South Carolina or the Constitution, Canons, and other regulations of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the same. To have and to keep and use a Common Seal, and the same alter at will. To sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in any Court of this State--and to have and enjoy every right incident to Incorporations.

         Sec. 3. They shall also be empowered severally, to retain, possess, and enjoy all such property, real or personal, as they may respectively be possessed of, or in any wise entitled unto, or which shall hereafter be given, bequeathed, or in any way acquired by them, and to sell, alien, and in any way transfer the same or any part thereof.

         See. 4. Any Congregation of the Protestant Episcopal Church, already incorporate in South Carolina, may, on the expiration of their Charter, or at any time before, if they see proper to surrender their Charter, become a Body Politic and Corporate under the provision of this Act, by making known their intentions to do so, according to the provisions of the first section of the same.


Page 32

Sec. 5. Charter secured or renewed under this act shall be perpetual, subject however to the power of the General Assembly to repeal or alter the same.



        The Resolutions accompanying are as follows:--

         Resolved, 1st. That a Committee of one Clergyman and three Laymen, with the Bishop as Chairman, be appoiuted to present to the Legislature of this State, at its next session, a petition for the enactment of the form of Incorporation now adopted.

         Resolved, 2d. That the. action of the Legislature thereon, be reported at the next ensuing meeting of this Convention, in order that, if the Act of Incorporation be accepted by the Convention, it may be printed with every succeeding Journal, for the use of the Congregations wishing incorporation.

         Resolved, 3d. That the Secretary publish with the Journal of tbis Convention, and of every succeeding Convention, so long as may be necessary, a list of the Congregations whose charters have expired, or are to expire, with the dates of these latter; in order that the Congregations therein named may apply for incorporation, under the general Act, as they may severally desire.

         The Committee appointed to present the foregoing Form of Incorporation to the Legislature are, Right Rev. Bishop Davis, Chairman, Rev. Paul Trapier, Hon. H. D. Lesesne, John DeSaussure, Judge Pringle.

         Rev. Mr. Trapier from the Committee on Parish Boundaries made a Report which was laid on the table for the present.

         Rev. Mr. Trapier moved to take up the proposed Constitution of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States. Rev. J. H. Cornish moved that it be made the order of the day for to-morrow at eleven. Carried. It was moved that the Mr. Lesesne, Honorary Member from St. Philip's be permitted to present the Report of the Trustees of the Diocesan Theological Seminary.

         The Bishop retiriug, Rev. Dr. Hanckel assumed the Chair.

         Mr. Lesesne made his Report, and moved that it, together with the Reports of the Professors of the Seminary be printed in the Journal.

         Mr. Lesesne moved likewise that certain amendments to the Constitution of the Seminary in relation to the times of vacation, recommended by the Board of Trustees, be adopted.

         The Amendments passed unanimously.

         The Bishop here resumed the Chair.

Page 33

Report of the Trustees of the Theological Seminary of the Diocese of South-Carolina.

         The Trustees of "the Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South-Carolina" present to the Convention this their fourth Annual Report.

         The present number of Students is ten--the same who were mentioned in the last Annual Report, there having been no senior class during the preceding year.

         Notwithstanding the distracted state of the country, and the financial embarrassments which are felt by all, the exercises of the Institution have been kept up uninterruptedly; and the accompanying Reports of the Professors of "Pastoral Theology and Church Polity, (the Bishop) of Ecclesiastical History and of Systematic Divinity and the Evidences of Christianity, show that its condition is better than could have been expected. But the Board are pained to add that the Professor of Hebrew, is still unable, from ill health, to discharge the duties of his chair. And we must expect for some time to have those duties performed, as they now are, by the other Professors.

         The Treasurer's Report (which also accompanies this) shows that the fund for the permanent endowment of the Seminary has been increased from the amount of $1141 76 to $1953. But the Board regret to state that the sums received for current expenses have been insufficient, so that there is still due the sum of $450 on account of the Professors' Salaries, for the quarter which ended on the 1st January ult. Something has been already received since the opening of the Convention to make up this deficiency, and we hope that before the Convention adjourns it will be made up entirely. The whole amount at present required for salaries is $3,000 annually, and the other expenses of the Institution are very small.

         The Constitution provides for a vacation commencing on the last Friday in June and ending on the first Monday in October, and also for vacations at Christmas and Easter. The Board recommend that the Christmas and Easter vacations be abolished, and the Summer Vacation be extended to four months, and that the Constitution be accordingly so altered that the first section of the eighth Article shall read as follows:

         ART. 8, Sec. 1. The full course of study in this Seminary shall occupy three years, commencing in each year on the third Monday in October, and terminating on the third Monday in June, from which time there shall be a vacation until the third Monday in October. There shall also be a suspension of Recitations of the Seminary on Christmas day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and on Ascension Day. Moreover it shall be in the power of the Faculty to suspend recitations whenever in their judgment it is deemed advisable.

Report of the Bishop.

         Since October last I have discharged the duties of Professor in my departments, with the Senior Class, as opportunity has been afforded me. The instruction given have been chiefly in the form of cornevsational

Page 34

lectures, accompanied by examinations. These lectures have occupied about two hours each, a certain portion of Potter on Church Government was assigned previously as a lesson, and was made the basis of the examination and the instructions--the Lecture carrying forth the subjects through the whole range of Church Polity. In this manner more than two-thirds of the course have been accomplished, and I hope the whole will be completed before the end of the term. The exercises thus far have been gratifying and satisfactory.

        To this I would add as President, that in November last terms had been arranged and accepted for filling the department of Hebrew in the Seminary, but the invasion of our sea coast breaking up our financial resources produced a disappointment in this direction; but for which, just at present there appears to be no remedy. The future will we trust supply the defect.

THOMAS F. DAVIS, Pres. and Prof. of Ch. Pol. and Past. Theol'y

Report of the Professor of Ecclesiastical History in charge also of Scriptural Exegesis.

         In these departments, under my charge since the previous Report, which was to the end of the last term, we have met with many interruptions; the undersigned having been called to attend on a Committee appointed by the Convention from the Dioceses in the Confederate States, and at the adjourned meeting of the same Convention in Columbia. The Students also have been scattered by the invasion of our coast; so that for some weeks we had out of ten Students only one present in each class. Three are still absent on military or domestic duty, but we have had with us seven since the beginning of this year.

         With the Senior Class we have studied, in Exegesis the Epistles to the Corinthians and six chapters of Genesis, and in Ecclesiastical History that of England into the reign of Edward VI.

         With the middle class we have examined in Exegesis thirteen chapters of the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistle to the Romans to the 24th verse of the 8th Chapter.

         In the Junior Class there is only one Student--with him the first three months were spent chiefly in preparing him for the exegetical study of the Greek Testament, in which since the 1st of January he has recited twenty sections of Robinson's Harmony--he has made good progress also in the Old Testament History, and in that of the first three Centuries of the Christian Church.



Report of the Professor of Systematic Divinity and Evidences of Christianty.

         Greatly to the regret of the Professors the invasion of our coast caused the withdrawal of three members of the Senior Class early in the term. The remaining members of this Class have studied with the

Page 35

Professor of Systematic Divinity--Magee and Jerram on the Atonement, Robert Hall on Substitution, and with Brown on the 39 Articles as a basis of the course. They have also studied Hill and Seeker on Inspiration, and Chillingworth and Seeker on the Rule of Faith--They are now engaged on the 9th Article.

         The Middle Class (in the Department of Evidences) finished Keith on Prophecy, Campbell on Miracles, and the greater part of Rawlinson's Evidences.

         In Systematic Divinity they have been engaged with Pearson on the Creed; and with Scott on the Mediatorial offices of Christ.

         The Junior Class (consisting of only one) has studied Paley's Evidences, Soame Jenyn's View, Littleton on St. Paul, and commenced Paley's Horæ Paulinæ.

         In Homiletics--Vinet has been the text Book.

         Every fortnight writen Sermons have been delivered in the presence and submitted to the criticism of the Professor.

         In spite of the intense anxiety, occasioned by the unsettled condition of the country, the studies of all the Classes have been prosecuted with a regularity and devotedness highly commendable.


J. S. HANCKEL, Prof. Systematic Divinity.

Treasurer's Report to the Trustees of the Theological Seminary of the Diocese of South-Carolina.

        The Treasurer begs leave to report that since his report made in June last he has received from various sources, for the payment of

which, (with the exception of the sum still on hand uninvested) is laid out in State Bonds, Confederate State Bonds, and deposits in the Savings Institution.

         In addition to the above, a donation has been received from some member of St. Philip's Church of five Shares in the Charleston Gass Light Company, and five Shares in the State Bank. The par value

Page 36

of these Stocks is $56 per share, so that the fund for endowment of the Seminary may be set down as amounting to about $1,953.

         The Treasurer regrets to say, that although he has paid out all that he has received of the money contributed for current expenses, there is still due to each of the Professors, the sum of $225, on account of the quarter's salary, which became due on the 1st January ult.

        The Treasurer has not found it convenient to make out for the Board a detailed account of all the moneys received and paid away by him: But his Books will show the particulars of the statements above mentioned.

Respectfully submitted,

HENRY D. LESESNE, Treasurer.

Charleston, Feb. 12, 1862.

         The Rev. Mr. Porter moved that the next Annual Convention be held in St. Philip's Church, Charleston, on the Constitutional day.-- Agreed to.

         The hour of 3 o'clock having arrived, after Prayers by the President, the Convention adjourned.

W. B. W. HOWE, Secretary.

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Grace Church, Charleston, Friday, Feb. 14th, 1862.

        The Convention met according to adjournment at 10 o'clock. Morning Prayer was read by the Rev. L. F. Guerry.

         After recess Convention was called to order by the Bishop.

         The Minutes of yesterday were read and approved.

         Dr. I. M. Campbell from St. Michael's Church, Charleston, Dr. S. W. Barker, from St. John's, Berkley, and Wm. Whaley, Esq. from Grace Church, Charleston, took their seats as Lay Delegates.

         The hour of eleven having arrived the Rev. Paul Trapier made a verbal report in relation to the proceedings of the Convention held in Columbia in October last, and explanatory of the Proposed Constitution of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States reported to that Convention.

         Rev. J. H. Elliott moved the following Resolution:

        Resolved, That the Convention of this Diocese do agree to the pro posed Constitution.

         After an extended debate the question was taken on this Resolution, the Clergy and Laity voting by orders, and the Resolution passed.

         On Motion of the Rev. Mr. Elliott the Convention proceeded to ballot for three Clerical and three Lay Delegates to the General Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States. Rev. Messrs. Reed and J. S. Hanckel were appointed Tellers of the vote of the Clergy, and Messrs. John Hanckel and Elford of the Laity.

         The Bishop extended an invitation to the Convention to be present at the Consecration of St. Luke's Church, Charleston, to-morrow at half past ten--also to the Clergy to visit the various Hospitals for sick Soldiers in the city.

         Rev. P. Trapier from the Committee appointed at the last Convention to propose such alterations in our Constitution and Canons as might be rendered necessary by changes in our civil and ecclesiastical relations presented the following Report:

        The Committee appointed at the last Convention, (see Journal of 1861, p. 25) to prepare such alterations in our Constitution and Canons as are, or may be required by our changes of civil and ecclesiastical relations, and to report to this Convention, respectfully recommend.

        1. That in the Constitution and Canons the word "Convention" be changed to "Council," and the word "United" to "Confederate," wherever they respectively occur.

        2. That Article XIII be changed so as to read as follows:

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Of Deputies to the General Council.

         Sec. 1. At every Annual Council three Presbyters and three Laymen shall be chosen by ballot to represent this Diocese, in the General Council. Three other Presbyters and three Other Laymen shall also be chosen by ballot, as substitutes for those first chosen.

         Sec. 2. In case any Deputy of those first chosen shall decline such appointment, or be unable to attend, he shall forthwith inform the Ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese, and the said Ecclesiastical authority shall thereupon summon to the General Council one of the substitutes in the order in which their names are on the Journal, which order shall be decided by lot by the Managers at the time of the election.

All which is Respectfully submitted by




        The recommendations were adopted.

         Tellers of votes for Delegates to the General Council reported the election in both orders, of two Clerical and two Lay Delegates, viz: Rev. Messrs. P. Trapier, C. C. Pinckney, and Messrs. Sass and R. F. Allston.

         A second ballot was ordered for one Clerical and one Lay Delegate.

         This resulted in the election of C. Hanckel, D. D.

         A third ballot was then had for the remaining Lay Delegate when Mr. McCrady was elected in both orders.

         Rev. Mr. Bellinger moved to take up the Report of the Committee on Parish Boundaries, which was agreed to.

         On motion of the Rev. Mr. Trapier the same was laid on the table.

         The Report is as follows:

        The Committee, appointed by the Convention of 1860 (see Journal, page 27) to prepare the legislation that may be requisite in defining the Parish Boundaries, and for forming new Parishes within the limits of other Parishes, respectfully recommend that, in order to this end, there be added to Article XII of the Constitution of the Church in this Diocese, the following words, after the word thereupon, (line 10) viz:

        In case the Church so applying, should be within the limits of one, or within those common to more than one, of the existing Churches of this Diocese, the Church so applying shall state also the reasons for its proposed organization, the distance of its place of worship from the other, or from each of the others, together with whatever additional facts may throw light upon its relations to the said existing Church or Churches. And the Diocesan Convention shall decide whether or no such proposed organization shall take effect. and the Church be admitted into union, as in other cases, with this Council.




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        Rev. Mr. Porter moved that two hundred and fifty copies of the Journal of this Convention be printed. Agreed to.

         After Prayers by the Bishop the Convention adjourned.

W. B. W. HOWE, Secretary.

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Arranged Alphabetically According to the Names of the Clergy.
FROM JUNE 19TH, 1861, TO FEB. 12TH, 1862.

Grace Church, Camden.
The Rt. Rev. Thomas F. Davis, D. D., Rector.
The Rev. Thomas F. Davis, Jr., Assistant Rector.

        Baptisms--Children, 1 white, 1 colored; total, 2. Burials. 3. Communicants, admitted, 5; removed, 4 white, 1 colored; present number, 77 white, 7 colored, total, 84. Children under 14, about 90 white. Families, 45 white, 4 colored. Confirmed, 1 white. Sunday Schools, Teachers, 17 white; Scholars about 75 white, about 30 colored. Contributions, Communion Alms, $87,78; Diocesan Missions, $60,99; for sufferers by fire in Charleston, $37,33; Children of Sunday School for same, $7,33; ditto, for purchase of Sunday School Books, $9,50; ditto, for Indian Mission under Bishop Lay, $12,52. Total, $215,45

        REMARKS.--It will be observed that this report, covering only the period elapsing since our last Convention, embraces but a term of not quite eight months. Several families, owing to the harassed condition of our sea-board, are at present residing transiently in Camden, which are not included in the above enumeration. The Theological Seminary continues to be a very important adjunct of this Parish, through the manifold assistance rendered by the Students in religious labors.

St. Luke's, Clarendon, Mission to Negroes.
Rev. X. Y. Anderson Missionary.

        Baptisms--Children, 119. Marriages, 2. Burials, adults, 2; 1 child, total 3. Held service and preached 29 times. This report dates from the 10th of November, the Sunday subsequent to the Missionary's ordination. Since then he has been engaged on four plantations holding service on two of them each alternate Sabbath, (morning and evening.) The grown persons catechised every Sabbath--children in the week. Arrangements have been made to extend the work, which the Missionary humbly hopes under the blessing of God may not be without abundant fruit. This extension will embrace six additional plantations

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within the Missionary's range. There are already a large number who have been gathered into the Church's fold by former ministers, exclusive of the communicants connected with St. Mark's Church The number of them the Missionary is not yet prepared to report, as they have been several years without pastoral charge.

Christ Church, Greenville.
The Rev. T. S. Arthur, Rector.

        Baptisms--Adults, 1 white, 1 colored; children, 6 white, 3 colored; total, 1I Marriages, 1 colored. Burials, 5 white, 1 colored; total 6. Communicants last reported, 87 whites, 3 colored; total 90; admitted, 3 white, 1 colored; total 4; removed, 1; died 2; present number, 87 white, 4 colored; total 91. Congregation, Non-Communicants, 111 white, 21 colored; total 132; Children under 14, 95 white, 14 colored; total 109; Famalies, 58 white, 4 colored; total, 62; Families belonging also to other Congregations of Pro. Epis. Church, 5 white, 1 colored; total 6. Confirmed by the Bishop, 6 white, 2 colored; total 8. Sunday Schools, Number of Teachers, 7 white; Number of Scholars, 45 white. Subjects of instruction, Church Catechism No. 2 and 3, the Collect, Epistle and Gospel for the day, &c. &c. Public Worship, Christ Church, number of Sundays 51; number of other days 32; total, 132, Contributions, Communion Alms $95,74; Missions, Diocesan, $38; other Church purposes, $30.50; total $164,24. REMARKS--It is With gratitude, the Rector acknowledges his indebtedness for important services rendered to his Congregation during his absence with the Army of the Potomac, by Rev. Messrs. Potter and McCollough; and also since his return, for occasional aid by the Rev. Messrs. Potter, Campbell and Glennie.

St. Jude's Church, Walterboro'.
The Rev. E. E. Bellinger, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adults, 1 colored; Children, 4 white, 18 colored; total 23. Marriages, 2 white, 2 colored; total 4. Burials, 7 white, 1 colored; total 8. Communicants, last reported, 53 white, 25 colored; total 78; admitted, 1 white; removed, 1 white; died, 1 white; present number, 52 whites, 25 colored; total 77. Congregation, Non-communicants, 53 white; colored unknown; children under 14, 81 white, colored unknown; Families, 37 white; colored unknown. Children catechised on 7 days. Confirmed by the Bishop, 5 white. Sunday Schools, Teachers, 4 white, Scholars, 55 white; Subjects of instruction, Church Catechism, Watt's 1st and 2d Catechism, Hymns and Collects in Prayer Books. Public Worship, St. Jude's Church for whites, Sundays 33, other days 29, whole number of times 96; St. Jude's Church for colored, whole number of times 107. Contributions, Communion Alms $87; Missions, Diocesan, $60; do, Domestic, $35; do. Foreign 35; other church purposes, $67; total $284.

         REMARKS.--In addition to the services reported I attended 23 Prayer Meetings, preached 8 times; I preached in Abbeville [illegible]

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in Christ Church, Columbia, twice; in St. Peter's Church, Charleston, twice; at Sandy Dam (Methodist) Church once; at Methodist Camp Meeting once. During the time covered by this report, I have officiated on 34 Sundays and 60 other days, 131 times; preaching 114 times. The Bishop preached for me twice; Rev. Mr. Prentiss twice and Rev. E T. Walker 4 times. Among the white children baptized, one belonged to St. Helena Church, Beaufort. Of the whites baptized, 2 were Baptists and 2 Methodists. The Sunday School Teachers and Scholars embrace all who have been connected with the school since the 19th of June, 1861. The average number, was 4 teachers and 25 scholars. The greatest numbers present at one time were 8 teachers and 34 scholars. In addition to the families and communicants reported, several from St. Helena Church, Beaufort, now worship statedly at St. Jude's Church, Walterboro'. Forty dollars, annual subscriptions to the Society for the advancement of Christianity in South Carolina, are included in the reported amount of contributions to the Diocesan Missions.

St. David's, Cheraw.
The Rev. R. T. Brown, Rector.

        Baptisms--Children 3 white. Marriages, 2 colored. Burials, 2 white, 1 colored; total 3. Communicants, admitted 2 whites; Present number, 43 white, 7 colored; total 50. Congregation, Non-communicants, 28 white; Families, 21 white; Families belonging to other Congregations of the Pro. Epis. Church, 5 white. Children catechised on every first Sunday, 20. Public Worship, St. David's, 17 Sundays, other days 2; total 35. Contributions, Communion Alms, $12,50; other Church purposes, $20; Charleston sufferers $110; total $142,50.

        REMARKS.--I took charge of this Parish on the 20th of October last: the report is necessarily incomplete.

The Rev. J. Barnwell Campbell.

To the Right Rev. Thomas J. Davis, D. D.

        I herewith send you the official report of my Ministerial Services since the 13th of June last. I have read Morning Prayer 22 times, the Anti-Communion 16 times, performed and administered the Holy Communion publicly thrice and privately once. I have read the Evening Prayer 8 times, preached 26 times, Baptized 2 colored infants, Married one white couple, and read the Funeral Service over three white Persons. I am still without any Parochial Charge, but at the request of the Rev. Dr. Hanckel took charge of St. Paul's Church, Charleston, from the 9th of June last to the 10th of November, during his absence.

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St. Paul's, Pendleton.
The Rev. A. H. Cornish, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 4 white, 1 colored; total, 5. Marriages, 1 colored. Burials, 3 colored. Communicants, last reported, 42 white, 18 colored; total, 60; admitted, 8 white, 1 colored, total, 9; suspended, 1 white; present number, 49 white, 19 colored; total, 68. Congregation, Non-Communicants, 30 white; Children under 14, 57 white; Families, 33 white; Families belonging also to other Congregations of Pro. Episcopal Church, 2 white. Children catechised from Easter to Advent on Sunday. Confirmed by the Bishop, 2 white, 2 colored. Sunday School Teachers, 16 white, number of Scholars, 25 white. Public Worship, St. Paul's, 34 Sundays, 12 other days; Chapels, 7 Sundays, other places, 3 Sundays; total, 56. Contributions, Communion Alms, $41,15.

         REMARKS.--This Report embraces the eight months between the meeting of the present Convention and that of June, 1861.

St. Thaddæus Church, Aiken, from June 17th, 1861, to Feb. 12th, 1862.
The Rev. John H. Cornish, Rector.

        Baptisms--Adults, 2 white; children, 2 colored; total, 4. Marriages, 2 white. Burials, 9 white; 1 colored; total 9. Congregation, Communicants, last reported, 61 white; admitted 2; died 2; present number 61 white. Congregation, families as last reported. Children catechised on 7 days, 25. Sunday School, Teachers, 8 white; Scholars, 30 white; colored 12. Public Worship, St. Thaddæus' Church, 29 Sundays; 33 other days; 89 times. Contributions, Communion Alms, $66.68; Domestic Missions, $18.85; other Church purposes, $36.

St. Philip's, Charleston.
The Rev. William Dehon, Rector.
The Rev. W. B. W. Howe, Assistant Minister.

        Baptisms--Children, 17 white; 4 colored; total, 21. Marriages, 1 white. Burials, 9 white; 2 colored; total, 11. Communicants, admitted, 3; died, 3; present number as last reported. Children catechised on 5 Sundays, 50 white. Confirmed by the Bishop, 1. Sunday Schools, Teachers, 14; Scholars, 50 white; colored 40; total, 90. Subjects of instruction, Bible, Hymns. Collects, Catechism, & Public Worship. St. Philip's, 32 Sundays; 49 other days; total, 114 times. Contributions, Communion Alms, $500; Missions, Diocesan, $144.50; Domestic, $96; Foreign, $38; Parochial Schools, $20; other Church purposes, $515; Diocesan Seminary, $613.25; for Soldiers on Thanksgiving day, $146. Total, $2,077.75.

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St. Andrew's Parish.
The Rev. J. G. Drayton, Rector.

        Baptisms--Adults, 1 colored. Marriages, 1 colored. Communicants, last reported, 26 white; 73 colored; total, 99; admitted, 1 colored; present number, 26 white; 73 colored; total, 100. Congregation, Non-communicants, 22 white; colored uncertain; children under 14, about 30 white; colored uncertain; families, 12 white; colored uncertain. All the white families belong to other congregations of the P. E. Church. Contributions, Communion Alms, $3.85.

         REMARKS.--The troubles of our country have affected this Parish in common with others upon our sea-board. It was not until December I succeeded in gathering a portion of our St. Andrew's congregation, and it is likely to continue a fragment throughout the winter and spring. At the Chapels services have been held since November. I have only one baptism to report, and no other changes since my last report.

         During the summer and fall I held services for the poor and spiritually almost destitute, in the neighbourhood of Flat Rock, North-Carolina, and on several occasions assisted my brethren in the Ministry.-- The weather has permitted but one Communion.

Christ Church, Wilton.
The Rev. John H. Elliott, Minister.

         Congregation--Communicants last reported 25 white, 5 colored, total 30; present number the same; non-communicants, 35; Children under 14, 12; Families, 13; Children catechised on 10 Sundays, 50 colored. Public Worship, 11 Sundays at Christ Church; 10 Sundays on plantations; Contributions, Communion alms, $2.60.

Christ Church Parish.
The Rev. J. R. Fell.

         Though not occupying a Rectorship I am happy to report to you that I have not been idle in the Lord's Vineyard. I officiated during the last summer and up to a late time in the fall to the negroes of the Parish. After a brief suspenscion, I renewed the servies at the Parish Church on the second Sunday in December, being specially induced to this stop by the encampment near by of a company of Volunteers from Sumter. The members at once by their attendance, evinced an appreciation of the services, and though now more distant from the Church, by a change of their location, they still resort in creditable numbers to the Sanctuary. My deep sympathy with these brave and worthy men in their privations and patriotic purposes, have made these ministrations peculiarly grateful to me, feeling as I do, that I am thereby rendering, in these troublous times of my country, some service to her, as well as to my God.

         The services and offices which I have performed since my last report are as follows:

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         Baptisms--Children, 4 white; colored 8; total 12. Marriages, 1 white. Funerals, 1 white Adult; children, 1 white. 1 colored; total, 3. Public Worship, at Parish Church 16 Sundays; on plantations, 8 Sundays; total, 24.

         REMARKS.--In addition to the service above reported, I officiated on two Sundays, in the summer, at St. Stephen's Chapel, while the Pastor was absent on a short tour for his health.

St. Paul's, Stono, and St. Paul's Church, Summerville.
The Rev. Philip Gadsden, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 4 white; 3 colored; total 7. Marriages, 3.-- Burials, 2 white; 5 colored; total 7. Communicants, admitted 12 white; present number, 49 white, 1 colored; total 50. Congregation, Non-communicants, 22; Children under 14, 40; Families, 35. Children catechised in summer on 2 Sundays, 20 to 30 white. Confirmed by the Bishop, 14 white. Sunday School, Teachers 5, white; Scholars 30 white, 50 colored. Public Worship, St Paul's, 48 Sundays; 13 other days; total 61. Contributions, Communion alms, $140; Missions, Diocesan, Advancement Society, $60; Domestic, $30; Foreign, $20.

St. Luke's Church, Charleston.
The Rev. Christopher P. Gadsden, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children 8 white; 1 colored; total 9. Marriages, 3 white; 5 colored; total 8. Burials, 6 white; 2 colored; total 8.-- Communicants, last reporred, 109 white; 37 colored; total 146; admitted 11 white; 1 colored; total 12; removed 3 white; 1 colored; total 4; died 1 white; present number, 114 white; 40 colored; total, 154. Congregation, Families, 70 white; 19 colored; total, 89. Children catechised, on 12 days, 111 white; 40 colored; total, 151. Confirmed by the Bishop, 11 white. Sunday Schools, Teachers, white, 13; Scholars, 80 white; 20 colored; total, 100. Subjects of instruction, Church Catechism, Union Bible Questions, Collects, Hymns, Watt's Catechism and Hymns. Public Worship, St. Luke's Temporary Building, 26 Sundays; other days, 23; total, 74. Contributions, Communion alms, $152.53; Missions, Foreign, $10; other Church purposes, $5; total, $167.53.

         REMARKS.--Our Church Building, through the blessing of God, has been carried on, notwithstanding the pressure of the war, and the interior is now completed. The Bishop has promised (D. V.) to consecrate it at the close of the Convention. Here would we set up our grateful "Ebenezer, saying hitherto hath the Lord helped us." May His name be glorified and His kingdom enlarged.

         The ladies of the congregation have been unremitting in their labours for the Sewing Society. I have to report $481 raised by them since the meeting of the last Convention.

         Contributions to the building of the Church are not reported here as being aside from regular parochial offerings.

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         A portion of my time his been employed as Chaplain to the Palmetto Guard, detached on duty with ths siege train, near Pocotaligo. I have preached to them, in the camp, since the 17th December 1861 18 times, and trust the Word may not have been spoken in vain.

         I have met the colored members of St. Luke's in a special prayer-meeting on Monday evening.

The Church of the Messiah, North-Santee.
The Rev. Thomas J. Girardeau, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 1 white; 7 colored; total 8. Burials, 11. Communicants, last reported, 37 white; 200 colored; Admitted 2; removed 2; present number, 37 white; about 200 colored. Congregation, Non-communicants 30 white; colored unknown; children under 14, 60 white; colored unknown.--Families, 23. Public Worship, Church of the Messiah, 13 Sundays, 1 other day, 14 times; South Island, 37 times; plantations, &c. 29 times; total 80 times. Contributions, Missions Diocesan, $20 Domestic, $25; Foreign, $20; for sufferers by the Charleston fire, $150. Total, $215.

All-Saint's Parish, Waccamaw.
The Rev. Alexander Glennie, Rector.
Mr. D. D. Rosa, Catechist.

         Baptisms--Adults, 4 colored; Children, 2 white; 68 colored; total, 74. Marriages, 1 white; 10 colored; total, 11. Burials, 1 white; 5 colored; total, 6. Communicants, last reported, 33 white; 256 colored; total, 289; admitted, 1 white; 1 colored; total, 2; removed, 2 white; 12 colored; total, 14; withdrew, 1 white; 1 colored; total, 2; died, 6 colored; suspended, 1 colored; present number, 31 white; 237 colored; total, 268. Congregation, Non communicants, 28 white; Children under 14, 52 white; families, 27 white. Families belonging to other congegations of the P. E. Church, 2 white. Children catechised on 255 days, 584. Public Worship, Parish Church, 25 Sundays, 3 other days, total 28; Southern Church, 3 Sundays, 1 other day, total 4; St. John's 3 Sundays; on plantations for negroes, 160 times; at camps, 6 times; total, 201. Contributions, Communion alms, $31. 64 cts; Domestic Missions, $40; Schools for the poor, $330; Volunteer aid fund, $176.09; total, $577.73.

         REMARKS.--The Rev. J. H. Quinby, having acted as Assistant Minister for six months, left the parish in the beginning of November.

         In consequence of the condition of the country, the missionary work among the negroes has been much interrupted.

Christ Church, Charleston. The Rev. J. Merceir Green, Rector.

        Marriages, 1 white. Burials, 3 white. Cmmunicants, last reported 22 white; present number 22. Congregation fluctuating. Sunday

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Schools, Teachers, 5 white; Scholars, 39 white. Subjects of Instruction-- the Church Catechism and other Catechisms. Public Worship, Christ Church, 29 times; 2 other days; other Churches, 6 times; about 66 times. Contributions. Communion alms, $49.64; other Church purposes, $28.37; total, $78.01.

         REMARKS.--This report extends over a period of only 8 months, that is, from the Convention held in June, 1861, to the 9th of Febuary 1862. This will account for the small statistical return.

St. Paul's Church, Radcliffeborough.
The Rev. Christian Hanckel, D. D. Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 7 white; 3 colored; total 10. Marriages, 2 white. Burials, 9 white. Communicants, present number, 270 white; 44 colored; total, 314. Congregation, Non-communicants, 263 white; 82 colored; 343; Children under 14, 214; colored 113; total, 327. Families, 165 white; colored 32; total, 197. Families belonging to other congregations of the P. E. Church, not ascertained. Sunday Schools, Teachers, white, 7; colored, 3, total, 10; Scholars, abeut 40 white; abeut 20 colored; total, 60. Public Worship each Sunday, Wednesday, and all Festivals and Fasts. Contributions, Communion alms, $256.03. Domestic Missions, $498.12

         REMARKS.--The Rector, in consequence of his absence last summer, from June to November is unable, to make an accurate statement of the number of services held at St. Paul's Church, in the interval between the last Convention and the present. The temporary absence of many families from the city, and the presence of others who have been deprived of their homes along the sea-board, by the war, renders it equally impracticable to give a correct return of the families and children, communicants and non-communicants attending the Church, or of teachers and scholars in the, Sunday School. But, excepting the Sunday School, which has been sadly diminished, he can say, in general, that the congregation is about the same as at the last Convention, and accordingly reports the statement then made of it, in the schedule prepared by the Secretary for our annual reports.

The Rev. J. S. Hanckel, Missionary.

        From June to October my services were rendered as usual to the Church at Dunn's Rock, North-Carolina. These services are more particularly reported to the Bishop of that Diocese. Soon after the opening of the Seminary in October I resumed my duties in St. Matthew's Parish. The removal of several families, and a change in the schedule of the Railroad induced me to withdraw from the Parish after November. Since then the venerable Rector of St. Helena has assumed temporary charge of the Church.

        At the suggestion of the Bishop, I have undertaken to supply the Church at Sumter once a fortnight. My visits commenced on the 1st Sunday in January. I found this Parish much disheartened by the withdrawal of their Rector (Rev. Mr. Jones) and greatly in need of a settled Pastor. Beyond preaching I have no official acts to report.

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St. John's Church, Richland. From 19th June 1861, to the 10th of February, 1862.
The Rev. William H. Hanckel, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adult, 1 white. Burials, 2 white. Communicants, last reported, 19 white; colored 1; total 20; admitted, 3 white; removed, 2 white; died 1 white; present number, 18 white; 1 colored; total, 19. Congregation; Non-communicants, about 20 white; children under 14, 29 white; families, 14 white; families belonging to other Congregations of the P. E. Church 2 white. Public Worship, St. John's 49 times. Communion Alms, $29.75: other Church purposes, $90: Total. $119,75.

         REMARKS.--This Parish has suffered by the removal of two families, and the lamented death of one of its most active and energetic members, the late Ex-Governor J. H. Adams. We trust and believe that our loss has been his gain.

St. John's and St. Stephen's, Fairfield District.
The Rev. J. Theodore Hutcheson, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adults, 1 white, children, 5 white; total, 6. Communicants, last reported, 40 white, 15 colored; total, 55. Admitted, 1 white, 4 colored; total, 5. Removed, 1 white. Withdrawn, 1 white. Present number, 39 white, 19 colored; total, 58. Congregation, Non-communicants, number uncertain; Children under 14, 36 white, colored unknown. Families, 22 white. Families belonging to other Congregations, 6 white. Sunday School, Teachers, 5 white, Scholars, about 25. Contributions, Communion Alms, $43,65. Missions, Domestic, ($10 from the Ladies' Sewing Society of St. Stephens, Ridgway;) total, $53, 65.

         REMARKS.--During the past year our Congregations have been generally small. The call of duty to their country has taken from us, for the present, many of our regular attendants, and a few of our Communicants. Our numbers have been increased lately by the arrival of five or six families from the Low Country, who have sought Winnsboro' as a place of residence, till the danger that threatens their own holmes shall have passed.

Prince Frederick's Chapel, Peedee.
The Rev. Joseph Hunter, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 1 white; 23 colored; total, 24. Marriages, 1 colored. Burials, 1 white; 1 colored; total, 2. Communicants, last reported, 40 white; 32 colored; total, 72. Congregation, Non-communicants, 30 white; children under 14, 46 white; families, 20 white; families belonging also to other congregations of the P. E. Church, 10 white; children catechised on 9 days, 10 white; colored 80 to 100 occasionally. Public Worship, Prince Frederick's 15 Sundays, 2 other days; total, 17 times: at Plantersville, 19 Sundays, 14 other days: total, 33 times: whole total, 50 times. Communion Alms, $39.20.

Page 49

St. James', Santee.
The Rev. N. Hyatt, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adults, 4 colored; Children, 1 white, 31 colored; total, 36 Marriages, 4 colored. Burials, 6 colored. Communicants last reported, 31 white, 476 colored. Admitted, 14 colored. Died, 6 colored. Present number, 31 white, 484 colored; total, 515. Non-Communicants, 80 white; Children under 14, 73 white. Families, 38 white. Families belonging also to other Congregations of the Episcopal Church, 11 white. Sunday School Teachers, 2 white. Scholars, 45 white. Public Worship, Warnham Church, 13 Sundays; Sea Shore Chapel, 21 Sundays; River Chapel, 6 Sundays; on Plantations, 46 times; whole number of times, 106.

The Church on Edisto Island.
The Rev. Wm. Johnson, Rector.

         Baptisms--Infants, 2. Confirmations, 9 white, 22 colored; total, 31. Burials, 2 white. Preached at Edingsville, 40 Sundays, on other days 21; total, 61, Alms, $11,90.

St. Stephen's and Upper St. John's.
The Rev. R. P. Johnson, Rector.
The Rev. LeGrand F. Guerry, Missionary.

         Baptisms--Children, 6 white, 39 colored; total 45. Burials, 6 white, 3 colored; total, 9. Communicants, 53 white, 335 colored; total, 388. Admitted, 3 white. Died, 1 white, 1 colored; total, 2. Present number, 55 white, 334 colored; total, 389. Congregation, Non-communicants, 43 white. Children under 14, 59 white. Families, 36 white. Famalies belonging also to other Congregations of Pro. Epis. Church, 3 white. Children Catechised on 171 days. Sunday Schools, number of Teachers, 3 white; Scholars, 12 white. Public Worship, St. Stephens, 17 Sundays; other days, 6; total, 29. Epiphany, 17 Sundays, other days 2; total 9. Enlawville, 7 Sundays, other days 6; total, 13. Contributions, Communion Alms, $59,34. Mission, Diocesan, $167; total, $226,34.

         REMARKS.--Services have been also held on Plantatious on Sundays and other days, in all 127 times.

Trinity Church, Society Hill.
The Rev. John Steinfort Kidney, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 3 white. Marriages, 1 white. Burials, 3 white. Communicants, last reported, 16 white, 7 colored; total, 23. Admited 1. Withdrew 1. Died 1. Present number, 17 white, 7 colored; total, 24. Congregation, Non-communicants, 15 white, 5 colored; total, 20. Children catechised on Sunday, 13 white. Confirmed by the Bishop, 1 white. Public Worship, 35 Sundays, other days, 10; whole number of times, 80, Contributions, Communion Alms, $21,31. Missions, Diocesan, $24,90. Other church purposes, $35; total, $81,21.

Page 50

         REMARKS.--Besides the above, I have officiated four Sundays, or other days at St. David's Church, Cheraw, during the vacancy of the Rectorship, and have there Baptized two children, performed one Marriage, and presented three Candidates for Confirmation. With funds collected in my own Parish, and from other quarters, with some aid from the Building Society, I have had erected a Chapel in the Sandhills of Chester District, which is now very nearly tenantable, and will be supplied with monthly services from the Rector of St. David's, Cheraw, and myself. The building has cost thus far about $450. Some two hundred dollars more are needed to complete it, and it is hereby commended to the benevolence of the church at large as an enterprise for the church, in which all are equally interested.

Calvary Church, Charleston, (Colored.)
The Rev. Lucien C. Lance, Missionary.

         REMARKS.--There have been services, with few exceptions, on the Sundays during the year, and when circumstances have permitted, on Wednesdays and Fridays, in the evening. Baptisms, 12. Burials, 3. Marriages, 2. 13 Sunday School Teachers, Scholars, 54. New Scholars, 49. Communicants, 53. Communion Alms, $23,92. Missions, $18,84; other purposes, $1,27.

Report of the Rev. C. E. Leverett.

         My engagement at St. Stephen's Beaufort Island, was summarily closed by the raid of the enemy in November last. During a few weeks in the summer, my place, being supplied by a substitute, I was in Aiken, and there I preached several times, at the request of the Rector, in St. Thaddæus' Church. Since November I have been necessarily, out of employment, unless frequent visits to the five hospitals in the neighbourhood, and services for the sick sldiers, in the week and on the Sabbath, be considered such, with the exception of officiating three times at funerals, this constitutes my report for th last half year.

St. John's Chapel, Hampstead.
The Rev. Alexander W. Marshall, Minister.

         Baptisms--Adults, 2 white, 4 colored. Children, 22 white, 29 colored; total, 57. Marriages, 3 white, 3 colored; total, 6. Burials, 28 whites, 17 colored; total, 45. Communicants, last reported, 83 white, 54 colored; total, 137. Admitted, 19 white, 1 colored; total, 20. Removed, 4 white, 4 colored; total, 8. Withdrew, 1. Died, 6 white, 2 Colored; total, 9. Suspended, 2 white. Present number, 90 white, 49 Colored; total, 139. Sunday Schools. number of Teachers, 7 white. Public worship, St. John's, 4 Sundays, other days 71; whole number of times 141. Contributions, Communion Alms. $70,55. Other Church purposes, $100 for Organist.

         REMARKS.--Books of the General Sunday School Union, and Catechism

Page 51

by a Presbyter of South-Carolina. Divine service has been held twice on every Sunday and Fast Day; once on every Monday, Circumcision and Epiphany, the Lord's Supper has been administered on the third Sunday of every month; the children of the Congregation have been catechised on the second Sunday of every month; Catechetical instruction has been given at the Chapel to colored adults and children one evening of every week. Divine Service has been held, and a sermon preached once every week (except 2 occasions) at the City Alms House.

St. James', James' Island.
The Rev. Stiles Mellichamp, Rector,

         Baptisms--Adults, 3 colored, Burials, 1 white, 4 colored; total, 5. Communicants, last reported, 17 white, 62 colored; total, 79. Admitted, 3 colored. Died, 1 white, 1 colored; total, 2. Suspended, 1 colored. Present number, 2 white, 45 colored; total, 47, Congregation, Non-communicants, 30 to 40 white, 60 to 70 colored; total, 110. Families, 2 white. Children Catechised once a month in Summer. Public Worship, St. James', 47 Sundays, and 3 other days; total, 119. Contributions, Communion Alms, $35,60. Missions, Diocesan. $39,80. Other Church purposes, Theological Seminary, $35; total, $110. REMARKS. --I have preached, as usual during the winter at the Church once every Sunday morning to the whites and once to the blacks, and in the afternoon once on some Plantation. In the summer twice to the whites every Sabbath--every second Sunday morning, however, was devoted to the negroes at the upper church when the Communion was administered to them. It is, with the deepest feeling, and yet I trust, with an entire resignation to the will of God, and an abiding faith in his wisdom and goodness, and truth, that I have to report the entire breaking up of my flock since the disastrous capture of Port Royal, only by two or three families of my people remain on the island, and three plantations of negroes have been carried away. This you will perceive by the Report, lessens the number of colored Communicants by twenty. There is, however, no diminution in the number of colored hearers, but in consequence of the diminished number of white hearers it was proposed to me by the Presbyterian Minister, that we should close one of the churches, every alternate Sabbath and worship together at one or the other of the churches alternately. This I agreed to, so that on one Sabbath, my ministrations are at my church and the same as before. On the alternate Sabbath I hold service twice a day, either to the Soldiers or to the Negroes on some plantation. I therefore thank God and take courage, in the thought that he has not closed my mouth, that my labors have, not been in the slightest degree diminished, and that the word of life is still sounded forth here, as I humbly trust for the comfort of God's people and the drawing of sinners to Christ.

Page 52

Village of Mount Pleasant.
The Rev. David McElheran, Minister.

         Baptisms--Children, 4 white. Burials, 5 white; 3 colored; total 8. Communicants, present number 15 white; colored uncertain. Sunday School Teachers, 4 white; number of Scholars variable. School held during Summer.

         The population of Mount Pleasant Village is at all times changeable, now particularly so. In the absence of a more efficient Minister, I have endeavoured to have service once every Sunday at the Chapel.

The Church of the Nativity, Unionville.
The Rev. John D. McCollough, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adult, 1 white; children, 3 white; total, 4. Communicants, last reported 9; present number 9. Congregation, Non-communicants, 6 white; children under 14, 25 white, 3 colored; total 28: Families, 7 white. Children catechised, on one day. Sunday Schools Teachers, 3 white: Scholars, 16 white. Subjects of instruction, Church Catechism, Collects, Hymns, Scripture Lessons, & Public Worship, Church of the Nativity, 14 Sundays: 14 other days; total, 48 times. Holy Communion administered 8 times. Contributions, Communion alms, $29.85; other Church purposes, $48.90: total, $78,75.

         REMARKS.--This report ends December 1st, 1861, at which time I entered upon the Chaplaincy of the Holcomb Legion. Since that time I have officiated regularly in Camp, twice on Sunday when circumstances admitted, and generally conducted prayers with the men when the labors of the day was over. Tracts have been distributed.

Christ Church, Mar's Bluff.
The Rev. Augustus Moore, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 2 white. Burials, 1 white. Communicants, last reported, 10 white; 11 colored; total 21. Present number the snme. Public Worship, Christ Church, Mar's Bluff, for white congregation, 30 Sundays, 2 Other days; at Chapel for colored congregation, 15 Sundays; whole number of times, 47. Contributions, Communion alms, $11.73.

St, Mark's, Chester.
The Rev. A. F. Olmsted, late Rector.

         Communicants, last reported, 11 white; admitted 1; removed 3; present number 9, Public Worship, St. Mark's Church, on 23 Sundays; other days 2; whole number of times, 25. Contributions, Communion alms, $8.55.

         REMARKS.--The above report comes up to January 1st of this year, at which time I resigned the charge.

Page 53

Lower St. John's Berkley.
The Rev. A. F. Olmsted, Rector.

         I took charge of this Parish in January last. Since then I have held Service on four Sundays, 2 at Biggin Church, and 2 at Strawberry Chapel. I am not able as yet, to report the present statistics of the Parish, but they are supposed to be nearly the same as last reported.

Report of the Parish of St. John's, Berkley, from the 1st Nov. 1861 to
1st July, 1862--K. S. Ball, Warden.

        Baptisms--1 white Child. Burials, 1 white Adult.

         REMARKS.--This period embraces the interval between the conclusion of the Pastoral duties of the Rev. Mr. J. J. Sams, and the time of the Rev. Mr. A. F. Olmsted's entering on his duties as Rector of the Parish. The Rev. Mr. A. F. Olmsted was elected Rector on the 12th of November, 1861.

Mission of St. Stephen's Chapel, Charleston.
The Rev. Henry L. Phillips, Minister.

         Baptisms--Adults, 2 white; Children, 11 white; 1 colored; total, 14. Marriages, 2 white, 1 colored, total 3. Burials, 10 white; 1 colored; total, 11. Communicants, last reported, about 85 white; admitted, 1 white; removed, 3 white; withdrew, 5 white; died, 1 white; suspended 1 white; present number, 75. Congregation, Non-communicants, 47 white; Families, about 55. Children catechised on 26 Sundays. Sunday Schools, Teachers 6 white; Scholars, about 50 white. Subjects of instruction, Bible, Prayer Book, Beaven's Catechism of the Church, & Public Worship, twice on every Sunday, Christmas day, Good Friday; every Wednesday afternoon throughout the year, every Friday morning during Lent, every day of Passion week, and on all, the Festival and Fasts of the Church. Communion alms, $60.30; Foreign Missions, $1.15; other Church purposes, $206 11 cts; total, $267.56

         REMARKS.--Those statistics, respecting the numbers in the Communion of, and attending this Church, must not be considered as perfectly exact. They can never be rendered so, on account of the fluctuating nature of the congregation; many of them float in to-day and float out to-morrow, and we cannot tell whence they come and whither they go. In the statistics of moneys received are excluded the collections, taken up at the doors and in the Mission boxes, for defraying the incidental expenses of the Chapel, which, however, always insufficient for the purpose, are especially so during the present state of public affairs: included in these statistics is the contribution of $78 from the Shoe Society of St. Stephen's, for furnishing children of Sunday Schools with shoes. This shows how in sufficient is the amount of alms for supplying the wants of the poor. Does not this appeal to the other Churches of the city and out of the city to remember the poor of St. Stephen's?

Page 54

Grace Church, Charleston.
The Rev. C. C. Pinckney, Rector.
The Rev. B. B. Sams, Assistant Minister.

         Baptisms--Adults, 1 white. Children, 17 white, 2 colored; total, 20 Marriages, 1 white, 2 colored; total, 3. Burials, 6 white, 1 colored; total, 7. Communicants, removed, 8 white. Withdrew, 1 white. Died, 3 white. Present number, 195 white, 15 colored; total 210, Congregation. Non communicants, 175 white. Children under 14, 270 White. Families, 132 white, 12 colored; total, 144. Families belonging also to other Congregations of Pro. Epis. Church. 4 white. Children catechised, 75 white. Confirmed by the Bishop, 1 white. Snnday Schools, Teachers, 15 white; number of Scholars, 100 white. Public Worship. Grace Church, 34 Sundays, 33 other days; total, 102: Contributions, Communion Alms, $273; Missions, Diocesan, $144; Domestic $95; Foreign, $132; other Church purposes, $140. Total, $784.

         REMARKS.--Our good works are much hindered by the war, and our Congregation diminished by temporary absence. There has been but one Confirmed in the period covered by this report. A young man just about to enter the army, desired to "devote his soul to God, and his body to his country." The Bishop kindly agreed to meet him at the Church, when in the presence of a few friends he renewed his baptismal vows, and immediately left the city to join his company in the Hampton Legion. May the Lord preserve him in the day of battle, and make him a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

         Three of the burials reported in this list were Soldiers who died in the Roper Hospital.

Church of the Holy Communion, Charleston.
The Rev. A. Toomer Porter, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adults, 3 white, 1 colored; Children, 9 white, 4 colored; total, 17. Marriages, 3 white. Burials, 10 white. Communicants, removed to other churches, 1 white. Died, 1 white. Present number, 125 white, 25 colored; total, 150. Public Worship, Church Holy Communion, preached 57 times, and in Virginia 15 times; total, 72. Contributions, Communion Alms, $509.49; Missions, Domestic, $250; other Church purposes, $210; from other sources, $580; total, $1549.49.

         REMARKS.--The collections are from Jan. 1st, 1861 to Jan. 1st, 1862. Much of my time has been spent with our Army in Camp, the Congregation has merely held its own during these trying times, the most of our males are in the field tinder arms. I have had gratifying intelligence of the steadfastness of some of the young members of this church, and the influencet hey exert for the cause of our Saviour over their brother soldiers.

St. Peter's Church, Charleston.
The Rev. W. O. Prentiss, Rector.

         Baptisms--4 white, 2 colored; total, 6. Marriages, 2 white, Preached

Page 55

on 32 Sundays, 62 times, other days, 22 times; total, 84. Contributions, Communion Alms, $230.25; Msssionary contributions, $153.45; total, $383.70.

         REMARKS.--On the 12th of December last St. Peter's Church was destroyed by fire, since that time the Congregation has been worshipping in the Hall of the South-Carolina Society, which has been kindly lent for that purpose. The Congregation has been so much scattered since the conflagration that accurate statistics cannot be at present obtained.

Christ Church, Columbia.
The Rev. J. Maxwell Pringle, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adult, 1 white; children 4 white; 1 colored; total 5.-- Marriages, 1 white, 1 colored. Burials, 5. Communicants; last reported, 54 white; admitted, 11; removed, 5; died 1; present number, 59; colored 12; total 71. We have lost, by removal, 3 families. The number of families now forming the Congregation, exclusive of those belonging also to other congregations, and for the present attending here, is 34.

         REMARKS.--The number of Communicants above given is of those who belong to my charge exclusively, while I may state that we have been very happy to welcome among us at this time some of the most attached and devoted members of our Church, who have been compelled by the military operations in the lower parishes to seek a quiet residence in Columbia.

         On Sunday evening the 20th October, the Bishop of Georgia, acting for Bishop Davis, confirmed 8 persons.

         The Sunday School numbers 9 Teachers and 45 Scholars.

         A Sunday School for the instruction of servants is held by several ladies of the congregation, after the usual services on Sunday afternoon. It is well attended, and those engaged in it have been cheered and encouraged by the degree of interest manifested in their pious work.

         The collections, since June last, have been as follows: June 13th, Fast day collection for sick soldiers in Virginia, $100; Communion alms, $97.62; Bishop Gregg, $40; Bishop Lay, $40; Rev. Mr. Nelson of Virginia, late Missionary to China, $23; Sufferers by fire in Charleston, $23; Childrens offerings $12.32.

         I take much pleasure in recording the fact that on the 16th of October the Right Rev. Bishops and their associate clerical and lay delegates from eleven Southern Dioceses assembled in Christ Church, Columbia, to organize the First General Council of the Episcopal Church in the Confederate States.

         The event was made memorable not only by the special transactions of this important body, but by the interesting and useful opportunities of religious worship which the occasion afforded.

         The Right Rev. Bishops of the Church preached successively at night during the first week of the session, and there are many who felt the influence of their sermons to be most commanding, seasonable

Page 56

and happy. To the Divine Author of every good and perfect gift be all the praise.

Sheldon Church.
The Rev. Edward Reed, Rector.

         Since last Convention only three services has been held in Sheldon Church, and those chiefly for the soldiers encamped in the neighborhood. The Congregation has been dispersed since November, by the proximity or the enemy,--only three families being now in their accustomed winter residences. A few families also, are at McPhersonville, for whom services have been held on alternate Sundays since the middle of November. The Chapel at McPhersonville has been converted into a hospital for soldiers, and the services have been held sometimes in the Presbyterian Church, and since that has been taken for hospital purposes, in a private house.

         The Rector of Sheldon has also preached on three Sundays in St. Peter's Church, Robertsville, the former Minister of that Church being a Chaplain in the army of the Potomac.

         The only ministerial acts besides preaching, which have been performed in the parish, have been the burial of two persons, both strangers.

Claremont Parish.
The Rev. John L. Roberts, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adults, 1 colored; Children, 2 white, 41 colored; total, 44. Burials, 2 white, 1 colored; total, 3. Communicants, 54 white, about 100 colored; total, say 150. Congregation, Families, 30 white. Children Catechised on two Sundays of the month, 25. Public Worship, held at the Church of the Holy Cross, Stateburgh, and on three Plantations. Contributions, for the last fiscal year, for purposes Parochial and extra-Parochial, about $400.

St. Thomas's, St. Dennis.
The Rev. Julius Sams, Rector.
The Rev. Edward C. Logan, Assistant Minister.

         Baptisms--Children, 4 colored. Burials, 1 white, 3 colored; total, 4. Communicants. last reported, 30 white, 103 colored; total, 133. Admitted, 2 white. Present number, 32 white, 103 colored; total, 135. Congregation, Non-communicants, 26 white; Childen under 14, 33 white; Families, 24 white. Public Worship, Parish Church, 35 Sundays; Chapels, 25 Sundays; total, 149. Contributions, Communion Alms, $14, and other purposes, 21; total, $35.

         REMARKS.--During the Summer months of 1861, I officiated in St. John's Burkely Parish 74 times, opened Sunday School 15 times; Baptized, 5 colored children; Buried, 3 colored child; Collected for Episcopalian, $28, and for the Church Home, $58, being the Communion Alms. The Beresford Bounty School, the Superintendent of which

Page 57

is always the Rector of the Parish, has been conducted by the Teacher, Rev. Edward C. Logan, with his usual faithfulness and success.

Report of the Church on Church Flats, and at Adam's Run, St. Paul's Parish.
The Rev. Joseph B. Seabrook, Missionary.

         REMARKS.--I preached during the past year as follows:--From the 1st of March to the 1st of November twice every Sunday, with the exception of two Sundays in September, when I was prevented by an attack of fever--and two other Sundays when I was prevented by inclement weather. In the morning I preached in the Chapel on Church Flats, excepting the morning of the first Sunday of each month, when I preached at Adam's Run and administered the Holy Communion-- in the afternoon I preached at Adam's Run.

         There are 13 white Communicants and 24 colored connected with the church at Church Flats--the number of white families is 14; there are 22 white Communicants and 3 colored connected with the Church at Adam's Run--the number of families is 11; I baptized two white children and buried two. There were about 30 children connected with the Sunday School at Adam's Run and 5 Teachers. These children belong mostly to other christian denominations, who being deprived of the opportunity of receiving instruction in their own denominations and avail themselves of that offered by the church. It is with sincere gratitude to the Great Head of the Church that I report my effort to revive the old ante-revolutionary church has succeded, by his blessing beyond my most sanguine expectation. The Congregation has greatly increased, there is also considerable interest manifested in the subject of religion.

         Besides the above mentioned duties, I preached on Christmas and Good Friday in the Chapel on Church Flats, and on Easter at Adam's Run. I preached also one Sunday morning in the month of April in Strawbery Church, in St. John's Berkley, when on a visit to a friend in that Parish.

Trinity Church, Columbia.
The Rev. Peter J. Shand, Rector.

         Baptisms--Adults, 1 white, Children, 9 white, 4 colored; total, 14. Marriages, 2 white, Burials, 6 white, 1 colored; total, 7. Communicants last reported, 130 white, 6 colored; total, 136. Admitted, 7 white; removed, 6 white, 2 colored; present number, 143. Non-communicants, 115 white, colored unknown. Families, 75 white, colored unknown. Families belonging to other Congregations, 6 white. Confirmed by the Bishop, 15 white. Sunday Schools, Teachers, 9 white; number of Scholars from 40 to 50 white.

         REMARKS.--The enlargement of the church building is not yet completed but it is expected to be finished early in the ensuing spring.

Page 58

The Congregation are still using the College Chapel which was kindly tendered them for the purpose of their public worship.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Yorkville.
The Rev. James Stoney, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 3 white. Communicants, 19 white. Non-comunicants, 19. Children under 14, 26. Families, 12 white. Sunday School Teachers 9, Scholars, 30 white, 50 colored; total, 80. Public Worship twice every Sunday, and once in the week when not absent from the Parish. Communion Alms, $35; other Church purposes, $13.

         REMARKS.--Though our Congregation proper is small, the services of the Church are generally well attended by members from other denominations.

Church of the Redeemer, Orangeburg.
The Rev. Paul Trapier, Missionary.

         Baptisms--Adults, 1 white, Children, 5 white; total, 6. Burials, 3 white. Communicants, last reported, 23 white; Admitted, 2 white; Withdrew, 1 white; Died, 1 white; Present number, 23 white. Congregation, Non-communicants, 21 white; Children under 14, 21 white; Families, 14 white; total, 56. Families belonging also to other Congregations of Pro. Epis. Church, 1 white. Children Catechised on 5 days, 33 white. Confirmed by the Bishop, 4 white. Sunday Schools, number of Teachers, 5 white; Number Scholars, 33 white. Subjects of Instruction same as last year. Public Worship, Church of the Redeemer, 33 Sundays, other days, 2; whole number of times, 68. Contributions, Communion alms, $23.25; Foreign Missions, $3; total, 26.25. REMARKS.--This Congregation has been reduced in numbers during the past year, partly by death, but chiefly by the enlisting of its male members, and the distresses of families, but there seems to be more of spiritual life in those remaining.

St. Helena Church, Beaufort.
The Rev. Joseph R. Walker, Rector.

         My report must be imperfect in consequence of the loss of records occasioned by the afflictive event, which in the solemn providence of God befell our community on the 6th of November. I can make no report of the contributions of the Church, to Missions and other objects. The list of the Colored Churches, Baptisms, &c. is lost.

         Baptisms--Children, 7 white. Deaths, 5--since our departure 3 white Communicants have died. Confirmed. 14 white, 10 colored. Communicants, admitted 10. Deaths 4, present number, 192. Sunday Schools, Teachers, 12 white, Scholars between 60 and 70; colored Scholars about 100--Teachers 10.

         REMARKS.--The Parish Church was opened regularly for service on Sunday, the chief Holy Days, and on one day in each week for Divine Service. On Sunday nights in Grace Chapel for negroes, and

Page 59

in St. Stephen's Chapel in the country once a fortnight by the kindly granted services of the Rev. C E. Leverett. Since the second Sunday in Advent, I have been residing in St. Matthew's Parish, and have had informal charge of the Church, officiating regularly, with the exception of one Sunday when the weather prevented me, on which I officiated in the Church at Orangeburg. Since I have been here I have Baptized 2 white children and 1 colored, and also 1 white Adult. At the visitation of the Bishop, Feb. 2d., 5 white persons were confirmed.

Zion Church, Richland.
The Rev. C. Bruce Walker, Rector.

         Baptisms--Children, 2 white. Communicants, 17 white, 59 colored; total, 76. Non-communicants, 16. Children under 14 years, 23. Families, 16. Families belonging to other Congregations of the Pro. Epis. Church, 3. Public Worship at Upper Church 16 Sundays; Lower Church, 12 Sundays.

         REMARKS.--Invited by the Vestry to officiate for them on every second Sunday, I have been in the Parish on each appointed day but two--one of these two Sundays sickness detained me at home, and on the other inclement weather. On six Sundays, not included above, I officiated in Columbia. In the same city I also attended three Funerals. I have endeavored to give an accurate account of the number of colored communicants--their attendance upon my services lead me to regard the grown number as quite too large. Mr. Walter Guerry, Candidate for Orders, is assiduously and acceptably engaged as Catechist on several of the Plantations in the Parish.

Ashepoo and Pon Pon Mission in St. Bartholomew's Parish.
The Rev. E. J. Webb, Missionary.

         Since our last report there have been no Baptisms, Marriages nor Deaths. Church Members, 143. Children Catechised 99. The routine of Ministerial duties has been performed regularly at the different Stations of the Mission except a few Sundays, caused by sickness of myself and the affliction in my family. As regards interruption of duty by sickness, we expect it, more or less every year, having to remain at night at one of the plantations every week through the whole year. There is an evil attendant on our work which is difficult to remedy; we allude to the performance of the Burial Service over the dead, the body having been buried many days, perhaps before our knowledge of the fact--hence many deaths reported, yet few burials.

St. Lukes.
The Rev. J. V. Welch, Missionary.

         Baptisms--Children 10 colored, Marriages, 2 colored. Communicants, Admitted, 50 colored. Confirmed by the Bishop, 26. Public Worship, St Johns'. 6 Sundays, other days 59; Bethel, 25 Sundays; total, 148.

Page 60

Holy Trinity, Grahamville.
The Rev. Arthur Wigfall, Rector.
The Rev. J. V. Welch, Missionary to Slaves.

         Baptisms--4 white. Burials, 2 white. Communicants, 35 white; Non-Communicants, 30 white, Children under 14, 48 white. Families, 20 white. Sunday School Teachers, 6 white; Scholars, 30 white, 25 colored. Public Worship, 48 Sundays, other days, 2; total, 50.

Parishes of St. Bartholomew's and Ascension Church, Combahee.
The Rev. Stephen Elliott, Rector.

         Services were held at these Churches during the early portion of the past year. In the month of June I accepted the position of Chaplain of the Ninth Regiment of South-Carolina Volunteers, and continued to perform the duties of my office at the two Forts at Port Royal until their abandonment after the action of the 7th November. I subsequently resigned my office, and in consequence of the invasion of the country, and the absence of most of my Congregation from the Winter Churches, have removed with my family to Sumter District. Absence from home will account for the omission of the usual statistics of these Parishes. I trust that the time will soon come when, our invaders being driven away, our people will be permitted to return to their homes, and to the public worship of God in their cherished Temples.

St. Michael's, Charleston.
The Rev. P. Trapier Keith, Rector.
The Rev. James H. Elliott, Assistant Minister.

         Baptisms--Children, 11 white. Marriages, 1 white. Burials, 17 white. Communicants, last reported, about 340 white; about 34 colored; admitted 6 white; died, 3 white; present number, about 343 white; about 34 colored. Congregation, Non-communicants, about 200 white; Children under 14, about 175 white; Families, about 175 white. Children catechised on four days. about 70 white. Sunday School Teachers, 7 white; Scholars, 48 white. There is also a colored Sunday School under the care of the Assistant Minister. Public worship, St. Michael's, 35 Sundays; other days, 75; whole number of times, 145. Contributions, Communion alms, $419 Missions, Diocesan, $119.25; Domestic, $30; Foreign, $28. Other Church purposes, $256; Sisters of Charity, $288.12; Private charity, $60; Sunday School, $30.32, other charities, $120. Grand Total, $1,352.57.

Report of the Rev. F. G. Jenkins, Missionary on Wadmalaw Island.

         The Missionary finds it impossible to make a correct report, as his books containing the Statistics of Baptisms, Communicants, &c. was destroyed together with his Library on John's Island. 12 colored persons were Confirmed by the Bishop in July. I continued to preach until my Congregation left the Island, since then I have assisted several Clergymen in their Service, and preached to Soldiers.

Page 61


For the period from June 19th, 1861, to Feb. 12th, 1862.

  White. Colored. Total.
Baptisms--Adults. . . . . 18 20 38
" Children. . . . . 313 320 633
Grand Total. . . . . 331 340 671
Marriages. . . . . 32 35 67
Burials. . . . . 179 83 262
Congregation--Communicants. . . . . 2818 1528 4846
" Non-Communicants. . . 1592    
" Children under 14. . . . 1547    
" Families. . . . . 1384    
Families belonging to other Congregations of the P. E. Church. . . . .      
Children catechized. . . . . 457 813 1370
Confirmed by the Bishop. . . . . 123 83 216
Sunday Schools--Number of Teachers. 178    
" " " Scholars 1867 350 2317

        Total amount collected, sundry Church purposes, as reported. . . . .$9,631.47

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         ARTICLE I.--This Church, retaining the name "Protestant Episcopal," shall be known as the "PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA."


         ARTICLE II.--There shall be in this Church a General Council. There may be also Provincial Councils and Diocesan Councils.


         ARTICLE III.--The General Council of this Church shall meet on the second Wednesday in November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, at Augusta, Georgia, and on the same day in every third year thereafter, at such place as shall be determined by the Council.

         In case there shall be an epidemic disease, or other good cause to render it necessary to alter the place appointed for such meeting, the Presiding Bishop may designate another convenient place for the holding of such Council, and special meetings may be called at other times, in the manner hereafter to be determined.

         The General Council shall consist of two Houses--the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies.

         The House of Bishops shall be composed of all the Bishops of this Church having jurisdiction within the Confederate States, or the Territories thereof.

         Each Diocese shall be entitled to an equal representation, clerical and lay, in the House of Deputies. Such representation shall consist of not more than thee Clergymen, and three Laymen communicants in this Church, resident in the Diocese, and elected by the Council thereof.

         Before they shall proceed to business, a majority of the Dioceses,

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which shall have adopted this Constitution, shall be represented in the Council. The ropresentation from two Dioceses shall he sufficient to adjourn.

         In all business of the Council freedom of debate shall be allowed.

         Each House shall have a right to originate acts; and, when any act shall have been passed in either House, it shall be transmitted to the other House for its consideration. No act shall have the operation, of law, unless concurred in and authenticated by both Houses.

         When any proposed act shall have passed the House of Deputies, and shall be negatived by the House of Bishops, the House of Bishops shall, when requested by the House of Deputies, signify to it in writing the reason for non-concurrence, within three days after such request shall have been made.

         In all questions, when required by the clerical or lay representation from any Diocese, each order shall have one vote, and the majority of suffrages by Dioceses shall be conclusive in each order: Provided such majority comprehend a majority of the Dioceses represented in that order. The concurrence of both orders shall be necessary in such case to constitute a vote of the House.

         If any Diocese should omit or decline to elect clerical Deputies to the General Council, or should omit or decline to elect lay Deputies, or if any of those of either order elected should fail to attend, such Diocese shall, nevertheless, be considered as duly represented by such Deputy or deputies as may attend, whether lay or clerical. And if, through the neglect of any Diocese, which shall have adopted this Constitution, no Deputy therefrom, either lay or clerical, should attend the Council, the Church in such Diocese shall, nevertheless, be bound by the acts of such Council.


         ARTICLE IV.--Whenever any one of the Confederate States shall contain more than one Diocese, said State may, with the consent of all the Dioceses in said State, constitute an Ecclesiastical Province, in which a Provincial Council may be held at least once in every three years, which Provincial Council shall be made up of all the Bishops having jurisdiction within the Province, and of such representatives, clerical and lay, from the Dioceses within the Province, as may be determined upon by the Diocesan Councils thereof. If there be more than one Bishop within the Province, the senior Bishop by consecration shall preside in the Provincial Council, and when there shall be three, or more than three Bishops, they shall form a separate House.

         Whenever such Council shall legislate, its acts shall be of force within all the Dioceses embraced with the Province.


         ARTICLE V.--There shall be held annually, in each Diocese, a Diocesan Council, to be composed of the Bishop or Bishops of the Diocese, and of a lay and clerical representation from each Parish of the Diocese. This Council shall legislate for only Diocesan purposes.

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         ARTICLE VI--The Bishop or Bishops in each Diocese shall be chosen by the Council of that Diocese, agreeably to such rules as it may prescribe; and every Bishop of this Church shall confine the exercise of his Episcopal Office to his proper Diocese, unless requested to perform any act of that Office by the Ecclesiastical Authority of another Diocese.


         ARTICLE VII.--A new Diocese, formed in any of the Confederate states, or in any Territory thereof, not now represented, may, at any time hereafter, be admitted to union with, and representation in, the General Council of this Church, on acceding to this Constitution: Provided there were, at the time of organizing, and are, at the time of making application for admission, at least six officiating Presbyters within such Diocese, regularly settled in a Parish or Church.

         A new Diocese may be formed within the limits of any existing Diocese, with the consent of its Council and the Bishop or Bishops thereof, or, if their be no Bishop, of the Ecclesiastical Authority thereof; and a new Diocese may be formed within the limits of two or more Dioceses, with the like consent. But no such new Diocese, shall be formed, which shall contain less than ten self-supporting Parishes, or less than ten Presbyters who have been for at least one year canonically resident within the bounds of such new Diocese, regularly settled in a Parish or Congregation, and qualified to vote for a Bishop; nor shall such new Diocese be formed if thereby any existing Diocese shall be so reduced as to contain less than fifteen self-supporting Parishes, or less than fifteen Presbyters who have been residing therein, and settled and qualified as above-mentioned: Provided, that no city shall form more than one Diocese.

         In case a Diocese shall be divided into two or more Dioceses, the Diocesan of the Diocese so divided may elect the Diocese over which he will preside, and shall become the Diocesan thereof. And the Assistant Bishop, if there be one, may elect the Diocese to which he will be attached; and, if it be not the one elected by the Bishop, he shall be the Diocesan thereof.


         ARTICLE VIII.--The mode of trying Bishops shall be provided by the General Council. The Court appointed for that purpose shall be composed of Bishops only.

         In every Diocese, the mode of trying Presbyters and Deacons shall be prescribed by the Council of the Diocese.

         None, but a Bishop shall pronounce sentence of admonition, suspension or degradation from the ministry, on any Clergyman, whether Bishop, Presbyter or Deacon.


         ARTICLE IX.--No person shall be admitted to Holy Orders, until

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he shall have been examined by the Bishop and by two Presbyters, and shall have exhibited such testimonials and other requisites as the Canons in that case provided may direct.

         Nor shall any person be ordained either Deacon or Priest, until he shall have subscribed the following declaration, viz:

"I do believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be the Word of God, and to contain all things necessary to salvation; and I do solemnly engage to conform to the Doctrines, and Worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of America."

         No person ordained by a foreign Bishop shall be permitted to officiate as a Minister of this Church, until he shall have complied with the Canon or Canons in such case provided, and have also subscribed the aforesaid declaration.


         ARTICLE X.--A Book of Common Prayer, Administration of the Sacraments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, Articles of Religion, and a form and manner of making, ordaining and consecrating Bishops, Priests and Deacons, when established by the General Council, ,hall be used in those Dioceses which shall have adopted this Constitution. No alteration or addition shall be made in the Book of Common Prayer, or other offices of the Church, or the Articles of Religion, unless the same shall be proposed in one General Council, and by a resolution thereof made known to the Council of every Diocese, approved by a majority of the Diocesan Councils, and adopted at the subsequent General Council.


         ARTICLE XI.--Bishops for foreign countries may, on due application therefrom, be consecrated, with the approbation of a majority of the Bishops of this Church, signified in writing to the Presiding Bishop he thereupon taking order for the same, and they being satisfied that the person designated for the office has been duly chosen and is properly qualified.

         The Order for such Consecration shall be conformed, as nearly as may be, in the judgment of the Bishops, to the one used in this Church.

         Bishops, so consecrated, shall not be eligible to the office of Diocesan, or Assistant Bishop, in any Diocese in the Confederate States, nor be entitled to a seat in the House of Bishops, nor exercise any authority in the said State.


         ARTICLE XII.--Any alteration in this Constitution shall be originated in the General Council. When adopted in one General Council by a majority of the House of Bishops and by a majority of the House of Deputies, said Deputies voting by Dioceses and orders, such alteration shall be made known to the several Diocesan Councils, and, if agreed to by two thirds of them, and ratified in the ensuing General Council, the same shall be a part of this Constitution.

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* For proposed amendments to this Constitution, vide Journal, pages 37 & 38

Of acceding to the Constitution and Canons of the General Convention.

        The Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina accedes to, recognizes and adopts the general Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, and acknowledges their authority accordingly.

Of Stated Meetings.

         A stated Convention shall be held annually in Charleston, on the second Wednesday in February, or at such time, and in such place, as shall have been determined upon by the preceding Convention.

Of Members of Convention.

         SECTION 1.--The Convention shall be composed of Clergymen and Laymen.

         SECTION 2.--The Bishop, the Assistant Bishop, when there is one, and the Minister, or ministers of every Episcopal Church in union with this Convention, shall always be, ex-officio, a member or members of this Convention, with a right to vote on all matters requiring the suffrages thereof: Provided, that no Clergyman shall be entitled to vote in Convention, unless he has been actually, as well as canonically resident within the Diocese, for the space of twelve calendar months next before the meeting of the Convention, and has, for the same period, been employed in performing the duties of his station: Provided, also, that no Clergyman, otherwise entitled to a seat and vote in Convention, shall, by reason of advanced years, or infirm health, or temporary absence, be divested of such privilege.

         SECTION 3.--Every other Clergyman of the Church being a Missionary, officiating under the sanction of the Ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese, or a Chaplain in any benevolent or other public institution, shall be entitled to all the privileges of a member of this Convention, with the exception of the right to vote on matters involving the temporal concerns of the Churches. The provisions of the second section of this Article shall also apply to the preceding part of this section. Every other Clergyman, being an instructor of youth in any seminary of learning, constituted by Civil or Ecclesiastical authority, in this Diocese, or a Chaplain in the Army or Navy of the United States, or being prevented by age and infirmity from exercising his clerical functions, shall be entitle to all the prvileges of a member of this Convention, with the exception of the right to vote.


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SECTION 4.--Lay-Delegates not exceeding four (4) in number, shall be elected by the respective Episcopal Churches, in union with this Convention, from among the members of those Churches respectively to represent them in Convention; the Delegates to be elected in such manner and time, as each Church shall deem proper, to serve for one stated Convention. They shall, before they are permitted to take their seats in Convention, produce written testimonials of their election. For special Conventions, special elections shall be held.

         SECTION 5.--No member shall hereafter represent two distinct Churches, or shall, in any case, have more than one vote.

         SECTION 6.--A Lay-Member having taken his seat in the Convention as a Delegate from any Church, shall not (without the unanimous consent of the Convention,) be permitted to relinquish his seat, and take a seat as the Delegate of another Church.

Of a Quorum.

         Ten (10) Members of the Clerical Order, and Lay-Representatives of ten (10) Churches, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business generally; but any number of either Order, that shall assemble, may adjourn from day to day, until a quorum is formed.

Of the President.

         The Bishop of the Diocese shall be, ex-officio President of the Convention. But in case of his absence, or a vacancy in the Episcopate, the President of the Standing Committee shall be the President of the Conventions, and if he be not present, a presiding officer shall be elected from among the attending Presbyters.

Of the Secretary.

         A Secretary shall be annually chosen, (and continue in office until a successor be appointed,) who shall keep a true and correct Journal of the proceedings of the Convention, attest its public acts, preserve its records, and give notice to each Minister and Vestry of the time and place appointed for any stated or special meetings of the Convention; and this notice shall be given at least six weeks before the meeting of such Convention.

Of the Treasurer.

         A Treasurer shall be annually chosen, who shall keep regular accounts of all money transactlons, to be annually laid before the Convention, and shall faithfully deliver into the hands of his successor all books, papers and funds relative and belonging to the Convention, which may be in his charge.

Of the Standing Committee.

         SECTION 1.--A Standing Committee, consisting of five Presbyters of the Diocese, and five Laymen, taken indiscriminately from among the actual communicants of the Church in the Diocese, shall be elected by ballot at every regular meeting of the Convention, for the purposes expressed in the Constitutions and Canons of the General and Diocesan Conventions, who shall continue in office until another Committee be appointed.

         SECTION 2.--At their first meeting after their appointment, they shall choose one of the Presbyters of their body to be their President, and another of their body to be their Secretary, whose duty it shall be to keep regular minutes of all the proceedings and

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business of the Committee, to preserve them carefully recorded in a book provided for that purpose alone; to preserve the originals of all letters and papers addressed to the Standing Committee, to attest their public acts, to perform such other duties as they may require, and faithfully to deliver into the hands of his successor, all books and papers relative to the concerns of the Standing Committee, which may have been entrusted to him.

         SECTION 3--They shall present to each annual Convention, an abstract of the minutes of their proceedings since the former Convention.

         SECTION 4.--Vacancies in this Committee, caused by death, resignation, or otherwise shall be supplied by the suffrages of the remaining members, a majority of the whole Committee being necessary to constitute a choice.

Of Special Meetings.

         SECTION 1.--The Bishop, or in case of a vacancy in the Episcopate, the Standing Committee shall have power to call a special meeting of the Convention; and such meeting shall be held where the authority calling it shall determine; and at such special meeting no other business shall be transacted, than that stated in the notice calling the Convention.

         SECTION 2.--No special meeting of the Convention shall be called for the election of a Bishop or Assistant Bishop.

Of Voting in Convention.

         On all questions, unless otherwise provided by the Constitution, the members shall deliberate and vote as one body; but any two Clergymen, or the Delegation from any two Churches, may call for a separate vote of each Order, when the Clergy shall vote individually, and the Lay-Delegates by Churches, (a majority of each Delegation having one vote,) and a majority in both Orders shall, in each case, be necessary to a decision.

Of the Election of a Bishop or Assistant Bishop.

         In the election of a Bishop, or Assistant Bishop of this Diocese, a majority of each Order shall determine a choice: Provided, That two-thirds (2-3ds) of all the Clergy entitled to a vote, and two thirds (2-3ds) of the Churches entitled to representation, be present; otherwise, two-thirds (2-3ds) of the votes of each Order present shall be necessary to determine a choice.

         ARTICLE XII.
Of the Trial of a Clergyman.

         A Clergyman shall be subject to a trial for offences enumerated in the Canon of the General Convention "of offences for which Ministers shall be tried and punished," and in the Canons of this Convention. The trial shall be conducted according to the mode provided for by the Canons of this Convention.

Of the Admission of Churches or Parishes into the Convention.

         Whenever a Church or Parish, not now entitled to a representation, shall be desirous of uniting with the Convention of the Church in this Diocese, they shall apply by letter to the Bishop, or when there is no Bishop, or he be absent, to the Standing Committee, stating the due organization of their Church, the election of their Vestrymen and Church Wardens, their means or prospects for the support of a Minister, and their willingness to conform to the Constitution and Canons of the General Convention, and the Constitution and Canons of the Convention of this Diocese, which are now or hereafter may be enacted by the authority of the same. And at the Convention next succeeding

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the receipt of such application, the Bishop or Standing Committee shall communicate the same to the Convention for their decision thereon. Should the Convention make a favorable decision, the said Church shall then be considered in union with the Convention of the Church in this Diocese: Provided always, That the Delegates of the Church or Parish, newly admitted, though entitled to a seat, shall not be allowed a vote at the meeting of the Convention in which their Church or Parish is admitted. But no Lay vote shall be received from any Church or Parish, which has for three (3) successive years neglected to elect a Vestry and Wardens, or to pay its quota to the Convention, until admitted by a vote of the Convention.

Of Deputies to the General Convention.

         SECTION 1.--At every annual Convention, four Presbyters and four Laymen shall be chosen by ballot, to represent this Diocese in General Convention.

         SECTION 2.--In case any Deputy, appointed as above, shall decline such appointment, or be unable to attend, it shall be his duty to inform the Bishop, or in case of his absence, or of a vacancy in the Episcopate, the President of the Standing Committee; and the Bishop, or in case of his absence, or of a vacancy in the Episcopate, the Standing Committee may appoint a substitute for any deputy so declining, or unable to attend; Provided, That such substitute be a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina.

Of Altering the Constitution.

         No one of these Articles shall be altered or repealed, nor shall any Article be adopted, unless such alteration, repeal, or new Article be proposed, considered and concurred in by a majority at one Convention, and concurred in by two-thirds (2-3ds) of the Churches present at a subsequent Convention.

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* For proposed amendments to Canons, vide Journal, pages 37 and 38.

Providing for an accurate view of the State of the Church.

         Every Minister having a Parochial charge in this Diocese, or, if the Parish be vacant, then the Wardens thereof, shall, at the meeting of every Annual Convention, deliver or transmit to the Bishop, or, when there is no bishop, to the President of the Convention, an accurate statement in writing of the number of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages and Burials, in his Parish or Church, during the interval since the last Convention, the names of places where, and how often in each, Divine Service has been held; the number of families, specifying how many of them belong likewise to other Congregations; the number of Communicants, stating the changes by admission, removal, death, and suspension; the number of adults, and of children under fourteen years of age; the number catechized, and on how many Sundays; whether there be any Sunday School, and if any, the number of children, and of teachers, and the subjects of instruction in the same; also, the amount of Communion alms, the contributions for missions, diocesan, domestic and foreign; for Parochial schools, and for Church purposes of whatever kind; and, generally, all such other matters as may throw light on the state of the Church under his care.

         In each case, the white and colored persons shall be reported distinctively; and all reports shall be in the form of a schedule, prepared by the Secretary, in accordance with the provisions of this Canon, and shall be aid before the Convention, and entered upon the Journal, conformably to Canon XII of the General Convention of 1853.-- Passed 1854. Amended 1857.

Trial of a Minister.

         SECTION 1. In order to bring a Minister to trial before an Ecclesiastical Court, a charge shall be made in the first place to the Standing Committee in writing, under the proper signature of at least two persons, one of whom shall be a Presbyter of this Diocese, setting forth the facts alleged and the names of the witnesses who will prove the same; with copies of, or proper reference to any other evidence required. If the Standing Committee shall be of opinion that the facts charged will constitute any one or more of the offences enumerated in the Constitution and Canons of this Diocese, or of the General Convention, and that it would be for the good of the Church, that further proceedings should be had, they shall ascertain whether there is proof sufficient to put the accused upon his trial; and if satisfied, they shall thereupon cause a presentment to be made to the Bishop, charging the accused with the offence or offences which they deemed to be contained in the evidence, and specifying the facts with such reasonable certainty as to time, place, and circumstances, as shall be sufficient for a judicial investigation.

         SEC. 2. The presentment having been made, the Bishop shall forthwith cause to be placed in a box the names of all the Presbyters of this Diocese, who, for the time being, are actually engaged in duty therein, (excepting the accused, the presenting Presbyters, and those on the Standing Committee;) he shall then cause twelve of the said names to be drawn out by a child under ten years of age; and the said twelve names shall be inscribed on a list. The Bishop shall immediately cause a copy of the said list and of the presentment to be served on the accused, or to be left at his usual place of residence. Within thirty days thereafter, the accused shall strike off the names of three of the Presbyters on the said list, and give notice thereof to the Bishop; and the Bishop shall thereupon send a list of the remaining Presbyters to the President of the Standing Committee, who shall, within fifteen days thereafter, strike off the names of the Bishop as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Bishop to strike off so many names as the party failing was required to strike off; and in each case, the six remaining Presbyters shall constitute a Council for the trial of the accused.


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SEC. 3. The Council shall hold its session at such time and place, and in public or in private, as the Bishop may appoint. It shall have power to adjourn from time to time, and from place to place, within the Diocese. If it fail to meet on the day appointed, it shall stand adjourned to the next day, and from day to day, for the space of three days, if it be not sooner formed; and if the whole number do not attend, and it appears probable that a full attendance cannot be had, those of the Council who may be present, being not less than four, shall organize and appoint a President and Secretary; the first from their own body, and the latter from their own body, or otherwise; and before proceeding to trial, shall ordain and declare the rules by which the trial shall be conducted. It shall cause the oral testimony for and against the accused to be written down by the Secretary, and along with the depositions and other evidence read upon the trial, to be carefully preserved; and shall cause a journal to be kept of its proceedings. Some officer authorized by law to administer oaths, may be called upon by the Council to administer an oath, or affirmation, to the witnesses, and upon all questions, the Common Law shall tarnish the rule, and the concurrence of a majority of the members present shall be sufficient for a decision.

         Sec. 4. The Council, after it shall be organized, may appoint one or more of the Profession of the Law to be its Assessors; who may be present at all its proceedings. It shall be their duty to give to the Council an opinion upon any question which may arise, upon which the Council or any member thereof, or the prosecuting or accused party shall desire an opinion, but without any voice in the decision of any question.

         Sec. 5. A written notice of the time and place of meeting of the Council, shall be served upon the accused, or left at his usual place of abode, at least thirty days before such Meeting; and the like notice shall be given to the Standing Committee, who, by their President, or some one whom they may appoint to perform that office, shall collect and present the evidence, and otherwise appear in behalf of the prosecution. The accused also shall be allowed the privilege of Counsel under such regulations as the Council may see fit to prescribe.

         SEC. 6. If the accused do not appear, the Council may proceed to trial in his absence, or, for good cause shown, may adjourn the trial to another day; and if he then fail to appear, the Council shall report him to the Bishop for contumacy, who. thereupon shall pass upon him sentence of suspension from the Ministry; but such sentence, may be revised by the Bishop, if the accused, within three calendar months, shall report to him that he is prepared to undergo his trial, and shall appear for that end before the Council; and if he does not so report and appear, the Bishop in view of the Charges in the presentment, may pass against him sentence of degradation from the Ministry.

         SEC. 7. Upon the application of the President of the Standing Committee or the accused, to the Bishop setting forth that the attendance of a material witness cannot be had, he shall appoint a Commissioner to take the deposition of such witness; and the party applying shall give to the other party five days notice of the time and place of taking the deposition, and of the principal points upon which the witness is to be examined. If the party to whom such notice is to be given, reside more than forty miles from the place appointed for taking the deposition, an additional day, exclusive of Sunday, shall be allowed for every twenty miles. The deposition shall be signed by the witness, and certified by the Commissioner under seat, to the Council.

         SEC. 8. When the trial shall be gone through, the Council shall declare, in a writing to be signed by the several members, or a majority of them, their decision on the charges contained in the presentment, distinctly stating whether they find the accused guilty, or not guilty--and if guilty, suggesting what sentence in their opinion, ought to be pronounced. They shall forward the decision, together with the evidence and the proceedings, to the Bishop; whereupon, if the accused be found guilty, the Bishop shall pronounce such sentence as shall to him appear proper, not exceeding that suggested by the Council, and such sentence shall be final. But if, in such case, in the opinion of the Bishop, the accused ought to have a new trial, he shall have power to award ;it in which case, a new Council shall be constituted, as herein before provided. (excluding the members of the former Council,) before which the proceedings shall be conducted, as before provided.

         SEC. 9. If the accused shall confess the truth of the charges, the Bishop, (such confession being made to him, or being certified to him by the Council.) shall proceed to pass sentence; and if, when put upon his trial before the Council, the accused shall neither admit or deny the charges, he shall be regarded as pleading not guilty.


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SEC. 10. It shall be the duty of the Bishop to report to the Convention, at its next session, after the trial of a Minister, as herein provided, the finding o7f the Council and his sentence thereupon.

         SEC. 11. Nothing herein contained shall be regarded as interfering with the duty of the Bishop, or of the Clerical Members of the Standing Committee, to institute an inquiry according to the provisions of Canon 37 of 1832, of the General Convention. And whenever upon such inquiry, the Bishop, or if there be no Bishop, the Clerical Members of the Standing Committee shall be of opinion that there is just ground for the public rumors, mentioned in the said Canon, he or they shall inform the Standing Committee of the facts, and of the evidence to establish the same, and thereupon such further proceedings shall be had, as are herein directed, after a charge shall have been made to the Standing Committee.

         SEC. 12. Canon third, entitled, "Trial of a Clergyman," is hereby repealed, and this Canon substituted therefor. Passed 1855.

         SEC. 13. The expenses incident to the trial of any Minister, as herein provided, shall be certified by the President of the Standing Committee, and paid by the Treasurer of the Convention. And in case the Treasurer shall not have a sufficient amount in his hands for the purpose, the same shall be raised by assessments on the several Parishes in the Diocese, in the same ratio in which they are required to contribute to the expenses of the Convention by the Fifth Standing Resolution. Passed 1856.

A list to be made of the Clergymen in this Diocese.

         SECTION 1. Within one week before the meeting of every Convention of this Diocese, the Bishop, or if there be no Bishop, the Standing Committee shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, a list of all the Ministers of the Protestant Episcopal Church, canonically resident in this Diocese, annexing the names of their respective cures, or parishes, or of their stations as missionaries or chaplains, or of the colleges, academies, or other seminaries of learning, constituted by civil or ecclesiastical authority in which they are engaged, or in regard to those who are not engaged in parishes, missions or institutions of learning as above, their places of residence only. And such list shall be laid before the Convention immediately after it shall have been called to order on the first day of meeting, and the names of the clerical members called therefrom. Such list shall then be referred to a Committee of three Clergymen, appointed by the Chair, who shall forthwith consider and report who of the Clergymen, on said list, are entitled to all the privileges of members of the Convention; who are entitled to said privileges, with the exception of the right to vote on matters pertaining to the temporal affairs of the Churches; who are entitled to seats, but not to votes, and who are not entitled to either seats or votes. Such list, thus reported and approved of by the Convention, shall be appended to the Journal, and shall be transmitted to the Secretary of every General Convention.

         SECTION 2. No Clergymen, while suspended from the Ministry, shall have a place on said list.

         SECTION 3. The right of any Clergyman of this Diocese to a seat in the Convention shall, if disputed be determined, according to the provisions of the Constitution by the Convention itself, whether his name be inserted in the list aforesaid, or omitted.

         SECTION 4. The Bishop shall take such measures for notifying the admission of Ministers into this Diocese, as may prevent unwary and ignorant people from being imposed upon by persons pretending to be authorized Ministers of this Church. And his certificate shall be evidence of such admission.

Of persons wishing to be received as Candidates for orders.

         Any person, who desires to become a Candidate for Orders in this Diocese, shall make application in writing, to the Standing Committee, stating his age and previous occupation[.] He will also be expected to furnish the Committee with the testimonials required by the third (3d) Canon of the General Convention of 1856, and give evidence that he has informed the Bishop of his intention, according to the requisitions of the same Canon.

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         I. The opening of the Convention shall always be preceded by the Morning Service of the Church, a Sermon, and the administration of the Lord's Supper by the Bishop, or if the Episcopate be vacant, or the Bishop be not present, by the President of the Standing Committee. The business of every succeeding day shall be introduced with the Morning Service, and the business of everyday shall be closed with appropriate Collects, pronounced by the President.

         II. At the opening of each Annual Convention, when the President shall have taken the Chair, the Secretary shall first call over, in alphabetical order, the names of the Clergy entitled to seats. He shall then call over the Churches entitled to representation, when the Delegates shall lay their certificates on the Secretary's table. These shal be referred to a Committee of Three, who shall forthwith examine them, and report to the Convention. A constitutional quorum having been found present, the President shall declare the Convention duly organized. Should the Committee have considered any testimonials unsatisfactory, these shall now be taken up, and the question of their sufficiency settled.

         III. The further order of business for the first day of the session of the Convention, shall be as follows:

         IV. The daily order of proceedings, after the first day, shall be, on the President's taking the Chair:

         V. Before the rising of the Convention, the Minutes of the last day's proceedings shall be read and approved.

         VI. The Bishop's Address shall be at any time in order.

         VII. When the President shall take the Chair, no member shall continue standing, or shall afterwards stand up, unless to address the Chair.

         VIII. The delegation of each Church shall occupy one pew.

         IX. No member shall absent himself from the Convention, unless he hath leave, or be unable to attend.

         X. When any member is about to speak in debate, or deliver any matter to the Convention, he shall rise from his seat, and, without advancing, shall, with due respect, address himself to the President, confining himself to the point in debate, and avoiding personality.

         XI. When two or more members rise at the same time, the President shall name the member who is first to speak.

         XII. No member shall speak more than twice on the same question, without leave of the Convention.

         XIII. A question being once determined, shall stand as the judgment of the Convention, and shall not again be drawn into debate during the same session, except upon a motion to reconsider, which may be moved and seconded by any member who voted in the majority.

         XIV. When the President is putting the question, no one shall hold private discourse, stand up, walk into, out of, or across the Church.

         XV. No motion shall be considered before the Convention, unless seconded and reduced to writing, if the President or any member require it. A Minister or Delegate may not second a motion offered by a Minister or Delegate of the same Church with himself.

         XVI. When a question is before the House, no motion shall be received but to adjourn, to lay on the table, to postpone indefinitely, to postpone to a day certain, to commit or amend; which several motions

Page 75

shall have precedence in the order in which they are named. A motion to strike out the word "Resolved," shall have precedence to a motion to amend; and, if carried, shall be equivalent to a rejection of the resolution. Subject to these exceptions, the question first moved shall be first put.

         XVII. Motions to adjourn, to lay on the table, and to postpone indefinitely, shall be decided without debate. A motion to adjourn may interrupt a speech, or any other business of the Convention,

         XVIII. No leave of absence shall be indefinitely granted to any member, unless full and sufficient reason be given by him to the Convention.

         XIX. All Special Committees shall be appointed by the President, unless otherwise ordered by the Convention.

         XX. No member shall vote on any question, in the event of which he is immediately and personally interested, or in any case where he was not present when the question was put.

         XXI. If any member, in speaking or otherwise, transgress the rules of the Convention, the President shall, or any member may call to order; in which case, the member so called to order shall immediately sit down, unless permitted to explain. All questions of order shall be determined in the first instance, without debate, by the President; but any member may appeal from such decision to the Convention, and on such appeal, no member shall speak more than once, without leave of the Convention.

         XXII. The President shall have the right to name a member to perform the, duties of the Chair; but such substitution shall not extend beyond an adjournment.

         XXIII. Clergymen belonging to the Diocese, but not entitled to seats in the Convention, Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church, not belonging to the Diocese, and Candidates for Orders, shall be admitted to the sittings of this Convention.

         XXIV. None of the Rules of Order shall be suspended, without the concurrence of two-thirds (2-3ds) of the members present.

         XXV. The foregoing Rules of Order shall be read at the opening of every Convention, and shall be of force, unless repealed by a vote of the Convention.

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         1. Resolved, The following sums whenever called for, by special resolution of Convention, shall be contributed by each Parish or Church to the Bishop's Fund, viz:

         Passed 1859.

         2. Resolved, That the Trustees of the Bishop's Permanent Fund shall punctually pay over to the Bishop of the Diocese the sum of four thousand ($4000) dollars, annually, in quarterly payment, from said fund, to enable him to discharge his Episcopal duties. Amended 1859

         3. Resolved, That whatever balance may remain, after paying the sum of four thousand ($4000) dollars to the Bishop, shall be paid over to the Bishop's Permanent Fund.

         4. Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Convention, in his annual summons to the different Parishes or Churches, to state the quota of such Parishes or Churches to the Bishop's Fund, when called for by special resolution of a previous Convention. Passed 1859.

         5. Resolved, That all Parishes and Churches receiving aid from the Society for the Advancement of Christianity in South Carolina, shall each contribute five ($5) dollars annually towards defraying the expenses of the Convention: that all Churches and Parishes in the cities of Charleston and Columbia, not receiving aid from the said Society, shall each pay for the same purpose twenty ($20) dollars annually, and that all other Churches and Parishes in this Diocese shall pay annually ten ($10) dollars for the same purpose: and that the Secretary, in issuing his summons to the Parishes or Churches, shall inform them of this resolution; and that at each Annual Convention the Treasurer shall apply to the Delegates of each Church for their respective contributions. Passed 1820. Amended 1856.

         6. Resolved, That it be the duty of the Secretary of the Convention, for the time being to furnish the Ministers of the several Parishes or Churches with blank copies of the usual form for the reports; and that they be and they are hereby required to make annual returns conformably to the same. Passed 1826.


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7. WHEREAS, according to the Consecration service of the Protestant Episcopal Church, "devout and holy men, as well under the Law as under the Gospel, moved "either by the express command of God, or by the secret inspiration of the blessed "Spirit, and acting agreeably to their own reason and sense of the natural decency "of things, have erected houses for the public worship of God, and separated them "from all unhallowed, worldly and common uses, in order to fill men's minds with greater reverence for his glorious Majesty, and affect their hearts with more devotion and humility in his service," and whereas the delivering of orations and holding elections on secular or political subjects and occasions, and the usual worldly accompaniments and circumstances, are thought inconsistent with both the letter and spirit of this declaration of the Consecration service, and have been found to give pain to many members of our Communion, and generally to be of injurious tendency; therefore be it

         Resolved by this Convention, That it be recommended to the Vestries of all Churches in this Diocese to discourage, and, if possible, interdict the use of the Churches under their care for all unhallowed, worldly and common purposes. Passed 1828.

         8. Resolved, That the custom of returning thanks for sermons preached before this body is inexpedient and unnecessary, and shall not in future be observed. Passed 1829.

         9. Resolved, That the Treasurer be authorized to pay at or before every meeting of the General Convention to the Secretary of the House of Clerical and Lay Deputies the quota of this Diocese, towards defraying the contingent expenses of the General Convention. Passed 1832.

         20. Resolved, That it be recommended to the Parishes of the Diocese to defray the expenses of their respective Pastors incurred by their attendance on the Diocesan Convention. Passed 1838.

         11. Resolved, That it be respectfully recommended to the members of our Church who are proprietors of slaves, individually and collectively, to take measures for the support of Clerical Missionaries and Lay Catechists, who are members of our Church, for the religious instruction of their slaves. Passed 1838.

         12. Resolved, That it be urged upon the Rectors and Vestries of the country Parishes to exert themselves to obtain the services of such Clerical Missionaries and Lay Catechists. Passed 1838.

         13. Resolved, That every Missionary and Catechist be approved of by the Bishop Passed 1838.

         14. Resolved, That no person who is a candidate for Orders shall be admitted to a seat in this Convention as a Lay-Delegate from any Parish or Church, Passed, 1838.

         15. Resolved, That it be respectfully recommended to the several Churches in this Diocese that in the appointment of Delegates to the Diocesan Convention, they should select persons who are regular communicants of the Church. Passed 1841.

         16. WHEREAS, the practice of both public and private travelling on the Lord's day is deemed to be a prevalent evil of the times; and whereas Canon 41st of 1832, "of the due celebration of Sundays," prescribes that "all persons within this Church shall celebrate and keep the Lord's day, commonly called Sunday, in hearing the Word of God read and taught, in private and public prayer, in other exercises of devotion, and in acts of charity, using all Godly and sober conversation," Resolved unanimously, That the attention of the members of the Church in th i Diocese, be solicited to the above Canon. Passed 1844.

         17. Resolved, That hereafter in voting by ballot, the Secretary shall call the names of the Clergy and the Churches in order, and the votes be brought forward and deposited with the Tellers as called for; and no vote shall be received after the Tellers begin to count the votes. Passed 1817. Amended 1851.

         18. Resolved, That three dollars per day be paid to the Organist officiating during the Sessions of the Convention.

         Resolved, That a like sum be paid to the Sexton acting for the same period Passed 1856,

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         1. Standing Committee of the Diocese:

         2. Delegates to the General Council:

         3. Committee on Calvary Church:

         4. Trustees of Mrs. Clarkson's Legacy to Zion Church, Richland:

         5. Trustees of the Diocesan Theological Seminary:

Page 79

         6. Trustees of the proposed University of the South:

         7. Committee to present the Bill of Incorporation of Churches to the Legislature:

         8. Preacher before the next Convention:

         9. Secretary of the Convention:
Rev. W. B. W. Howe, Charleston.

         Assistant Secretary: The Rev L. C. Lance, Charleston.

         10. Treasurer of the Convention:
E. F. Elford, Charleston.

         11. Treasurer of the Bishop's Fund:
John Hanckel, at State Wharf, East end of Pinckney-street.

         The next annual meeting of the Convention will be held in St. Philip's Church, Charleston, on the second Wednesday in February, (11th,) 1863, at 10 o'clock, A. M.

W. B. W. HOWE, Secretary.

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The next Annual Meeting of the Convention will be
held in St. Philip's Church, Charleston, on the second
Wednesday in February, (11th), 1863, at 10 o'clock, A.M.

W. B. W. Howe, Secretary.